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It looks like Call of Duty War Zone is available on PCs, it looks like there will actually be a mobile version of that game coming soon here, are you excited about warzone coming to mobile here, the job list on the company website indicates that Call of Duty Warzone will come To future mobile devices, a job listing called Executive Producer feature says the job is for wzm which appears to be the codename for the mobile war zone.

I don’t know what you should think about this like warzone enter mobile devices, what will it do for mobile phone that you know like that indie game itself so you tell me there will be a warzone area for mobile and then just Call of duty mobile would be interesting To go and see what exactly is going to happen and what entails, and then whether the battle royale for a mobile phone is going to be somewhat entangled with warzone, that's very baffling to me and I just don't know I'm excited about the future with everything.

 But again at the same time, I really don't know what to expect and that kind of worries me a little bit here so by continuing to work they also say this job is to get new mobile fps in the Call of Duty franchise where the executive producer features, you'll own a frame For product and player experience of aaa fps for the new mobile phone in the Call of Duty franchise and you will see everything on the screen, yes w at zm is definitely one hundred percent of warzone mobile there and boy matt dude this is very exciting but here we may also go and continue the list states that This person has to adapt and offer basic features from war zone board and computers in the best mobile phone installation, well then the list indicates that this person needs to learn how to adapt warzone in the mobile experience and understand the aspects of the situation that need to follow the console experience CE can be copied to some extent on mobile thanks to advancements in mobile development over the years, and they kind of like to review everything on screen here and say warzone formula improvement by proposing and producing additions and changes to the mobile phone Mall on features to ensure best-in-class mobile experience gamers love Serving as a primary point of contact on Warzone's mobile leadership team for clarity and decision making on user-facing features and overall quality, well.

So they are doing their best to start and produce this game as if it will appear at a hundred percent, especially with the success of the war zone and also the success of cod mobile service in terms of the amount of revenue it can achieve and bring it exactly like this player base is kind of not thinking that the activity will Go and make a call of duty warzone mobile here then by going and finishing this article they say Call of Duty warzone r was released on March 10 on Playstation 4 Xbox One and PC as part of a free to play game.

The modern world of warfare, will be expanded to connect with the Cold War of black ops, The Fall's Call of Duty Zone has seen amazing success in the past several months with the game gaining more than 75 million players, and the mobile version will help expand the title to more regions around the world As controllers and computers are inaccessible.

 Activision already contains Call of Duty game which is free to play and features its own battle royale mode, br and call of duty mode contains sites from modern warfare and black ops mode combined in a unique experience, it looks like this is fps call of duty mobile game Different which will bring warzone experience to gamers on the go, it is not clear who is developing this new warzone mobile experience, stay tuned for updates wow, so let's go and re-talk about it about like me being a player and what this could mean for the future so if you don't know then you miss Call of duty mobile battle royale n bee has already become really doing a really good job of taking a lot of items from warzone and then going over and inserting them into that same game like they recently added in the fully custom category option where you can go and create your own custom gear.

Assuming it's possible that later here in a couple of seasons from now they'll go and add kill lines to this game here as well, so I guess a battle royale game just for this Call of Duty mobile app will eventually be very intense similar to what a war zone looks like now If we go in and bring it back from the perspective of the war zone, where we go and do it on the mobile here, that will mean like a full green map if this is called if I'm not mistaken so this will be like his separate map of his own, there will be his own separate weapons, and chances are that It shows a lot of the same things like a uh buy station like kill lines there to go to war zones, so a lot of warzone elements are likely to go into the actual warzone mobile app itself, and it's going to be interesting, since I don't know the main thing that's really going on and worries me here. It is how some players will go and split as if they are two separate apps and who knows if the battle royale halls will be filled in for Call of Duty mobile or not, and instead a lot of people will migrate to warzone And go and play that way either way.

I am really excited about the future of everything, but what worries me is to see it because I think Call of Duty br from this Call of Duty mobile app, I really like br for this game, it's very intense, I like the rows item which is definitely one thing that It would be really unique and then compare it to the war zone when I go and say the classroom, I mean like the trap masters and the airborne ninja defenders, all these classes are very unique from the perspective of the call of duty out there special even from the perspective of the battle royale, being able to jump into a battle royale and some kind It's like choosing the ability you want to be able to go mainly so that a lot of people don't go on the map and they have this very important element in the warzone zone when it comes to mobile devices here, we definitely won't have it, so I just don't know this whole thing, like This announcement in full although no release date I assume it likely will happen will be released sometime next year probably later in the year probably sometime like summer in 2021 or even during the holiday season of 2021, b Next would definitely be a long way from the pipeline but nonetheless it makes me really excited.

I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what the duty can go and do from a war zone perspective on mobile devices and I would love to know what you guys have to say in the comments section down below, and I hope you have a great rest from your day today.