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Download lockIO app for Android to protect your phone from theft


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Download lockIO app for Android to protect your phone from theft

Download the lockIO application - a very important secret in the power button on the phone and lies through the lockIO application, this is what is useful for you a lot in your daily life and you will regret it very much, really I am talking seriously !! Because this secret will benefit you very much in your life and you will regret it if you do not know it, what is this secret and what is its relationship to downloading the lockIO application on your Android phone? What is this very important thing that lockIO will be useful to us in? This is what we will discover in this tutorial and you will understand everything.

In this explanation, we will discover a very important secret, which is an essential service in any Android phone in the play button and its relationship to the lockIO application that no Arab has ever talked about this matter, and we will learn about it through this explanation.

How to know the location of your phone after it was stolen

When your phone is stolen by anyone, the first thing that the thief does is that he tries to turn off the phone with a long click on the power button and then click on "power off" and so he may turn off the phone if he is unable to remove the battery, and he will put The phone was closed in its pocket, thus the trace of the phone disappeared and you will be difficult to obtain the phone.

Download the lockIO app to prevent your phone from being stolen

What if I told you that there is a very simple application and you will find a link to download the lockIO application at the bottom of the explanation, but after activating this password and obtaining this possibility, I will explain how to add it now.

When using the lockIO app !!!

When the thief gets to your phone, he will click on the power button in order to turn off the phone. This lock will appear directly to him as in the picture below and he will never be able to skip it, and you will then be able to know the location of the phone.

How to use lockIO to prevent your phone from being stolen?

Based on a very simple application, which is lockIO, you will find a download link below the explanation, when entering it for the first time you specify the language you want and then add the lock to the operation button, you can activate the lock form either with a pattern, a PIN number, an alphanumeric or a fingerprint, You will choose the method that suits you, for example if you choose a pattern then it enters you on the next step and it asks you a question and you have to save this answer to reset the secret code in case you forgot the pattern or password format when closing the phone, then after that you activate the application and then you Clicking on "Go" then exit from the application.

Download the lockIO application for Android the latest version with a direct link

You can download the lockIO application with a direct link from various download stores, the most famous of which is Google Play, for free, without paying any money.

Should lockIO be downloaded?

We strongly advise you to download lockIO software to prevent your phone from being stolen and to know where your phone is after theft. Thus, when the thief tries to close the phone, the pattern lock that you set through the application will appear and it will still appear, and during this period you can locate your phone.

This was all about knowing a very important secret of the secrets of the operation button on the Android phone, and this matter is useful to us in an important way in our life and is very necessary and essential for you to know and to have it in your phone.