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Free Download Microsoft Family Safety for PC and Android


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Free Download Microsoft Family Safety for PC and Android

Download Microsoft Family Safety - The Family Safety app is a free app developed by Windows as a way for parents to find the right balance in protecting their children from harmful content on the web. The app is a multi-platform service that you can use with your Microsoft account. We recommend that you download Microsoft Family Safety.

Microsoft Family Safety Brief

In the Microsoft Family Safety app, parents can not only manage kids' screen time, but they can also see what their kids are seeing on screen. Not only that, the screen time limit can be extended according to your application. It has a set time of 15 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours. It has a GPS location tracker with which you can also track the family. The company says that this app also provides data management facilities. You can downloadMicrosoft Family Safety software for free from various download platforms.

Introducing Microsoft Family Safety, a simple way to protect the things that matter most. With features like content, screen time control, live location tracking and more, Family Safety gives you the tools to build healthy digital habits with your kids. Download Microsoft Family Safety with a direct link from our website.

Advantages of Microsoft Family Safety

  1.  This Microsoft app provides powerful features in empowering everyone on the planet to achieve more, and that includes children and their families. We know families have a lot of things to worry about these days, including technology.
  2.  Microsoft Family Safety helps families find the right balance of screen time and develop healthy digital habits. Using the app, I get a summary of my kids' online activities on Windows, Xbox and Android devices.
  3.  It includes the apps and games they used, the websites they visited, and the terms they searched for.
  4.  The transparency it provides to you and your children facilitates dialogue so we can talk about usage online.
  5.  In recent times, when you notice that your children spend a lot of time playing a game, you can, through Microsoft Family Safety, set a game limit to be one hour per day and after school hours.
  6.  Family Safety also provides a safe place for children to explore online. With the age rating settings, I feel very comfortable that my kids will only be able to access age-appropriate apps and games.
  7. Enables you to use web filters to block adult content on Microsoft Edge. These settings enable your kids to have fun and do more online.
  8. You can download the Microsoft Family Safety app for free without paying any money.
  9.  It also gives you peace of mind knowing that your children are always protected.
  10. You can use the Family Safety app to share your location with each other. Location sharing features are available on both iOS and Android. Parents and children can manage these settings and receive notifications.
  11. Children can be protected with screen time and content filters across Xbox, Windows and Android devices. After installing the app, you will be prompted to create a family group or log in if you already have one. You can invite your family members and then follow the setup screens to review the required permissions for some features.

Where do you run the Microsoft Family Safety program?

Microsoft Family Safety can run on Android devices, but the operating system required varies by device.

Download Microsoft Family Safety for PC and Android?

Yes, if you need a family web protection program, this is a great option. Family Safety is not about control, but it promotes the importance of balance in a digital world where barriers can help keep my child safer and build healthy digital habits.

Download Microsoft Family Safety latest version 2020

But we also believe that the safe and responsible use of technology is essential for every child and adult to achieve their goals and dreams. We've been working on family safety features for a while across Xbox and Windows, including a website where you can manage your options. Today, we're excited to introduce Microsoft Family Safety, a new app on iOS and Android that helps you protect your family across the digital and real world.

Many of us have been spending a lot of time at home lately. Knowing that our loved ones are safe while out and about is even more important now. We designed the Family Safety mobile app to be easy to set up, work across multiple devices, and can be customized, making it easy for families to adjust settings according to the needs of their individual families and children. As a parent, I see this as a tool to guide me in helping my child become responsible and knowledgeable.

Download Microsoft Family Safety with direct link

Family Safety is not about control, but it promotes the importance of balance in a digital world where barriers of protection can help keep my child safer and build healthy digital habits. We know activity and location sharing is very private and sensitive data, especially when kids are sharing, and we have in-app controls to prevent abuse. Microsoft is strongly committed to the security of your data and your privacy. We want your data to be available to you so that you can use it in a way that helps you in your family life. Our simple tools are here to help you view, manage and delete your data at any time. It is your data and you are in control of it. >> With the app, we hope to help families have more peace of mind. If you have any comments or suggestions,

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