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Download the game Arena of Valor for Android latest version, direct link


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Download the game Arena of Valor for Android latest version, direct link

Download Arena of Valor for Android! Glad that you are interested in Arena of Valor, here you'll get a little more detailed introduction about what Arena of Valor is. You can download the game arena of valor, online games, Android, fighting games, 5v5, enthusiastic games, aov, the best online game for Android, battlefield games, moba games, games for Android. Explanation of the game arena of valor 5v5.

About Arena of Valor 5V5

Arena of Valor is a multiplayer online battleground game designed for mobile devices. Players will be formed into two equal teams - red and blue, whoever destroys the opposing team's base gets victory first. To destroy the enemy's base, players have to manage their chosen hero, fight opponents, and take down all defense towers in at least one of the three paths. You can download the Arena of Valor game for free with a direct link from our site, in the game Arena of Valor the classic 5V5 mode is the most popular in Arena of Valor, with which you can show your excellent skills as well as explore strategies with your team.

Download the Arena of Valor game for Android direct link

Before starting the battle, you need to choose a hero to fight for you. In Arena of Valor, there are varied and unique heroes for you to choose. There are powerful tanks that can rush into battle first and protect team members like shield or mysterious assassin with high agility to capture enemies' heads with one glance; If you enjoy the joy of shooting from a distance with massive damage sustained or killing enemies with high blast damage, you can go with Marksman or Mage. Don't worry, there is also a support like Peura with healing power that can help you and protect you.

Download the game Arena of Valor for Android the latest version

It will take you some time to become a master of the hero, but it is not that difficult. As a mobile MOBA game, Arena of Valor has improved mobile experience, controlling wheels with your left hand to move heroes, as mouse does in computer; And to get the ability of heroes, you can click on the button on the right side.

Download the latest Arena of Valor game for free

The battle begins after the hero is chosen. You and your teammates will be deployed to your base, along with the constant dependencies. They are your allies who are heading towards the enemy base, who will attack every enemy they set their eyes on, and they can also take damage from the towers on your behalf.

Towers on each lane are the structures that protect the base, and will deal massive damage to enemies that have entered the range of attack. Only by defeating the towers one by one can you get steps closer to the final victory.

The area between the lanes is forest. There are a lot of neutral monsters. You can get gold, experience or some really useful hobbyist by killing these monsters.

Download the Arena of Valor game for Android for free

The more experiences and golds you get, the more benefits you and your teammates will get. Besides killing monsters, you can also destroy towers, kill minions, and even kill enemy heroes to get fast and well-equipped level thus you will be more powerful in battle.

This is how you work in the Arena of Valor - farming, killing enemies, destroying towers and enemy base, victorious!

Of course, if you want to show your skills, 1V3 or even 1V5, you still need to master advanced techniques, well, I am not able to teach you that in one video, you will understand that once you play more games. This is what makes the game more attractive.

Finally, the five of you win victory together, so be nice to your teammates, fight with them, and you'll finally share the joy of victory!

Download the Arena of Valor game for Android: click here