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How your channel appears in YouTube search results and boost its discoverability on YouTube


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How your channel appears in YouTube search results and boost its discoverability on YouTube

How YouTube Works - Welcome to our tutorial series on How YouTube's Search and Discovery System Works. Focus on that understanding how to find videos really helps your channel succeed, let's start by explaining the algorithm.

YouTube is a widespread site that uploads hundreds of hours of videos to it every minute and it is impossible for any group of people to be able to watch all of these videos, so we rely on an advanced algorithm to suggest the appropriate videos for each viewer that will enjoy their viewers. The algorithm provides a real-time comment report to choose the videos according to For the different interests of each viewer, the algorithm aims to suggest the appropriate video for each viewer at the appropriate time in all of the world, and its work is based on data. The number of comments and we look at what they saw and what each user did not see in the past, and the time spent watching.

There are two primary goals of the algorithm in YouTube:

  1. Help each viewer find the videos they want to watch.
  2.    And encourage users to watch more videos that they like.

You might be wondering, "How do I get the algorithm to suggest my channel's videos?"

The answer is simple, you must encourage the audience to like the videos, as the algorithm depends on the audience. If people like your channel’s content, the algorithm will suggest it to others, but where will the viewers find these videos? In the following sections we will introduce you to the six main places where videos are usually found, and we will start with the YouTube search system Do you know how it works?

How the YouTube search system works

Relying on the audience can be a challenge given that 400 minutes of videos are uploaded every minute. YouTube's suggestion systems provide a real-time feedback report to tailor the suggestions to each viewer and their different interests. These systems draw on more than 80 billion bits of audience feedback every day to understand how to suggest the right videos to every viewer at the right time. We strive to encourage users to watch more videos they like and to visit YouTube on a regular basis.


Creators often wonder what types of videos the algorithm prefers. In fact, our systems are not affected by the type of video you create, nor do you prefer any specific format. It tries to rely on the audience by paying attention to details such as:

  •        The videos they watch
  •        Videos they don't watch
  •        The time they spend watching videos
  •        Liked and disliked videos

Comments expressing disinterest

Instead of thinking about what the algorithm likes, focus on what your audience likes. If you become aware of your users 'interests and are successful in getting them to watch, the algorithm will follow your viewers' interest in the video that you uploaded and rely on them. So what videos do your viewers enjoy the most to watch? How often do they watch your channel? You can review YouTube Analytics to answer these questions.

Why don't the channels grow small specifically?

 The algorithm likes videos that are actually getting views, likes, and comments. He loves creative people who already have fan bases. For example, I'm totally fine, the algorithm sometimes pushes my videos out, but kids with 500 subscribers do great content? I will never see it. There is a big reason that fewer and smaller channels are getting recognition compared to five years ago. Maybe you can make a caring video about that.


Whether you embody your passion in videos or create them as part of a business, YouTube seeks to give every video the opportunity to reach its potential audience. However, he understands that you may feel confused about how to use YouTube's many features. Keep following our lessons to learn about the six essential places in which your uploaded videos appear, and learn the steps you can take to boost your chances of success: search, recommended videos, home page, indicators, subscriptions, and notifications, and it should be noted that these places are mentioned without following a specific order.