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Auto Message app download automatic sending and reply SMS app to set up automatic replies 2020


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Auto Message app download automatic sending and reply SMS app to set up automatic replies 2020

Answer incoming phone calls with Automatic Replies to Messages on Android. Auto Message is designed to respond to SMS or missed calls when you are away or busy. This is the best SMS and missed call auto reply app for Android. This is an ideal solution if you are busy in a meeting, classroom, driving a car, or any other situation where you cannot answer a phone call or reply to a text message.

When you are busy and cannot answer a phone call or reply to a short message immediately android can send an automatic message to them, let your callers know you saw their call and you will be in touch, this explanation will give you how to set up auto answer to missed calls and texts on android.

How to set up auto reply to missed calls and messages on android

Android android contains a built-in feature that allows you to send a quick message when you are busy and cannot answer a phone call, and here are the steps:

1. First, open the mobile app.

2. Go to settings.

3. Click on Reply by SMS, you will see all of your automatic texts. You are limited to four in total but you can adjust them according to the requirements so make sure that all scenarios are covered.

 When a call comes in by selecting the text message icon and your quick responses popup, you can either choose one of the default responses or create a custom response file suitable for the time, this is the default method available on Android.

Best Android Apps for Setting Automatic Replies 2020

We'll explain to you how I can solve those persistent IM replying noises and annoying phone vibrations when you really need some alone time with these cool auto reply apps for Android. One of the best Android apps for setting automatic replies is the Auto Message app, an automatic sending and reply SMS app.

Information about the Auto Message app, an automatic sending and reply SMS app:

Auto Message is a scheduling app. You do your job automatically (auto send, auto answer, auto answer calls ...) by scheduling the task execution at a specified time by the future user.

Automatic messages The easiest way to automate your daily tasks on your Android smartphone or tablet. With a simple interface, Auto Message provides a simple solution to automate tasks on your device in just a few clicks.

Automated messages help you by automating the activities you manually did before, and customizing them in a way that works for you.

Automatic messages save your time and help you to do some tasks when you are busy or asleep.

With automatic messages, you can keep your task on cloud and share your task with other people.

Features of the Auto Message application, the application of automatic sending and replying to SMS messages:

Automatically send text messages - Text task (automatic text message): SMS messages are fully forwarded by the user. You create the text of the short message, and set the time. So when later SMS sending is triggered, it is entirely with your prior consent.

SMS auto reply task: SMS auto reply - auto reply text / SMS on incoming texts when you are busy, away, in a meeting ...

AUTO REPLY PHONE CALL CALL TASK: When you miss / reject a call, with AUTO ANSWER CALL feature, an automatic text message on the sender will be answered immediately.

Auto-send email task: You can schedule your email to be sent using this app and it will automatically be sent to another multi-receiver.

Automatically turn on / off WiFi and volume up.

Group alarm task. You can set alarms with complex operating conditions. You can share with your family and teammates ...

Auto Message An application for automatic sending and responding to SMS

Admit it or not, you are always connected to your smartphone. But there may be certain instances where you cannot reply to an SMS or an important alert, which ultimately leaves the other person waiting for your response. To make sure you update almost every message or notification that pops up on your screen, you need to try the best auto reply apps for Android. Using these apps, with Auto Message app, automatic sending and reply SMS app, you can easily set up responses for each message or missed alert you have for Android.

Download Auto Message, an automatic sending and reply SMS application for Android

Auto Message, the automatic sending and reply SMS application, is a multi-purpose application to set up automatic replies to messages, phone calls and even WhatsApp, so download the Auto Message application, the automatic sending and reply SMS application for Android for free from various download platforms such as Google Play, which is a free application that you can download With a direct link at the bottom of the explanation.

How to use the Auto Message application An automatic sending and reply SMS application

The Auto Message app is an easy-to-use and very simple automatic sending and reply-to-SMS app, what you only have to do is after opening the app. You can reply to those who call you or limit them to the contacts that you have chosen, you choose everyone, for example, and you can also set up multiple profiles to configure automatic replies for more than one scenario. So this is how you can send automatic replies to texts and calls on android, we hope that you are now able to focus on work without worrying about people trying to contact you.

download Auto Message app : click here