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How to download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC / Laptop / Mac)

How to download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC / Laptop / Mac)

How to download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer! (PC / Laptop / Mac)

How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer-Hello everyone who loves to play PUBG mobile game, and I was recently looking for a better experience to play the game that I discovered that you can play it on your computer completely for free, so today I decided to present an educational explanation explaining how you can get PUBG Mobile game for free on your computer and Mac quickly and easily.

I hope you enjoy before this explanation starts, why didn't you get the full PC version of Steam because this costs money I know this version exists but some people cannot pay, so through this explanation we will learn how to play the game on PC and Mac as well as subscribe To get more PUBG mobile content.

How to Download PUBG Mobile on Your Computer

Let's move on to this and whether you are using a PC or Mac, what you will do first is open your web browser, open Google, whether you are using a computer or a Mac, you will click on the first link that appears regardless of whether you are using a computer. Or a Mac if you are using your computer then you will click to download here if you are most likely using a Mac, all you have to do is click download then it will automatically detect that you are on a Mac and the game file will be downloaded, but if the dot exe file starts downloading Then, you will likely only click on the Mac version and in this way the PUBG game file will already be installed which will run on your Mac clearly.

 To download PUBG mobile game on your Windows computer, what you have to do is just click the download button directly here, this will install the PUBG mobile game version from this website on your computer, and it will install them on your computer, and no You need to worry about any viruses with any of this website because it does not come with any virus whatsoever used. If your antivirus appears with a virus, the wrong viruses do not come with this site, I have one of the best antivirus programs on my computer and it does not detect anything, so you are good at installing PUBG mobile game on your computer.

 And I will click the play button now, it will launch our Android emulator so that we can play PUBG mobile on our computer, what we will do is play against the people who are on Android because we are using the Android device technically at the end after the installation is finished, click on the play button and you should To appear on this home screen of your Android emulator and you are now only one step away from being able to install PUBG mobile, it is clear that you will need Android Google accounts just because they are like any other Android emulator, so what I recommend is to use the same Google account that You already have or if not what you can do is that you can go to Google on your browser and create Google accounts and I will choose a username and password that you remember is very important to do that, because every time you exit from it, it's like shutting down Android and you may have to restart Enter the username and password so that you do not want to forget it after creating Google accounts and writing it down somewhere maybe on your phone maybe on an actual piece of paper and this way you can come back to it if you have to log in again with it.

I will be using normal Gmail accounts so what am I going to do, I will actually full screen now, I will open the Play Store but obviously I need to log into these Google accounts so I will be logged into that now and at this time in time, I am now logged into My Google Accounts Now, I recommend unchecking the backup and restore option in the registration process just because you probably don't want to install too many other programs on your Android device. If only focus on playing PUBG mobile on your computer, this way you can focus on PUBG mobile just open the Play Store, and it is clear that what you want to do is write PUBG mobile, click the install button, click accept, then click Continue again, the cool thing about this is just use Google like any other Android device so you don't have to worry about any security issues with this means you are using Google Play Store and regular Google to log in, so I mean if you have a problem with Google, I don’t know what to tell you that you are currently using a YouTube account and it is powered by Google Well, you probably shouldn't have YouTube accounts if you have any issues with Google having your password so you only use Google.

 Everything is fine and we'll wait to install this now and then I'll show you can set it up on your computer now before we finish installing this there is something I have to notice if you decide to create new Google accounts, you might have some problems verifying that it's not permanent, so what do you want Do you want to apply Rivera to it via the Android emulator itself if something appears to say that authentication is required, there will be a slight error appearing in the top bar there, so on this dark green bar where your mouse is, you can click on it and drag it down, Then there is something that says something like re-authorizing accounts will click that then all you have to do is enter the phone number you used to register, just re-authorize it using that, this way you can actually play that and you can install PUBG mobile game.

So we're going to click the "Open" button here and as you can see, there are a lot of things already set up and the cool thing about the list is that it automatically sets up a lot of the buttons that you might need right now. Always and this might not be set up perfectly for PUBG mobile, so what I will do now is actually jump into the warm-up area and explain exactly how you will start setting everything perfect to suit your needs but the best thing is can you change the key bindings exactly as you can do in A regular computer game that you can change into anything you want, which is great in that regard, is going to hit the guest button here. Wait for this to load, this is the first time you have downloaded this command, so we will have to click "Accept" and click "OK", we will create an alias so I will type in "It might be strange on the first computer" I feel like this It will be very good, and I will not bother changing my characters, we will only go to the main screen, so I clicked the Create button and now I am on the main screen here, we are now playing PUBG mobile on our computer, I will have a one-on-one match after that and in the warm atmosphere - Warm-up area.

You're only going to clearly set everything up if there isn't a lot of time left in the warm-up area that you want to be to fully set up your buttons right now, you'll be able to do the parachute button and your moves, and then after you land, you can set things up a little more But you see, all of these things are basically assigned the rights to the buttons, so that's really cool now what you want to do is click on this little button here, and then it looks like what you're doing is clicking these arrows pointing out and then making sure that's Somewhere on your screen you will find it here, and it will probably be a different button, so right-click in the middle that way when you click on save and then click on save then go out again if you right-click on your screen it will automatically disappear With the mouse and when I move the mouse, this will move very clearly the buttons are transparent after discovering the controls that you can change, but I'm going to press E to jump out, and I'm going to jump into a sparsely populated area just to show you guys some things here and it's going to be good at releasing the parachute. For your own, it is the same as the shoot button just like any other computer game, you can click the left mouse click button just like with the mobile version, you can change the graphics depending on how you run your computer if you have a computer not working well You might want to change that, but after you land, we're going to pick up a pistol and I'm going to show you guys exactly what you want to do so we're running here now we're going to jump through the window to see if we can pick up a pistol and I can show you guys some basic things here so you can click On F or G to pick things up, you can actually do what you have to do if you want to click on a specific thing but you can definitely work through some trolls picking up things that you may or may not need and figure out exactly how things work as matches go on at the start.

It might be a little weird but over time you'll get used to it and that's really the best part, and for shooting as you can see here, that's one of the things that doesn't have an auto button in a meme so I'm going to put a button that works well for aiming so I'll bring this over and maybe aim for something like no I know caps lock can work relatively well just for the goal because unfortunately if you use right-click it won't work that way so click save then click save and it's obviously something you get used to and as you can see Now that we are now aiming to shoot some people in case they show up and then click caps lock to exit the target menu, it's something to get used to it definitely will take some time but overall in finishing it works well now the nice thing about PUBG mobile is the fact that it Automatically captures a lot of things you need if not, all you have to do is press the G button and you will be good at times if the movement from your mouse is not working all you have to do is right click then right click Right again, then AD will work Again, as there are very few errors in this regard.

Download the PUBG mobile game for the computer

 Once again download the PUBG mobile game for the computer, play a portable version on your computer, the version is a touch screen and your computer is not intended to do that unless you have such a literally touch-screen computer, so it is clear that now we have a red dot, And yes it works well in this regard here we have someone we can shoot here and yeah, this is literally the first time I've tried it and I killed even though it might be it, it just shows that you can do it, but it will take some benefit Because obviously you will have to practice but in general it will work, so this is the most important thing and you can do some nice things. Cool things that are now running on your computer, they work great, just be warned you will probably have to right-click Then you click incorrect many times when you run this.

 I have noticed that a lot of times it stops working in this regard, this isn't really a big deal, it's just something that you have to get used to and by the time you play you will get used to it more so it's not really a big deal expect that sometimes maybe after your goal It won't work the same way and then all you really have to do at this point is right-click and then right-click again, that way you'll get everything working now You are looking for a more immersive experience as I have here without all that electronic buttons that You can do it here is to right-click and then click on the keyboard button and then turn off the screen that way obviously not all buttons will appear and it will look a little better until you can lock the uppercase. Again and shooting some people, caps-lock is clearly not the most ideal button for aiming, I chose a temp button that works well, it's definitely better than some of the other buttons but make sure to choose a button that isn't really covered up The list of buttons you already have For the game, so it works and that's the most important thing now with all that being said, we have basically covered everything PUBG mobile game download for PC for the PC side in this tutorial.

Download PUBG mobile for Mac

Let's go to the Mac tutorial now at the end, you will get the PUBG mobile game for Mac installed on your computer clearly if you are using a Mac there it might just be a little different install but it will work the same way i will uncheck it if you already have this on a device Your computer but if you already have it on your computer then don't need to worry about the installation process i will override it just because i want to bring it back to what it was regularly when i downloaded this PUBG mobile game for mac for the first time on my computer the way You guys do it too so we'll wait for it to install, we'll click start, we'll go full screen if we like it maybe we have to wait until this thing PUBG mobile game for Mac is fully loaded for full screen.

Obviously, it will be more ideal because it will make the game a little bigger and a little easier to use until full screen, and in the end we'll get the Play Store here now, what I'm going to do is I'm going to be using regular Google, I'm going to use the usual Google accounts so I'll click on the current account, and the best thing is You only use Google to log in, so you don't have to worry about any security issues in this regard if you are very worried that Google might take your data then what you can do is you can create a new Google account just by going to Google and literally writing in constructions and accounts Obviously, you want to choose a username and password that you remember and make sure you remember that because you probably have to log in several times before you finally get the PUBG mobile game download on your computer and you may have to keep logging in to it because every time when you go out From the Knox app launcher, you are essentially turning off your device, it's not just like turning it off by pressing a button, but it's actually like resetting your device so keep that in mind so open the Play Store and whatever you're going to do. As it is logged into Google accounts, you will not click on the Play Store button, what you will click on here, we will click on the current account and I will type in my Google accounts and after I log in, I will show you guys what do you want to do next now more often, This message might appear here where you can't log in and you may have to log in on the web It doesn't really mean anything, it's not really a big deal and we'll go through a two-step verification process for my own account just to confirm my identity when I log in I have this extra security just because I don't I want people to log into my accounts so I'm going to do that very quickly then we can actually access the play store, what I recommend is to uncheck backup and restore then the call buttons don't matter much especially if you use existing accounts but at this point in time, What you can do: Can you download the PUBG mobile game to your computer, click the link at the bottom that appears and install the PUBG mobile game on your computer which will be installed just as it is on a normal Android device and you are using the usual Android device D basically with this.

The time it takes to download PUBG mobile to PC

 So it's cool it will take a second to start the installation and yes you will install it on your computer Sometimes the Play Store may crash but that's not a big deal if you go up to the top bar here and click and drag at the bottom it will determine how long it takes to install until it's a large file it will likely take The installation is about three to five minutes but in the end it will be worth the effort in the end, you will get a notification that the PUBG mobile game has successfully installed on your computer which is great.

So you can download the PUBG mobile game on your computer. You will now have the game on your computer, the best thing as you can see is that there are a lot of buttons already placed on your screen, so it is clear that we will have to change some of these things in order to suit our needs. What we will do is wait for the PUBG mobile game to load on the computer, we will press the guest button, I mean if you want to log in with Facebook then maybe I can click a guest only because this obviously is not going to be my main accounts, I will click accept, we will press Ok you will write an alias i will write weird on a mac you can choose whatever you want your facial features if this will be your main accounts and now you have a PUBG mobile on a Mac our Mac obviously as i said i am doing this tutorial to install on a pc, But it works the same way on a Mac so what I'm actually going to do is go to individual work and then show a brief summary of how it works You will likely have to change a few things to comment on exactly how the keyboard is positioned and what is Wind to you but the good thing is that you can customize all of your button layouts - you can do just that - exactly how do you imagine to play it better now.

 Obviously some of the buttons are not perfect right now and after we get to the ground we'll be able to set that up at this point in time now before it actually lands on the ground, you can click on your left mouse and drag it to exactly what you want it to be, obviously you'll need a couple of buttons before To land on the ground, I'm going to land in a sparsely populated area just so I can showcase the loot and peace guys some basic features in peace before we actually get it instantly smashed by an enemy so we can jump right away then we can use our W key to get off Faster to the ground that I'm going to land in a small house somewhere here away from some enemy guys and we're just landing, and I hope no one else lands here, it doesn't look like we have anyone else, there might be some people out there, so we'll be Okay at least for now as you can see, F is opening doors I just want to get in here with at least a gun, so now we can actually set up some other things now, you can actually click on the little keyboard button right here on the top right to add different keys until T is not I set some of these things already so far, so I would probably put a V for our voice control and then a T for our microphone Maybe for our conversations we could possibly put something like I don't know so maybe this would be a good button, what you want to do is when you set this up , Make sure not to choose a button that has already been assigned.

So maybe in other games you've played, you can use the tab for conversations, but as you can see if you click on the tab, your backpack will also open up so that messes things up and you won't be able to use the game properly now. Obviously you'll want to do this so you can shoot an enemy I only have my gun now and I got my first kill myself cool but what you want to do in order for Ames to open the keyboard again, click and drag this to be somewhere on your screen, and that's Very important because you obviously don't want to have to click and hold the mouse to change your views if you click and drag this to the center of the screen somewhere when you right-click once on the screen so the mouse controls how your player looks, so what might What you probably do is setup, maybe I don't know caps lock as a potential button to aim your gun, that's not perfect and maybe you can actually set up a different set of programs in order to find one that actually works better but now at this point in time, I can click caps lock To actually aim my gun, I can use the mouse to move around my characters' views, I don't have to worry about holding down left-click my mouse to do this and it works very well, works very well with other buttons, it works very similarly to your games Other, I can actually take out the crossbow if I want to switch between my rifle, I can click one and two hats lock to shoot, tap two shots, standard distance bar for nice things to jump in and other things like that here we have someone with a car that will always go out, I don't know if I could have hit this guy, see if I can shoot, come to the crossbow, win over there we go there another goo that's right here, come one shot, let's finish killing the crossbow, and here we go there is another guy here, long-range crossbow There is another, so with all that being said you guys, I think you'll likely get the basic understanding of how this works.

 There's one quick thing to explain if you don't want all of these buttons right here on your screen that you can actually do is when you right-click and go to the keyboard, you can change the opacity of the button so you can actually change it completely down to nothing, and obviously I'm I don't want to do that because I don't know the Drive button, so at this point in time, I think you guys are getting the whole basic general idea of ​​how to make this work, I don't know how to get out of my car. I have to click this button here. I don't have an exit button, but I think there was an airdrop somewhere here, and if no one looted it, I'll try to get the stuff inside. And yet you guys are told it's basically me in the midst of a little fight here. With this guy, I don't know if I'm going to get out of this alive well, there's one shot Come on, come on, come on, here we go. 5 kills not bad so yeah with what is said guys, there's another airdrop here, it's already looted One was in trend and got a mk14 selfie, so I'll travel in this one, maybe I can find someone else I already have 5 kills I'm very happy with that, but with that said.

I think we covered everything we need to cover, and I hope this explanation about downloading PUBG mobile game on pc helped you guys, it was really difficult to create this explanation, so thank you all and I think in the end you will get the PUBG mobile game on my device Computer, well, thank you very much.