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pubg updates whats new in playerunknowns battlegrounds

Download the newest PUBG Mobile update for PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

PUBG continues to wage war on Xbox, PS4, Stadia, PC, and mobilePlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (or PUBG because it's always known) that topped the recognition of battle royale games. it's inspired countless competitors like Fortnite and Apex Legends, but it remains one among the simpler games to play on Steam and Xbox Live.

Unlike its competitors, PUBG also can focus more on simulation, with believing in real-world weapons and physics, like reduced bullets and variable weather. If you're turned off by Fortnite's colorful art style or the relentlessly fast gameplay of Call of Duty: Warzone, PUBG is well worth a try - it is also available on Xbox Game Pass.

Since its rapid rise from the Steam Early Access title to the only simultaneous player is Steam in 2018, PUBG has done its job thanks to PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, Android and iOS. There's also PUBG Lite, which can be a free sports adaptation that plays on lower-spec devices, like laptops. PUBG also receives regular updates, adding new content and features - and maybe somewhat unexpectedly - many fixes for annoying bugs.

But what's PUBG?

Well, if you've got watched the Battle Royale movie before, then you would like to know the essential idea. 100 players fall on a deserted island and quickly look for loot. you will need to seek out armor, weapons, and healing tools, then do whatever it takes to survive until you're the last man standing.

To make things even more exciting, you will need to go to a constantly shrinking area that appears randomly on the map, by land, air, or sea. If you get caught out of the planet , you'll gradually take damage, which increases exponentially because the game progresses. Professional tip: aren't getting caught out of the planet .

If you manage to survive to the highest , you will see “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner” appear on the screen. and since of the sheer odds stacked up against you during each match, you'll almost certainly want to shoot her because it doesn't happen often - which makes her even sweeter.

Although the sport is now available on multiple platforms, PUBG continues to evolve with the newest maps, survivor passes, and modes that players can enjoy. We'll show you what is new, why it is vital , and what's planned for the longer term from PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.

What is the newest update for PUBG for PC?

PUBG 8.2 update (now on test servers)

 Update 8.2 brings new games to PUBG and refreshes layout of some classic weapons. There also are an outsized number of improvements within the quality of life, which should make the sport more fun.

The first may be a new weapon MG3. This powerful 7.62mm weapon is deployed in care packages on all maps, but isn't currently available in rated mode. Adherence to MG3 could also be an alternate that contributes to the decoy bomb type. The grenade can confuse your enemies by simulating the sounds of shots.

Three classic weapons have also been overhauled, with the M416, SKS and Kar98k reconfigured from scratch to enhance their optical quality. The sounds of those weapons have also been changed to sound more like their loyal counterparts in life.

 The Erangel map has seen some noticeable changes also . Four docks are added, which should provide another area for players to drop and fight to induce high-level loot.

Various quality of life improvements arrive with update 8.2, Throwables now have more openings, and a Helmet Masking function has been added that permits you to wear a helmet without changing your character's appearance. This visual change will only be visible to the player, not any enemies they encounter.

Update 8.2 includes a bunch of bug fixes too, so inspect the official patch notes below for a full analysis of everything that's included.

PUBG 8.1 update is now live

The latest PUBG update welcomes players back to the jungles of Sanhok as a part of Season 8, which is now available to PC players and on July 30 for Xbox One, PS4 and Stadia.

Sanhok has been extensively redesigned for update 8.1, with nearly every structure, tree, rocks, and material within the neighborhood map reconstructed from bottom to top. Players' comments influenced tons of design decisions also , as all favorable sites like the camp, monuments and thus the quarries underwent major changes.

Besides the fixed Sanhok, the update 8.1 adds a loot truck, which is an independent cargo transportation that provides players an alternate thanks to drug purchase. If the trucks take damage, it'll drop some loot. However, destroy them, and you will expect to order more weapons.

Some of the weapons dropped by the stolen trucks are going to be fully stored and prepared to use, with pre-installed accessories and unique skins, which are essential to the sport .

Update 8.1 also introduces the improved Jerry Cans changes alleged to arrive in Update 7.2, therefore the Ranking Mode has been revised to award Supported Team Mode Scores rather than your individual performance. Vikendi has also been added to the categorized mode map rotation.

Footsteps, an extended standing point of contention in PUBG, has been improved to supply clearer and better sounds. for instance , step sounds are modified at a superb distance, like the difference between walking barefoot and wearing shoes.

Of course, like all new seasonal updates, there's an alternate Survivor Pass available to induce. Players, dubbed "Redemption", can unlock themed skins round the redesigned Sanhok.

PUBG 7,3 Update

Update 7.3 is now available and focuses on a spread of automatic changes, the addition of other explosives, and a few quality-of-life improvements.

The car broke down

Vehicles won't explode once they reach zero. Instead, players will now have alittle rescue window, because the engine are going to be deactivated, therefore the car will attack the burner first. After five seconds, the car will explode.
Vehicles will now have multiple damage areas, with the engine being the sole place to focus your fire, responding more realistically for acceleration.

New throw

Speaking of explosives, PUBG is getting a strong new game. C4 are going to be added to the battlefield as a part of Update 7.3, and it'll provide some interesting new gameplay opportunities. you would not be ready to throw the C4 very far thanks to its weight, but the explosive range covers a whopping 25 meters radius, which could pierce the hood also .

Follow the parachute

The last change worth noting is that the power to automatically follow a teammate while skydiving. it is best if you follow one among your teammates before letting the plane begin , which makes it easy to coordinate exactly where you'll all be located.
Apart from the above three big additions, most of the adverse changes are associated with bug fixes, improved quality of life and thus the addition of some new purchasable skins.

PUBG update 7,2,1

Update 7.2 is now available to PC operators. the large update introduces a bunch of fun changes to the sport , the foremost important of which is that the ranking mode.

PUBG game rating mode

The Ranked mode replaces the old Survival Title system and will be a separate mode from the new normal match, which may include the universally disliked PUBG bots. The player's ranking will increase or decrease counting on their performance in each game, and maybe the somewhat controversially ranked mode is merely available for groups.
Each Ranked Match will have a maximum of 64 players (which is extremely few but the standard limit is 100) and players will compete for Erangel, Miramar or Sanhok. The red zone is additionally removed, thus the timing and speed of the blue zone are increased.

Bot opponents

PUBG Corp. Unchecked by the console players, apparently bots are adding to the PC version of PUBG with Update 7.2. Thankfully, because of avoiding it because it will only appear in regular games, but it's nonetheless an interesting addition. The robots also are designed to seem less repetitive as your skill increases, but that wasn't unfortunately, which is what the developers realize.

Game Credits

More adjustments must be made to form adjustments to the power and characteristics of every sort of weapon, with the M416 receiving less power, while other assault rifles like the M16A4, Beryl M762, and MK47 Mutant will receive impressive power.

One of the foremost important new gameplay changes is how gas cans are used. Now you'll pour fuel gutter, lightweight with pistol or throwable, and you'll shoot your opponents by shooting a gas canister into the air. Frustratingly, we'll need to wait a touch for the gas changes to arrive as PUBG Corp pulled it off the newest patch thanks to technical issues.
Season 7 introduction: Vikendi returns along side a "new" weapon and therefore the Survivor Pass

Update 7.1 sees the long-awaited return of Vikendi, the snow-covered PUBG map that was unofficially linked during Season 6. Old Vikendi players were generally not well liked thanks to various performance issues and uninspiring locations. That has all changed now, albeit Vikendi has received a huge facelift and variety of newer player attractions to wage war on her.

The wiped out old Dino Park has now been converted into the fun-loving Dinoland, which has been completely restored for the right pastime. There also are nine operating trains running round the map - and yes, you'll ride to a minimum of one among the 12 stations.
Additional changes include tweaks and definitely redesigns of web sites like Abbey and Mount Kreznik, and you will notice less snow at the lowest now, too. For this reason, snow bikes and snowmobiles are removed in favor of a high-quality motorbike and motorcycle with a sidecar.

It wouldn't be an enormous new update without the addition of an alternate weapon to the lineup, although Mosin-Nagant isn't entirely new. It's basically a redesign of our favourite Kar98k, but it's and has unique sound effects. Hey, we're all for diversity so it's by no means a deal breaker

Finally, there's an all-new Survivor Pass to beat, called "Cold Front". It consists of 100 levels filled with unlockable skins, experience rewards, challenges to finish , and emotions to gather .

What is the newest PUBG update for Xbox One and PS4?

Season seven is out now

Since Season 6, the developer PUBG Corporation has tried to closely align PC and console updates. It always takes about fortnight before consoles catch up with the PC version of the sport , but that gap has recently closed, especially with the launch of Season 7, which arrived on April 28th. It brings all the goodies from the PC version, including the new Vikendi Corridor then Survivor Corridor: polar front .

One of the foremost important changes in PUBG for consoles is that the addition of robots, which are added to each map. While it's an update that's sure to stir controversy among fundamentalists, robots are included to assist new players study the sport . During a recent blog post, PUBG Corporation clarified how bots would add sports, with the intent to act as a sort of normal human player, but it's clearly easy to kill.

Console players will finally be able to ditch bots because the long-awaited Ranked Mode is now available as a part of Update 7.2. Frustratingly, they're only hospitable teams (four men or one man), so you will need to partner with variety of like-minded teammates to urge the most party out of it.

Can I play PUBG on mobile?

Yeah! With PUBG mobile, you'll win a chicken dinner right from your phone. the sport is analogous to arcade games and is more accessible than the pc and console versions of the game, but it shares all the maps and features that players have. You'll expect things like auto capture, aim assistance, touchscreen controls, and other mobile improvements.

In the latest update, PUBG mobile received the "Death Replay" option, letting you recognize who shot you from behind, and "Arctic Mode," an alternate survival experience which will be available soon.

What is PUBG Lite?

PUBG Lite might be an abstract version of PUBG designed for low-spec devices. Understandably, PUBG taxes GPUs and CPUs, so PUBG Lite was created in order that more people could participate within the battle royale frenzy. it is a great alternative if you do not have a strong PC or game console to play with, plus it's liberal to play.

Can I play PUBG on Stadia?

You definitely can! the sport is liberal for Stadia Pro members, and supports cross-play with Xbox One and PS4. it is the latest version of the sport also , indicating that it includes all maps and thus the newest features from the newest 7.1 version. There are not any downloads or patches either, so you'll start playing directly .

What will be coming to PUBG on PC?

Although new content is typically within the pipeline along side regular performance updates, the developers of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds are fighting the battle against cheaters in 2020. During the player's developer speech, Taeseok Jang, executive producer of PUBG PC, outlined the company's plans.

 “The battle against cheating software isn't ending, which are some things we try hard to seek out an answer to. within the last year, we stopped performing on various measures to deceive software dams. Most of those measures have focused on preventing cheat developers from making a profitable fraud attempt harder for them. Beyond, "

“Because the cheat developers shine at adapting our procedures, we've chosen to stay these efforts confidential to maximise the time it takes to reply , the maximum amount as possible. Often the unfortunate side effect of this is often that it makes us appear to be doing nothing against a specific situation. High priority. This year, we'll be making improvements to form sure that players can feel the impact of our efforts. "

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Additionally, PUBG Corporation is shifting its efforts to tackle PUBG performance issues, which remain a source of frustration for several players. the sport was often susceptible to game failures, like severe crashes and fluctuating frame rates, which could mean the difference between life or death during a shootout.

Jang acknowledged that the developer had sought the proper balance between adding new content and handling performance. “First of all, we are all aware that it hasn't been the simplest year for this category yet, with persistent issues with the network, server, and game client. Although providing a high level of service is typically one among our top priorities, there are specific issues that have persisted for a brief time. Too long and overshadows any good improvements we make. Crashes and crashes within the games have increased especially and are occurring over recent months. Your comments are heard loud, clear and completely justified. ”

What will be coming to PUBG on Xbox One and PS4?

Besides reducing the content gap between the PC and console versions of PUBG, developers want to enhance game performance on the console, make more console-specific tweaks, and boost anti-cheat detection.

PUBG Corporation has also released a blog post saying it's investigating the prospect of bringing 60fps performance mode to Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, which might be an enormous boon to gamers. Currently, PUBG is locked to a 30fps frame rate on consoles, while other competitive battle royale games, like Call of Duty: Warzone and Apex Legends, handle players with a 60fps experience seamlessly.