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Download the original Super Mario game for the computer, the latest version, for free


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Download the original Super Mario game for the computer, the latest version, for free

Download the original Super Mario game - Super Mario Bros. 3: Mario Forever is a fan interpretation of the first Super Mario Bros game that was remembered for the Super Mario All-Stars set. This fangame game was created by Softendo to allow players to play the first Super Mario Brothers game with improved designs and new highlights. It preserves the first story, though. The Mushroom Kingdom was attacked by the Bowser and Koopa Troopas, turning large numbers of its inhabitants into lifeless objects. The group has also arrested Princess Peach for using against Mario. As Mario, you must cross the eight universes to spare the princess and free the world from evil, you can download the Super Mario game directly from our site here.

Information about the game Super Mario

Before downloading the Super Mario game, learn about the exciting and wonderful game. The goal of Mario Forever is equivalent to Super Mario Bros: you must race through the mushroom kingdom, endure the assaults of Bowser's colleagues, and save Princess Peach. On the way, you must collect coins, break blocks, and collect exceptional abilities. Unique abilities come in the form of Super Mushroom. This is a mission in expanding Mario's life and ability. Once eaten, Mario will double in size and give you the advantage to move around on stage with ease.

Download the game Super Mario for the computer

As a Mario download Super Mario game for PC, you must conquer the Goombas and Koopa Troopas that surround you. The catch is that Mario can bounce. This means you can jump over your opponents or hit the block they are sitting on until they drop. An efficient way to get many enemies without delaying for a moment is to jump on Koopa Troopa. It will retract into its shell and can be pushed to strike various enemies. Another procedure that you can use is to apply a fire flower capacity. This is an uncommon skill that appears from coastal chests.

Download the Super Mario game for the computer with a direct link

Whenever you get it, you can send fireballs towards your opponents. You must use all of Mario's abilities to pass the game's eight universes. The eighth and final world is where the King Bowser and Princess Peach are found. It is necessary to know this because it has put in place fake buggies all over the world. If both are original, then it can be defeated by jumping over them and going behind the grudges towards the end of the scaffold.

Mario Forever's outdoor presentation doesn't come a long way since the first game, but new features have been added to improve the gaming experience. The first is Mario's new abilities. The capacity of the cabbage allows him to run faster and jump higher while the strength of the beetroot allows him to throw a rootstock towards his opponents. Another is the additional universes.

Download the Super Mario game for PC !!

When you download Super Mario for PC, one of the levels that will surprise Super Mario Bros players is the Tank Army level. It's a tough level with the Bowser and several tanks on your way near the Venus Fire Trap firing fireballs at you. The different levels highlight clones and an endless line of Goombas and Koopa Troopas.

Download a fun copy of Super Mario Bros

While Mario Forever may not be an authority Nintendo game, the game mechanics and most notably are close to that of the early Super Mario games. Styles and profile come out more smoothly yet keep trying. This is a game suitable for a couple of fanatics in the establishment and for new players as its controls are not difficult to follow.


To download the Super Mario game for the computer: click here