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Download Secret Neighbor game for PC and Android latest version


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Download Secret Neighbor game for PC and Android latest version

Secret Neighbor is an disturbing multiplayer horror game with a unique fear-inducing art style, in which a group of kids try to rescue their friend from a neighbor's basement and identify a fraudster. the problem? One of your nagging companions will be in disguise. The proposal is part of an already prolific saga, and to be precise, it sets its activity between the events of the first two shipments of Hello Neighbor. He downloads the Secret Neighbor game with a direct link from here.

Information about Secret Neighbor game

Secret Neighbor is a social multiplayer horror game in which a group of kids try to rescue their friend from a neighbor's basement and identify a fraudster. You can download Secret Neighbor game for Android and PC and it is available on various platforms and supports up to six players in the Hello Neighbor universe.


Hologryph has joined forces with Pixel Dynamics and tinyBuild in developing this game. Secret Neighbor download free is an asymmetric multiplayer game, Secret Neighbor is packed with lots of fun gameplay a little bit from the "asymmetric game" that was popular a few years ago, and here it translates into the classic Cops and Thieves that we all played as kids, but with a bad game . Uncle who catches children who will not be seen again. Neighboring things are their habits and must be respected .. Most of the time you will spend your time as one of five members in the group trying to overcome the impostor between the two of you. You can use your special abilities like speed up your movement like a Brave or have an extra storage space like a Bagger.


Secret Neighbor game There are five main players in the round and one neighbor. This makes the game ideal for playing with small groups of friends, but you can join online sessions and possibly make new friends or enemies.


In Secret Neighbor, the neighbor has various tools at his disposal as he chases the other players. While playing this character, you can place bear traps, throw smoke grenades, access a hidden control room, and much more.


In Secret Neighbor the title looks frightening and disturbing due to its attractive environment. This makes the social horror atmosphere intense as the sounds around you and strange graphics begin to doubt other players and your safety.


However, social horror games are incredibly frequent, and Secret Neighbor is as well. There is no random mode, quickly finding your way to the basement while increasing the speed every time you play.


Secret Neighbor Waiting for how this title can grow, we have multiplayer game with simple proposition, fast learning, and games subject to all kinds of actions and variants. Still, its content and game modes are still limited, it can generate hours and hours of laughter, camaraderie, distrust and weeds, looking frowning at that glass boy who keeps following us ... or be it we who bring back a smile to that girl with pigtails, to fall On her, when she's absent-minded, checking out the drawers.

Secret Neighbor escape game features

  1. Speaking of the audiovisual section, I would also like to summarize it for simplicity and effectiveness. The graphics have a cartoonish and colorful look with rough skating and a bad feel to bring us into the game, but the technical part presents improvement and stability issues.
  2. The voice sounds more accomplished to me, especially in the environmental section, with all kinds of sounds heightening the discomfort and touching our nerve. Of course, the neighbor's appearances are resolved by music and effects on altitude, giving him that necessary dimension to the invincible beast that the game demands. As a special note, the introductory melody is one that beeps every two or three minutes. Not many topics, but they are very successful. Secret Neighbor download the free link above!
  3.   You unlock aesthetics to customize your characters but it's not a strong enough rule to stick with. The thing is the rule is so interesting and straightforward that we can be totally addicted for hours and hours enjoying the tremendous tension and satisfaction of being on both sides, but the officials are small teams and months after its launch, the game lacks more content and expansions that generate more incentives and possibilities. .

Should you download Secret Neighbor game?

Yeah. If you are looking for a fun horror game to play with others online, this is a great game to download.

Where can you play and download Secret Neighbor game?

You can download Secret Neighbor Free Neighbor Escape game for PC and mobile devices. Secret Neighbor is available for Windows 7, Windows 7 and later versions, and it has a mobile version for mobile devices.

Secret Neighbor is an excellent social multiplayer horror game that can be played online.

Download Secret Neighbor game

Secret Neighbor download is a very interesting base game, but it lacks more content and weight to be a great game, but it is enjoyed equally, especially when playing with friends.

Secret Neighbor game download on PC: click here

To download the Secret Neighbor game for Android: click here