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Dwonload Words With Friends 2 for iOS

Dwonload Words With Friends 2 for iOS

Dwonload Words With Friends 2 for iOS

Words with Friends has been the world's hottest , free parlor game for years. The sequel to the present fan-favorite title is quicker and more clever than ever. the sport has been beautifully redesigned and now offers new game modes.

Fierce and fast competition

Word with Friends 2 takes the classic game to an entire new level. You'll enjoy the new design, speeds and Solo Challenges.

This sequel brings a replacement face to the beloved mobile parlor game with an interface that feels more fresh and modern. With 50,000 new words inspired by popular culture , this game offers all of the features you're keen on and more.

You can switch it up and compete against AI players within the new Solo Challenge. These events feature new themes and frequently update opponents. If you persist with the classic gameplay against your friends, you'll now earn fun badges for completing weekly challenges.

If you would like to perfect your skills quickly, then there’s something new for you. you'll compete against AI or work on your skills within the Lighting Round. during this mode, you compete alongside a team of 5 players in an effort to attain the foremost points first.

Where are you able to run this program?

Words with Friends 2 requires iOS 10 and up.

Is there a far better alternative?

No. While many developers have tried to supply similar word games, none are as rich in features or as fun as Words With Friends 2.

Our take

Words With Friends 2 is a pleasant thanks to boost your vocab, connect with pals and exercise your brain. As a follow-up to a classic, it offers a replacement and improved gaming experience.

Should you download it?

Yes. this is often a requirement download, especially if you wish the first game.