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Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update

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New Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update!

This quick explanation about the new Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 update leaks! Includes COD Mobile Zombies, Warzone, and more Call of Duty Mobile Battle Cards for season 11. With the new Call of duty Mobile Season 11 update, we can expect a massive annual update for the COD Mobile 1 year birthday update. The new COD Mobile Season 11 update will contain a new COD Mobile Battle Pass for Season 11. More Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 will be updated.

New update Call of duty mobile Season 11 on mobile, First Anniversary Update If you are excited about a major update that will happen in another two days ’time, a new Call of duty mobile Season 11 update or the first Anniversary update, this will be the biggest update we have seen on Launching in cod mobile with only few days left.

 Now it's the first anniversary we've been encountering COD mobile for over a year now which is totally crazy and activation and phishing mobile developers won't be disappointed that they're already planning to fix a huge update that they've been teasing them for the past two months now regarding this October update, so it won't be surprised. This is of course the size of the update for Call of duty mobile Season 11 that it will be, frankly, I am expecting some cool things.

Call of duty mobile Season 11 updates on mobile

I'm going to start discussing some of the leaks we've already seen and hopefully at the end of this explanation you'll learn a thing or two about what will happen with the new update in Call of duty mobile Season 11 on mobile, so anyway, though, I start right away with the biggest bomb in this. Update and this of course is an overhaul of the big battle royale, he told Danny Intel to actually collect this awesome info but basically there was some post a couple of days ago regarding the overhaul of the cod mobile battle royale they posted, this was totally insane looking at our original game for a year One and knowing how it has grown too, you should have a lot to love in this new update in Call of Duty mobile Season 11 on mobile, where it gets very exciting because it is clear that there will be a comprehensive repair of a war zone or a war zone for mobile that will be released and this type It makes perfect sense.

So if you were unaware Activision posted a job like job description for people looking for a new job to be filled upon activation and this of course is to be like a vice president or be in charge of a war zone mobile phone but then of course this was leaked, it was posted and then Removed it, so either they took the job the next day or so or saw that it sounded so bad it's clearly a dead giveaway that they are going to make a war zone immobile and it's a clear indication that it really is going to happen to the ally with them, which makes this post talk about an overhaul. And it is literally said in this thing if you are a fan of br, you must have a lot to love in this next update so with what is said with the job description posted in addition to this.

I mean, obviously we're going to get something huge to fight Royale but that's not all we're going to get of course on this first anniversary, so this trailer was released with a one-year anniversary, if you guys don't see it now, you guys know that clearly, but Honestly I think I know a lot of people speculating that this trailer will be alcatraz that alcatraz will be launched on mobile phone fools by the way, this is again from danny intel but basically if you don't know they posted like a promotional video and they love doing these things to get excited about what It's going to happen exactly what's going to happen on mobile in the future, and it's obvious that this kind of looks like an island with water that kind of looks like an umbrella in the water there and that's like of course what a lot of people think is that the Alcatraz map was alcatraz in Black Ops 4 and it was a battle royale. Like the extensive rail map for small battle and honestly I thought it was very fun at a very fast pace of course so, if this is the overhaul and they will submit the Alcatraz map to COD mobile and there have been a lot of leaks in the past. Somehow of the statement that it will ultimately be kind of like prison or Alcatraz in the future of Mobile Code, so it makes perfect sense why they would be like showing this trailer or this little teaser for this map, so anyway with that said, it would make sense why They release a brand new Alcatraz map but then it would also make sense if they were to fix the entire battle royale experience so that people not only come for the new map, they would come for a brand new experience that would align more closely with war zones.

And there are also some pictures that people were thinking about like ghost glasses, glasses would be pictures of Alcatraz, my opinion they are not lined up properly I was trying to search through a bunch of different pictures of Alcatraz I couldn't find uh like windows or what kind of building that matches that might be This is kind of a scratch, I'm not quite sure but a lot of people have explained that this looks like a big giveaway for the entire Alcatraz map as well but I can't confirm or deny it of course. I know it might be interesting to know what kind of building it is and then of course you already know that they have posted a big spoiler to face the map on Halloween.

The Halloween character in Call of duty mobile Season 11 update on the mobile phone

 So again I don't know why people think this looks like the only big change in this update, but this map has been in the game for about a year, so it's great that they'll bring it back but I mean this is a very little effort Be like the only big change, so I expect more Big changes too, there is also some discussion that there will be more Halloween-themed things so that doesn't surprise me either but according to the nobility of the Noble Code themselves, the big focus will not only be on the Halloween theme, it will be something bigger to celebrate the anniversary event. The first one, so I suppose we might get some free skin tones, some free clothes, a free camo, and all these fun stuff that would be pretty cool, but I'm expecting a lot more cool too especially also with a battle royale, but anyway, if you're not You guys know, they also posted some interesting stuff also anime skins, we're monsters, so maybe more is coming, then someone already posted too, do we have ghost in ah season so it looks like Halloween is coming, so it looks like it's T is suitable for a ghost, so I mean again that this basically confirms that we will see a ghost again in some variants, I don't know if the first season will be a ghost uh I mean I hope you are.

 Maybe you guys picked up ghost skin from Season 1 but I'm assuming we'll get a different kind of ghost um in a new update Call of Duty mobile Season 11 on mobile as well, so that's very exciting but let me know what your opinions do you guys think we are We should have another ghost skin update but of course there is a big secret in this update that a lot of you are also wondering including me zombie so they already know that zombies have been removed, but in the actual trailer, there is a little bit of the clip where it is actually cut And it looks like there are zombies in the trailer for Season 1 Anniversary or Season Anniversary Update actually that confuses a lot of people who did kind of mean that they're like zombies they've finished removing it.

Here, I hope that a new update on Call of duty mobile Season 11 on the mobile phone will be the best for the community, but in any case, you are told I think that it will be a great update regardless of the presence of some other leaks, I hope you enjoyed this quick explanation and stay tuned because this update New to Seriously Happening Will Happen In my personal opinion I think it will be bigger than Season 9, Gunsmith will completely change to battle royale as well as some other new features in the game and I can't wait for that anyway, take it easy.