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Download WhatsApp Android apk 2020 for chats and calls

Download WhatsApp Android apk 2020 for chats and calls

Download WhatsApp Android apk 2020 for chats and calls

WhatsApp is one among the free messaging applications available on different stores that allow you to send text messages and communicate together with your contacts. It guarantees many features with great capabilities for privacy and darkness, also because it allows you to share all files, photos and videos with friends, also because it It works on various Android devices also as devices running the IOS system, also as all voice calls, video calls and text chats, emoji are often sent, also as animated stickers, and multiple cases that you simply simply prefer are often placed with specifying the destinations that you can see and therefore the blocking of these who don't want works Receive messages from it, it's supported by many platforms thanks to its ideal elements and features, it's considered one among the foremost important social media programs, and it works on mobile devices also as computers and it provides multiple services to users with many functions, continuous developments and updates, also because it allows you By registering and creating your account by telephone number and placing personal photos, also as your profile, it allows you to conduct International calls with anyone within different countries and sending important files for work, it supports all file formats, images, also as videos, and you'll not face problems in implementing many of the commands that you simply want, also as you'll receive all things from friends while following up their cases and other things that you simply need Discover it once you download this excellent application.

The emergence and establishment of the WhatsApp application | WhatsApp

The word WhatsApp in English is WhatsApp, which is an application that helps you instant messaging with contacts and sharing all the files you would like and with full support for all formats. it's owned and affiliated with the worldwide Facebook company because it was established in 2009 and has won great popularity among phone users due to its capabilities Great because it is taken into account one among the safe and straightforward ways to hold out conversations and correspondence with people in several countries and obtain many advantages, and it had been developed by the American Brian Acton and Ukrainian Jan Kum (also CEO). Also, in April 2014, the manufacturing company issued a press release containing the amount of WhatsApp subscribers exceeded 500 million subscribers, and in August of an equivalent world the amount of subscribers exceeded 600 million subscribers, and in January 2015 the amount of users of the program became 700 million subscribers. In 2017 the amount reached 1.2 billion users round the world, and it doesn't consume Large space for storing inside the phone, like other boring messaging applications, which contain malicious files and lots of problems, as its size doesn't exceed 29 MB, so it works very efficiently and can not It causes you all the issues associated with running out of space and you'll have the power to completely affect all the prevailing features, also because it is compatible with all existing devices because it works on Android devices and IOS devices also because the emulator program are often downloaded to your computer and it'll work with you in top quality easily for that regardless of what the sort of phone you've got will work with you and you'll make all calls and conversations with friends and communicate with them easily , also because it works on all Android phones because it requires an OS 4.3 and above and thus will work upon installation, and therefore the application is consistently updated with the update of old versions so as to be done Adding new features, also because the latest version, is additionally restricted within the Google Play Store as being a resident of these aged 3 years and over, and quite 5 billion times are downloaded from the shop , which may be a huge number and indicates the extent of the fashionable services and technologies it provides.

Also, you'll not face language-related problems within the WhatsApp application, because it is out there in many languages, and among those languages is that the English , also because the Arabic for all users within the Arab world, so it'll not be a drag for you and you'll download and choose the proper language for you and anyone within the world can affect it And a choice between the varied and different languages because it was designed to suit all groups and ages also as nationalities because it includes many terrible, fun and powerful features that employment in high-quality communication with high-speed techniques, also because it doesn't require you to pay fees or do a monthly or annual subscription because it is freed from charge. Integrated, and every one the features and menus inside it are free, they're going to remain free all the time, and this is often the amazing and amazing feature that a lot of are trying to find in communication-related applications as most of them require an upscale subscription with a high cost, and it also maintains the confidentiality of messages and calls and doesn't share them with any user or withdraw Pictures and private contents from inside the phone, because it features a high degree of security because it performs the encryption process from the IP Daye until the top .

How to download WhatsApp | WhatsApp

You have various methods of downloading to fit your taste because it is out there for you to download at any time, it's available on all stores on the web and may be downloaded, and it also can be downloaded through our website directly without annoying ads for free of charge without paying fees and that we also provide you with links to download through the entry On the official Google Play store and download, so you've got the liberty to settle on the acceptable method for you, there also are some stores that provide all the previous versions and may be downloaded also if your phone is running an old version, also the version for your computer are often downloaded and this will be done by entering the official website Of the program and then you would like the QR code then it'll download with you automatically.

How to install WhatsApp on the device.

As for installing the program on phones, it's easy to use as all you've got to try to to is download it via our website from the free links that we offer to you and you'll find that the installation file has been downloaded, then you've got to click thereon . The installation will happen like other programs and this process won't take you. Whether a couple of seconds, then it'll ask you for a few special permissions like access to your contacts also as access to the gallery so as to be ready to share photos, videos and every one existing files, then you'll enter the settings menu after opening and you've got to make your personal account via the telephone number only and people it's the feature because it doesn't require creating an account via mail and other complex steps that some don't know. After entering the telephone number , you'll receive an activation code via messages. Enter the code and it'll work with you then put your personal picture, profile of you and every one the info that you simply want. As for the pc , you've got to From downloading the emulator program for running the program on the device then and upon installation the most interface will appear for you and look for the name of the appliance and as soon because it appears and pressed, the download will happen . Work directly with you without a hitch or problem.

New features within the latest WhatsApp update | WhatsApp

With the new update of the program, you'll make group video calls with friends and family with high-quality technologies. the issues associated with sending pictures and files have also been fixed, also as that you simply were facing when setting the case, also as within the new update, you'll link between WhatsApp and communication sites like Facebook et al. .

Download the WhatsApp Messenger application

Download WhatsApp Messenger Whatsapp Messenger is that the easiest and fastest thanks to send messages to any friend or caller from a mobile on the caller list. the sole requirement is that the buddies you would like to speak with are that they download WhatsApp for mobile on their mobile phones.

At this time Whatsapp Messenger is compatible with all mobile phones on the market, for instance Android, iPhone, symbian and Windows phone phone, and this suggests that you simply are going to be ready to communicate with any friend through the WhatsApp application, whatever sort of mobile this friend is using and you'll also manage or create groups through Whatsapp For Android application, and also anyone can join the group as long because it has been invited by the officials and people responsible of the group.

WhatsApp Downloading: it's worth noting that WhatsApp users can send any text or voice message and that they also can send pictures, videos and links to any friend on the appliance , and automatic pressure makes uploading images easier and easier and therefore the WhatsApp application is free, where you'll Easily and simply use it without paying any subscription fees for text messages, and also WhatsApp is compatible with Whatsapp PLUS as long because it involves sending and receiving messages.

Features and advantages of the WhatsApp Messenger application

There is little question that the Whatsapp application is characterized by many characteristics and features, because it allows you to my status feature for application users where they will express their status by sharing video or still pictures or gifs with friends rather than using regular texts, where this status appears For all people and friends who are within the user's contact list, and that they remain there for twenty-four hours, then they disappear as is that the case with the appliance of snap chat.

And to use this feature, you must press the my status button, where you can share video clips, gifs, still images or GIFs, and you can also use the camera directly to take pictures and videos and send them to friends, and you can also see cases that are shared by people on your contacts list It is also worth noting that if you send a message without an Internet connection, the image will be placed directly on the waiting list, and when connected to the Internet it is sent to the person to be sent to him and you can send many pictures at one time to reach 30 pictures after it was only 10 pictures .

The application also provides a distinctive feature, which is that if you want to send a picture to a friend, you can add emoji or text writings. And also you can modify the videos where you can trim part of the video to be sent, and Whatsapp recently made the feature to change the font shape and size used in messages in an easy and simple way, where you can now use the italic text feature, or bold text or add a line between speech To look like it is crossed out, as if you want to use the bold text feature, you must put an asterisk * before the sentence to be sent, and it will appear in bold when sending.

If you want the speech to be italic, then you must put a _ sign before speaking to make it italic when sending, and to use the line-mediating feature you must use the ~ sign before the speech to be transmitted, and there will be a line between the speech when sending.

WhatsApp also added new features to its updates that help you to control. You can also add or provide groups or groups, as well as add a good feature, which is the waiting feature. When someone calls you and you are busy with another call, it appears to the other user that you are busy now.

About Whats app Business

The Whatsapp Business application is one of the applications that provide excellent and great service to the owners of companies as it allows them to communicate with customers, customers and consumers with ease, and it is one of the applications that suit the owners of companies and businessmen as it helps them to interact with their customers, which helps them to sell and promote their products. It allows you to stay in constant contact with your customers so that you can promote the products you want to sell, and it is also one of the free applications that allow you to communicate with customers without paying any costs, and one of the most important features that distinguishes the Whatsapp Business application is that it allows you to respond quickly to customers And consumers, by creating ready-made messages that you can use every time without needing to write each time, and it also has an automatic response feature through which you can send some welcome messages to customers, and you can also send messages containing the details of the business you are doing. You can also add a personal file for your business by adding some information about this work and the title of this job. You can also describe this work and add your e-mail, each This helps customers and consumers to reach you faster, so they can communicate with you easily, and you can also use Whatsapp Business on computers.

WhatsApp Messenger application features | Whats app APK

  • ·     WhatsApp Messenger helps you to simply communicate together with your contacts, as after creating a contact on your phone, its WhatsApp appears ahead of you, so you'll communicate with it with none difficulty.
  • ·      Through it, you'll send messages, photos and videos to all or any your contacts on the phone and communicate with them at any time.
  • ·    It helps you to understand the person you would like to speak to if online or not, by entering his page where the last appearance of this person is written or writing a caller now, all this helps you to simply communicate with people .
  • ·  It is employed by a really sizable amount of individuals from everywhere the planet , where the amount of users reaches quite 5 billion people, and it's also available in every different world and this is often unlike many other social networking sites.
  • ·     Through it, you'll add tons of cases to your profile and these cases last for twenty-four hours in order that your friends can see and review them.
  • ·     It doesn't consume much of the web as you'll play it on any internet quality, albeit it's poor or weak, and you'll also play it on Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • ·       Through it, you'll create a special group for your friends in order that you'll talk and communicate with one another , and you'll add tons of friends during this group and there's no specific number for the amount of friends that are added within the group.
  • ·       All people can download it to their phones because it takes up alittle space on the phone, unlike some social media applications, because it occupies approximately 30 MB of phone space.
  • ·       It has a blocking feature through which you'll block people you are doing not want to speak to or intrusive people, and by activating this feature, these people cannot reach you.
  • ·    It is also characterized by continuous updates every period so as to supply the simplest service to users of WhatsApp Messenger from all different countries of the planet .
  • ·       You are not required to log in whenever you would like to log in to the appliance , as your account is usually open, and you'll access it at any time as you wish .
  • ·       You can use it completely freed from charge without the necessity to pay the monthly subscriptions, and you'll also download it to the phone without paying any fees, as you're only required to attach to the web and enter the Google Play Store, write WhatsApp, press the word install, then within a couple of seconds the appliance is downloaded On the phone so you'll install it and use it as you wish .
  • ·   Through it, you'll make voice and video calls together with your friends, thus saving you tons of cash that you simply may pay in making international calls when lecture your friends abroad.

  • Common defects in WhatsApp

  • ·       Anyone holding your phone can check out the messages between your friends and thus he can know many secrets about you, and this person could also be the husband, wife, or friend.
  • ·       You need to be connected to the web so as to be ready to send messages to your friends.
  • ·       Sometimes it's going to cause inconvenience to some people using it thanks to the massive number of incoming messages.
  • ·       It requires the user to feature their number with people so as to be ready to communicate with them.
  • ·       It is only used on smartphones so an outsized number of individuals don't use it.
  • ·       Your profile picture is visible to all or any individuals who have your contact number.
  • ·       Sometimes it causes addiction thanks to sitting thereon an excessive amount of .
  • ·       It cannot send quite 30 pictures to a different person, and if the amount of images you would like to send is quite 30 pictures, it's divided piecemeal in order that you'll send them.

How to use WhatsApp Messenger

You can easily use the WhatsApp Messenger application by entering a web store and typing WhatsApp Messenger within the program , and here the appliance appears ahead of you. you want to click thereon and open it and click on on the word Install, then within seconds the appliance are going to be downloaded On your phone, then you want to click on the appliance and open it, here it requires you to enter the name of the country and its code and write your telephone number , then within half a moment your code will reach you by registering on the appliance , which is formed of 6 numbers, and once you enter this The code and click on on a confirmation word that you simply have created an account on WhatsApp, and with this you'll enter the setting of the profile where you write your name and add an image to your profile, then you continue allow access to your contacts, and with this you'll chat together with your friends and communicate with them And send them pictures and videos.

How to access WhatsApp from a computer | Whats app Web

You can access WhatsApp from your computer using Whats app Web by downloading it from a web store, and you want to also enter the telephone number so as to be ready to activate it, then you'll access the pc and click on on Whats app Web via any browser, then you want to You enter the WhatsApp settings on your phone and click on on Whats app Web, so all devices connected to your account will appear, so you'll connect the phone to your computer by opening the camera to read the barcode and with this you'll access WhatsApp messages, read them and answer them via a tool Computer.

How to control your WhatsApp settings | WhatsApp

WhatsApp offers you tons of special settings associated with privacy and security to supply you with more protection that you simply are trying to find in order that nobody will disturb you when using all the lists and correspondence inside it, as you'll initially choose the language you would like when using the program so as to use and control the tools Existing in proportion to the language you speak and it automatically converts the language by using the language that you simply use inside the phone, which is one among the good features, also as you'll access the prevailing settings menu so as to amend it and alter it in proportion to the dimensions of privacy and security that you simply want to get , Since at the start , upon entering the most interface, three dots will appear next to the search menu and once you click thereon , a gaggle of important options will appear for you. Click on the settings menu, which features a number of tasks and features that has got to be modified. which may be done through the tactic of implementing a number of the privacy-related features and may determine who views their personal photos, whether from contacts or anyone with whom Contacts are often specified or all. you'll also specify who sees the last cooking you probably did , and anyone are often prevented from that option so as to take care of privacy so as to open and shut at any time as you wish , and among the choices that maintain your security and private life, it are often specified. Whoever sees things where only a particular number of individuals are often specified, so you'll put personal notes and videos as you would like , also because the privacy associated with the news list are often specified and may be made available to everyone or hidden permanently, also as there's an indicator for reading the message. you've got seen and skim the message that he sent, you'll also determine who adds you within the groups and set you within them because it is feasible to pick the choice of All, Contacts, or place exceptions as you wish , also the numbers that you simply have blocked are often displayed so as to be ready to delete them permanently and can also Turn the live site menu on or off for your friends to locate your current location.

There is also a security list, which shows you that each one messages and calls that you simply simply make are encrypted which nobody are going to be ready to access or view them or view the contents that you share with friends, as he doesn't share it or all the private data about you, and you'll activate the notifications feature within it that sends you alerts in within the event that somebody changes the safety code for you, no matter that procedure, all conversations and messages between you and him will remain encrypted altogether cases and thus it's one among the perfect and safe applications with modern technologies because it has become the foremost famous within the field of messaging, and it's also possible to press and request all information associated with your account Personal and upon request, your report are going to be available within three days, and after its availability, it are often downloaded to your phone or shared with the other application, and it'll be available for download within weeks, after which it'll be deleted automatically also if you create changes to your account or change the amount . Your order are going to be canceled without regard to you.

How to change your WhatsApp number | WhatsApp

Many users of the WhatsApp program don't know the right thanks to change their number inside it and face difficulties as they are doing not know the steps and during this a part of the article we'll inform you the tactic intimately to save lots of you longer and energy , as you'll first need to enter the appliance then open an inventory Settings, then log in to the account, then you've got to settle on the section change the amount and after entering it, choose subsequent and you've got to neglect this step and put the present number and therefore the new number then you'll receive the activation code on your new number then it'll work with you in a simple and fast way easily , but you want to know Some important information, as this procedure will transfer all the knowledge and groups to your new account, and you want to first make sure that you'll receive calls and text messages thereon in order that you'll activate without facing obstacles therein .

How to cancel a WhatsApp account | WhatsApp

In order to permanently delete the WhatsApp account from within the program, you'll need to take some insurance measures and steps until you complete the deletion process permanently, and after reading this part you'll be fully conscious of all the steps that you simply need to take and therefore the many information which will definitely benefit you, at the start you've got to enter On your accounting , then enter to delete my account from the account list and you'll find it at rock bottom . then , you'll need to choose the country during which you reside and put your current number, then you'll receive a special code on the amount so as to take care of your security and after things , it'll delete permanently, but you ought to take care that you simply cannot obtain the knowledge , messages and conversations that existed, or pictures and videos that you simply have shared with friends or groups then , and you want to use this feature very carefully before implementation.

How to change WhatsApp chat wallpaper | WhatsApp

Many users want to vary the looks of the program to suit their general tastes, and among the benefits is that WhatsApp allows you to try to to many wonderful things and great and ideal methods that offer you full control over all the choices during which you'll place the looks as you would like by entering the settings then enter and you'll find variety of options. you'll need to choose the chats during which you'll find the looks , which may be done by setting the overall appearance of the appliance , whether it's light or dark, then you'll be faced with the choice for wallpapers and chats, where you'll also find variety of steps that you simply can take and you'll Put it without a background or choose between within the phone gallery and put your personal picture or the image of the one you're keen on , also as there are some fixed colors which will be placed and deleted at any time or choose the default mode as you wish , and there's also a neighborhood associated with the wallpapers library, which contains an outsized number of them related top quality and designed with care .

How to backup WhatsApp | WhatsApp

In this article, we offer you with the tactic and steps for backing up all of your conversations so as to retrieve all the prevailing data that you simply have uploaded at any time, as you'll need to enter the chats option then choose a talk backup, and upon entering it a green list will appear for you. Clicking thereon then it'll ask you for your beautiful account then it'll make your copies and it'll not take much time.

Control WhatsApp Messenger notifications

You can control WhatsApp notifications easily by entering the settings for the appliance , and here you'll find two options to line notifications, the primary is message notifications and therefore the second is group notifications, the primary is messages that are between you and anyone else, and therefore the second is about conversations that's within some groups and groups, then you'll set the notification tone where you'll choose a sound for the incoming messages, and you'll also choose mute in order that you can't hear any sound when the incoming messages arrive, and you'll also choose the vibration feature when the incoming messages arrive and you'll choose from vibration Short or long vibration, and you'll also choose a pop-up notification through which WhatsApp messages are displayed on the phone screen once they reach your phone, and you'll turn this feature on or off as you wish , and if you are doing not want to listen to any sounds upon arrival Incoming messages you've got to deselect the ringtones, in order that you can't hear any sound when any message on WhatsApp arrives.

Control data usage and storage in Whatsapp APK

You can control the utilization of knowledge in Whatsapp APK as many pictures and videos consume tons of knowledge , which results in the depletion of your internet package, and so as to be ready to control your use, you want to enter the WhatsApp application then you want to follow the subsequent steps first you want to you've got to enter the appliance settings and then you want to click on the info and storage usage then you'll press the word while roaming and once you click thereon you want to disable the pictures , videos, audio clips and documents, then after you want to confirm the selection by pressing the accept button And then , you want to choose the feature of using less data and by using this feature you'll disable the automated download of images , videos, audio clips and documents within the case of using the info package, and when using this feature the standard of the calls you create could also be weak to some extent What, you'll also control the storage feature of photos, videos, audio clips, and documents, as you'll store them on the phone or memory card, and you'll also any Also, choose the feature of not storing on the phone, all of this by entering the settings of the appliance , in order that you'll control data usage and storage in Whatsapp APK.

How to create a WhatsApp Messenger group

You can create a replacement group on WhatsApp with ease in order that you'll talk with an outsized number of your friends at an equivalent time without having to speak to every one among them alone, and so as to try to to so, you want to follow the subsequent steps in order that you'll create a gaggle on WhatsApp correctly First, you've got to open the WhatsApp application and click on on a replacement group at the highest of the phone screen. this is often for iPhone users. As for Android phone users, you'll press the three dots at the highest of the screen and once you click thereon , a group of options will appear ahead of you. By clicking on the primary option, which may be a new group, and once you click thereon , your contacts will appear ahead of you, and with this you'll add any friend to you by clicking on the contact and after completing adding friends, you'll choose the group name that's present at the highest of the screen, also as you'll also add a picture to the group that you simply created, and once you are through with all of this you'll click on the word Create and thus you'll have created the WhatsApp group correctly with none error, as you'll you'll also remove any member from the group easily by clicking on the contact for that member and clicking on the word delete.

How to install WhatsApp messages within the first list

When some people open WhatsApp, tons of incoming messages appear ahead of them, whether from some friends and thru the groups shared in them, also there are some people that care about you quite the remainder and you would like to ascertain the messages received from them first before anyone else, albeit the sending time is before these people , and now you'll install conversations from your important people within the first chat list, where you'll now install about 3 conversations that appear ahead of you within the first chat list, you'll install these conversations by clicking on the pin icon that's at the highest of the list and at Clicking thereon , these conversations appear at the highest of the list, so these conversations appear at the highest of the list, and you'll also cancel them by pressing the pin icon again, this feature will assist you easily communicate with the people important to you in terms of sending messages to them without the necessity to look on WhatsApp, and also in terms of receiving messages from them.

Save space for storing from your phone memory

The WhatsApp application is taken into account one among the applications that occupy an outsized space of our phones, all of this due to the pictures and videos that are downloaded from the appliance automatically, all of this results in filling the memory of the phone, and sometimes results in closing the appliance , and it's also necessary to possess enough space On the phone so as to be ready to open any application at full speed, and so as to be ready to save space for storing from your phone's memory and stop the WhatsApp application from exploiting an outsized area of the phone, you want to do the subsequent , you've got to open the WhatsApp application on your phone then you've got to You click on the three-point group at the highest of the appliance , then you'll see tons of options, you've got to click on the last option for settings and once you click thereon , a main menu appears ahead of you that contains tons of options, you've got to click On the last option for settings, and once you click thereon , a main menu appears ahead of you that contains tons of options. you've got to click on Chats, and by this, another menu will appear ahead of you. you've got to enter the chat settings and click on on display media and once you press inactivity, the media that's not displayed isn't displayed. they're downloaded through WhatsApp within the gallery of your phone then you'll save space for storing from your phone's memory, and you'll also close up this feature for a few groups and other people et al. not, by clicking on the chat you would like to switch then pressing the private contact With it, then press the choice to ascertain the media, and here the WhatsApp application will ask you if you would like to save lots of the media from this chat within the gallery of your phone or not, and with this you'll use WhatsApp in any way you would like and save space from the phone memory.

Explanation of WhatsApp Stories Download | WhatsApp

There is little question that the WhatsApp application features a lot of terrible and distinctive features that assist you communicate and talk together with your friends and contacts greatly, because it contains an outsized number of features and menus that require an in depth explanation so as to possess the complete ability to use it correctly without Facing obstacles during use and so as to possess the power to use modern technologies with friends and continue with all available updates, and during this part we'll explain intimately the right method with the steps intimately for downloading and sharing stories and cases with friends with full control over them and therefore the thanks to delete them also , at the start and after downloading The program will ask you for a few permissions that you simply need to enter and comply with , like access to contacts so as to be ready to communicate with all the numbers that you simply have registered and which contain an account are displayed and messages are often sent to them. you've got permission to access your pictures, videos and gallery, which is vital to us during this The part where it are often fetched and placed inside your case, when entering the appliance you'll have many menus and sections, press the For a case then , you'll be transferred inside it, and therefore the stories that friends have shared will appear to you and may be viewed and viewed so as to ascertain the photographs and videos inside, also because it will display those you've got seen before, then you'll find the word my status and once you click thereon you'll be transferred to the camera and pictures and clips are often filmed Directly and place it, or alternatively, you'll choose between within the gallery, then you'll be transferred to the modifications page, during which we'll explain all the tools inside.

Where you'll put the reason of the image and write the written texts that you simply prefer in order that it appears below the case when it's placed, whether it's a successor or a neighborhood . It are often identified and marked so as to spot various things and it's also possible to chop , rotate and choose the parts that you simply want to share with friends, it also provides you with an outsized number of wonderful and distinctive stickers which will be placed and shared and use all classifications also as emoji are often placed while writing, also as there the prevailing filters and effects feature that change the properties of colours with placing wonderful shapes on them, removing and hiding things that you simply don't want, and when sharing videos, you'll cut and choose the part you would like , also as many of them are often placed so as and may also write of them and put stickers, texts and explanation below them, also because the people and contacts you would like to ascertain your story are often defined by entering it and a challenge D. All the privacy elements that you simply want, in order that you'll share all personal photos completely securely.

Save space for storing from your phone's memory in WhatsApp | WhatsApp

Many people inside WhatsApp suffer from the matter of space as all pictures, files and videos are saved inside the phone memory, which consumes tons of them and causes problems for the phone, and this problem is annoying to several phone users, whether Android or IOS, so you'll not find enough space later to save lots of important files And download the applications you would like , and during this article i will be able to publish some steps that allow you to save lots of large spaces without the necessity to download programs that clean the memory and consume large areas also , the steps are going to be very easy and anyone can find and follow them where you enter and open the appliance then you'll click on the three dots next to the search mark and once you open it, click on the settings option then you'll be transferred to the privacy and security page, etc., then you've got to click on the info and storage use option and you'll be transferred to your network and storage page. Choose storage and you'll Waiting a short time for it to calculate the dimensions of your storage inside the conversations that you simply have had, so as from highest to smallest, then choose See conversations that have an outsized area and once you click on them, it'll display the amount of messages that you simply have shared with the contact you've got chosen, also as pictures, videos and files, and their number with their space. Below that information are going to be found the list of space freeing and after clicking thereon , a confirmation message will appear, then you'll The deletion is completed , but you've got to take care to not delete the important things, because it are going to be difficult to retrieve them after doing these steps, then you'll have the massive spaces available to you for downloading and downloading as you would like , also as for iPhone users, you'll find that each one the steps present are an equivalent steps and shut to them To an outsized extent, you'll also reduce and save your space with an equivalent steps easily .

How does one know that you simply are banned on WhatsApp or not?

You can know and find out who has blocked you inside the WhatsApp application in many and varied ways in which inform you that you simply are placed on the block list by this person and there are some signs that assist you to understand this information, at the start and upon entering the old conversations between you and therefore the contact you'll not be ready to Seeing his personal photos that he put before you furthermore may didn't see the last appearance he made which are below the name and photo, there also are other signs that indicate that you simply are banned since when entering the chat you'll not see the voice call sign also when sending messages won't you've got signs of vision otherwise you won't be answered, and if the sign remains gray, then this suggests that you simply are banned by this person, these are some indications by which you'll know this and there's also the ultimate way, which causes you to aware that you simply have already been banned, which is by creating a personal group And putting this person inside it, if you'll not add him inside it, then this suggests that he has already put you on the list.

Activate two WhatsApp numbers in one mobile

Many users, especially businessmen, want to possess two accounts on the WhatsApp application, but this feature isn't present within the program, but there are many methods that allow you to try to to this through plug-ins, and today we'll explain the straightforward method that a lot of subscribers use by downloading the Parallel program , it's It allows you to form copies of any application you would like inside it inside a virtual world of its own, which helps you to possess quite one account at just one occasion inside the phone and work on them, which provides you with privacy and make and allocate an account for private handling your life and your family also because the account associated with work and communication with customers and other matters, Just download the program, it's easy to use and upon opening the most menu will appear. Click on the prevailing mark and make copies of the appliance you would like and it'll be placed directly and may be accessed and used, and a replacement account is registered inside it with good handling and speed in performance.

How does one know that your WhatsApp is hacked?

In the recent period, the phenomenon of spying and hacking phones has spread, especially the WhatsApp application, and WhatsApp is taken into account one among the favourite applications for several people, so he talks together with his friends comfortably with none worries, and when someone's WhatsApp application is hacked, all the messages you receive from people will arrive. On the pc of the one that hacked your account, and so as to avoid this problem, you want to follow the subsequent steps so as to form sure that your WhatsApp account is hacked or not, first you want to attend WhatsApp and open the appliance and here you want to click on the points The three present at the highest of the screen, and once you click thereon , a group of options will appear ahead of you, and these options are a replacement group, a replacement group message, WhatsApp Web, starred messages, settings, you've got to click on option number 3 which is WhatsApp Web, and once you press WhatsApp App Web If your device is secure, you'll see a page containing scanning the code, with a square within the center, and inside this box may be a picture of a computer or mobile , and therefore the camera is additionally opened. From the time and date that the spying was done and also the browser type is shown and this means when the spy is browsing your WhatsApp conversations.

Also, the spy cannot penetrate your WhatsApp application unless it's in possession of your phone, as for the penetration through several steps, the primary of which is that the spy logs into your computer on WhatsApp Web and here, a picture of an icon will appear ahead of him on the most page, after which he can The spy has got to enter the WhatsApp application from your phone, and during this case he can access the WhatsApp options and he can click on WhatsApp Web and here you'll scan the code, and with this he can open your WhatsApp and see all the conversations between you and people and see your privacy.

You can also get obviate spyware by following the subsequent steps. First, log in to WhatsApp Web. If the last appearance appears ahead of you, you'll press rock bottom of the last appearance, which is Exit from the other device, and once you click thereon , all other devices are logged out. you want to even be reassured. On your phone from time to time and log in to WhatsApp Web to form sure that your account isn't hacked.

How to modify your profile in WhatsApp

You can change your WhatsApp image easily by entering the appliance , opening it and pressing the most menu. Here, many options appear ahead of you. you'll click on the last of them, which is Settings, and once you click on Settings, your profile picture will appear ahead of you. Clicking thereon appears ahead of you, the camera appears, and once you click on the camera, a group of options appears ahead of you. Firstly, delete the image, the gallery, and therefore the camera, you'll click on any of them to switch your WhatsApp image, and you'll also make some adjustments thereto in terms of zooming in and out in order that it appears properly.

Change the background of WhatsApp conversations

You can change the wallpaper by entering the appliance then you'll enter the most menu within the application and then you'll click on settings, then then you'll click on chats, and once you click on chats a gaggle of options appears ahead of you, you'll click on the second option it's the wallpaper of the screen, and once you click thereon , a gaggle of options appear ahead of you at rock bottom of the screen, and these options are without wallpaper, gallery, fixed color, wallpaper library, and therefore the default, you'll click on any of them in order that you'll change the background of the WhatsApp conversation as you wish .

Changing the name within the WhatsApp application

You can change the name and modify it on WhatsApp by entering the appliance and therefore the main menu then entering the settings, then you'll click on the profile picture, and once you click thereon the name that you simply can access and alter or modify appears ahead of you, but you want to be the amount of characters within the name doesn't exceed 25 letters, then you'll click on the word Save, and by this the name has been modified and altered easily, and you'll also write any information on WhatsApp as you would like , once you click on the news below the name where you'll choose news consistent with what's within the application or writing what you would like under the phrase of your current news.

Add a lover on WhatsApp

You can add a lover on WhatsApp by adding their name in your contacts, and once you press confirm adding the name, WhatsApp automatically updates the contact in it, then the name of this person appears in your WhatsApp friends, and with this you'll send messages to the present person and ask them, and by that you simply are going to be ready to add a replacement friend on WhatsApp, but you want to confirm that this number is registered in WhatsApp.

How to make a voice and video call in WhatsApp

You can make an audio or video call through WhatsApp with ease, by entering WhatsApp and opening the chat between you and therefore the person with whom you would like to form the decision , and you'll find ahead of you three options at the highest of the screen, you'll press the sign Video when making a video call, and you'll make a voice call once you press the headphone icon, in order that you've got been ready to make a voice or video call with ease.

You can also receive a voice or video call, and you'll answer them with acceptance or rejection.

You can also switch from a video call to an audio call by pressing Stop video, and by this the decision moves from a video call to a voice call, you'll also switch from a voice call to a video call by pressing the video tag, and by this the decision moves from audio to video.

You can also make a gaggle video call by pressing on a gaggle chat, and with this you'll open the group chat for the people you would like to call with, and you'll make this call between 8 people, and this is often by entering the contacts and adding the people you would like to feature to the decision .

The possibility of hearing the record in succession

You can hear the records that are sent to you from your friends by pressing the primary record then all the subsequent records are going to be played in succession, but if there's a message within the center of those records, the records will stop automatically, until you press the record that comes after these Message so you'll hear it.

Know how to get rid of the message before reading it from WhatsApp

You can delete the message before it reaches the person to whom you sent the message by clicking on the message, and you'll have two delete options appear, so you'll have deleted the message before it reached this person.