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Gold WhatsApp Download Gold WhatsApp 2020 with a direct link

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Gold WhatsApp Download Gold WhatsApp 2020 with a direct link

About Whatsapp Gold:

WhatsApp Gold is a messaging app for moments that writes text messages, shares photos, videos, voice messages, and media. WhatsApp Gold was created in 2009, and its use requires that an individual own a mobile device with a SIM card and then download the device and you will also use it through your computer. WhatsApp may be supported by operating platforms such as Windows, Android, and iPhone. After downloading the WhatsApp Gold program on the device, you run it by adding your phone number because the device's username, and after running the WhatsApp Gold program, it is linked to the device that was downloaded to it. It is an application for the simplest applications currently recognized in the field of texting, and the WhatsApp Gold program has achieved great success since its inception thanks to free calling and texting services, and the permanent reason is that it gets an endless set of updates and supports a huge range of devices and features a long list of Features. In 2014, Facebook bought WhatsApp, and WhatsApp witnessed an endless growth in the number of users until it reached one billion users in 2017 in the borders of 180 countries, in addition to its security measures. You'll also take other facts to consider:

Download Whatsapp Plus Gold: It is one of the simplest apps ever for chatting and video calling on social media. The WhatsApp Gold program is very easy and features many awesome features, features and shapes within the application. We'll mention the device from the inside.

In the WhatsApp Gold interface, the following is located in the top left of the WhatsApp Gold program, and there are three points, which are:

  •         Privacy: It is the hidden view, which enables you to open the web, call friends as if you were not visible, unlock the device and this is often an excellent feature.
  •         There is also a healthy reading feature in WhatsApp Plus, which is to make sure the conversation when the person you are presenting appears to be reading indicates that you are simply reading the message. This feature makes you read the message, and it appears when the other person who may not have read it.
  •         The continuous writing feature appears when your friend lectures that you are simply writing in your letter that will be delivered to him. This feature lets you write in your letter and it seems to your friend that you are simply not writing anything.
  •         Recording is continuous, and this is often a feature in Facebook or the so-called voice messages, and it causes you to hide when recording the voice message, just like the rest of the previous features.
  •         In Whatsapp Gold, there is a so-called status, which is that a picture is published and it disappears within 24 hours, and as soon as you enter any picture of your friend, it seems that you simply have seen his status This feature makes you see things and it appears when your friend that you did not see it.
  •      The advantage of activating not to delete the message, which is that if your friend tries to delete any message or picture, he will appear to delete it, but you will not delete it, and this feature is only present within Plus, a program such as WhatsApp Gold Plus.
  •     Restart: It is to update your WhatsApp whenever you turn on this excellent feature and the work is terminated directly by simply pressing it from the device, re-update and then re-enter again.
  •         Personal conversations: This is for a type of secret chat that you do not want anyone to confirm.

The WhatsApp Gold application may be a modified application from the first WhatsApp that was developed by the developer of Abu Arab and is downloaded through the Google Play Store or through external links that support operation on Android. It was programmed by a famous Arab programmer, all of which are the features of the first WhatsApp, but a rise in it has many features developed by the developer Abu Arab, which we fully enjoy the first WhatsApp, as he added a lot of features and tools that we love in WhatsApp, as a tool to download photos and videos without Resorting to other tools and applications, and one of the most important features that the developer Abu Arab added is covering the appearance and thus renewing the inability of anyone to understand any of your details and the inability to understand whether you are online now or offline, images are not displayed or displayed

And videos inside the phone studio ready for "> you will recover and get all the deleted messages and you will be able to read them again thus also showing the possibility of hiding the last feature. Promise that the other person will know if you have read the messages sent to you. Moreover, they may cancel the feature that is being written now," The files are often sent in large size without restricting the dimensions specified by the first WhatsApp company, and the video status is often large and a large period of time of your time has been uploaded as is the case within the official WhatsApp from the company. WhatsApp Abu Arab download is also supported by the WhatsApp stickers feature. Golden App can be modified in the background of the chat and add your own background of your choice, WhatsApp has changed and many features that we will learn about inside the features.

Features of Whatsapp Gold application:

1.       Scheduled messages in WhatsApp Gold Whatsapp +: It is to create a complete text message during which you write what you want and send it to one person at the same time instead of writing it once and sending it to one person completely and this protects you from a lot of effort.
2.      A group group message: is to send a message to the group that you previously created with your friends and others. .
3.     Whatsapp Web: To enter WhatsApp from your computer by opening the .whatsapp.com website online, through which you can scan the QR code and photograph it to open WhatsApp on the computer.
4.      Starred messages: Access to saved messages that you have starred simply to make it easy to access them at any time and without checking them in long conversations.
5.      Status: It consists in taking a look at your published cases, adding an alternate case, or knowing who has seen your personal cases.
6.      Settings: change the device, change the language, phone number, or many other tasks.
7.     There is an icon inside the main interface of the device inside the type of text message, which is in order to read messages without the other person knowing that you have simply read them, and next to the current symbol may be the search mark, which is a quick search for anything such as an individual, image, or sentence Text, next to it is an icon inside the type of Wi-Fi, which must be ready to close the Internet or open it through the device to try other work outside or inside the device, and others. On the road it will appear that you are simply offline and not using the web.

You can also get some important features from WhatsApp Gold

  •         WhatsApp contains many features and characteristics, the most important of which is sending text messages and multimedia, and you will also share your location with your contacts for free, which requires only the device to connect to the web services.
  •         With the device, you can also create groups to simply send messages to a large number of contacts in just one occasion with one click.
  •         You can also create groups for family and friends to talk to and exchange multimedia with.
  •         One of the advantages of the device is that it uses the mobile phone number to create the account and does not require an email to create the account.
  •         The application also allows you to make voice and video phone calls to any of its users as well as use emojis.
  •         You can quote a message in your response, which is one of WhatsApp's simplest context-management tricks.
  •         You can add VIP contacts and other frequently called contacts to the home screen of your phone.
  •         If you want someone to track your movement, it's easy to share your current location with any of your contacts.
  •         The application automatically saves the photos and videos that are shared in the chats continuously on the phone so that you return to them and use them at any time.
  •         Also, ready for “> You will use WhatsApp Web service to be able to open WhatsApp on your computer.
  •         In the latest device updates, a dark mode has been added to urge better visibility.
  •         You can use stickers when editing photos and videos.
  •         You can also add WhatsApp statuses, such as photos and videos, and any of your contacts can see your WhatsApp statuses, so the status is only available for twenty-four hours, then it is automatically deleted by the app itself.

Some other features about WhatsApp Gold

o   Hide the visibility feature for the other user and are not ready to see your last seen
o   Show deleted messages and enable you to restore and browse them again
o   With WhatsApp Gold version, the feature will enable unhide pictures and videos inside the mobile studio
o   You can make a call with a loved one and press the call icon and add people while making a decision
o   WhatsApp Gold cares about your privacy through some features that hide the typing process, hide the last appearance and fix your last seen at a certain time
o   Hide the two blue check marks that appear when reading messages
o   It shows no real received signals, which enables the other person to understand that you have simply received messages
o   It is possible through WhatsApp Gold to work with two numbers or more
o   Your privacy is often hidden by secret conversations
o   WhatsApp Gold is usually updated by the developer Abu Arab
o   With Gold WhatsApp's features, you can download photos and videos from the country without using other programs or tools
o   Download and send videos and files in really large size compared to official WhatsApp
o   Writing letters without limiting the amount of certain characters and sending them to a person or group of individuals
o   WhatsApp is available in red, blue and gold colors, and each has specific characteristics
o   WhatsApp Web You can access your WhatsApp from your computer
o   Send your site ownership instantly to Whatsapp Gold Apk
o   Hide your view of the status of the friends registered on your phone, and they cannot know that you have simply seen their status.
o   With the Gold Edition, you will hear the sounds sent to you without pressing it at any time to play another track
o   The Gold Edition lets you record voice and write messages without it looking like you are doing a thing
o   WhatsApp lock feature has been added within the new update
o   The Gold WhatsApp version is completely locked to keep your privacy intact
o   Add 16 lines from which you will choose the one that suits you

Cons of Whatsapp Messenger:

1.       When using WhatsApp Web, the device must be opened on the mobile phone and left open in order to be able to use it on your computer.
2.      One of the features missing within the app is that the device cannot sync with the Facebook app because it occurs in other apps.
3.     Not doing enough verification of the person's identity.
4.      The possibility of disturbing the user as anyone can enter the device and ask others as soon as they obtain the phone number only, so we discover that some do not prefer to use it.