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Download Real City Car Driver for Android

Download Real City Car Driver for Android

Download Real City Car Driver for Android 

Real City Car Driver is one among many casual driving games available for Android. the sole aim of the app is to enjoy yourself as you experience cars around town.

Drive around town

Real City Car Driver may be a game where your only goal is to drive around town to require within the scenery and graphics , Casual driving games like Real City Car Driver are great fun to play once you got to burn a couple of minutes while waiting or on a visit . There are tiny details to the present game that need you to spend long periods thereon .

The most appealing a part of the app is that you simply can drive your vehicle alongside the remainder of the traffic, enjoying the graceful ebb and flow of recent transportation. This scenery also adds a way of realism to the sport , making it fun to interrupt the road laws.

The game’s graphics are rather decent, giving a near realistic feel to the sport while not being resource-heavy. this will appear in every moment you play as pedestrians or when other cars zoom past your side as you drive.

You can also see these great graphics within the sort of vehicles available for selection. Options aren't limited to cars, as you'll also ride motorcycles round the city.

However, there's no good sound quality to the present game. this suggests that you're going to either have an earache or the quantity off while you drive cars. Compounding this is often the very fact that there are many intense ads.

Where are you able to run this program?

Real City Car Driver is out there for Android 4.1 and up.

Is there a far better alternative?

Yes. Horizon Chase - World Tour may be a better game, as long as the gameplay itself is way better. In fact, there are fewer ads that’ll crop up while you’re playing it.

Our take

Real City Car Driver is a mean mobile game where the sole goal is to drive around. However, whenever you exit the vehicle, you receive another advertisement.

Should you download it?

No. If you’re trying to find a racing or driving game, there are better alternatives like Horizon Chase that don’t fill your phone with ads.