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How to change the name in the Truecaller

How to change the name in the Truecaller

How to change the name in the Truecaller

The Truecaller program is one of the internationally known programs as it works to help the user know the identity of the caller, know the incoming unknown calls and block unwanted calls, as it provides a large number of tools that help the user to identify the caller numbers and now the program is free and has a large number of data. The best guide for mobile phones as it makes you avoid the pitfalls and this program is used by a large number of mobile phone users as this program was on a website on the Internet and after more than 10,000 downloads became available on the Google Play Store, as the number of program recipients from the Google Play Store reached Over 100,000,000 downloads.

How to download Truecaller on your Android phone

 You can get the program through the Google Play Store easily. To obtain the program, follow these steps:

1.       Search for the program name Truecaller in the search engine to be able to find it, or you can search the Google Play Store on the phone.
2.     Then click the "Download" button to start the download to your phone.
3.    After clicking on the download option, a menu will appear for you to obtain permission to access the contact list, your messages, etc. so that the program can work in the correct way, so that you can press accept to start the download on your phone.
4.     After pressing Accept, you can wait a while for the download to complete. After that, you can start using the program and enjoy all the features inside the app.

How to register a name in Truecaller:

 After managing to download Truecaller from Google Play Store, you can simply register for the program by following these steps: -
1.       Choose the country you live in, then type in the phone number you want to register
2.     After performing the previous steps, the program will send a text message containing a code composed of several numbers, or the program will call you to confirm the number
3.    After confirming your number that you have registered in the program, you will be able to easily register in the program via your e-mail or e-mail. You will write your first name and then your last name or your last name. After that, write your email to complete the registration process
4.     There is also another way through which you can register in the program is through your own account on the social networking site (Facebook) or Google account, and the choice is easier for you.

 How to change the registered name on Truecaller:

 If you registered your name incorrectly or want to change your name on Truecaller, you can follow these steps:
 1) Run the program on your phone.
2) With the program window open, click on the three-line icon at the top of the screen.
3) After clicking on the three lines icon, a menu with several options will appear.
4) Select Edit Profile from the menu that appears on the screen.
5) Change your name from the window that appears after clicking on the option to edit the profile.
6) It takes you after the time, up to 24 hours, then the modification ends and displays your name correctly.

 How to use Truecaller app:

 The program works to take advantage of the large group of data obtained by the users of the program, which increases daily to know the identity of unknown numbers by those who install the program, so the program collects information and data on their phones after taking permission from them to allow the program to access the private data on its devices. This method occurs with all users of the program, and the program runs Fares Lab for the contact list, and numbers are installed in the names in several ways

·       The first method is to register the number with the registered name of the largest number of phones.

·       The second method is to register the number with the name registered with the people most trusted in the program, and the method for identifying people who have high confidence in the program is unknown until this time.
·       The third way is to register the number according to his account on social media. The program searches social networking sites and takes the name of the owner of the number through them.
·       The fourth and final method is to register the number through your personal Truecaller account. If you are a user of the program and have installed it on your phone, created an account with it and registered your data, the program will take it until it gets another, more reliable source of the program. A large number of features, most notably:
It is a completely free program that is used to find out the names of callers, especially the numbers that are not registered in the contact list, and it can search for any name and any number through it and you can block annoying numbers and unwanted numbers. It is possible to make calls directly through a program and find out if the number that you can call with it. He can speak to you at this time or not and offers more than 30 languages ​​from different countries especially Arabic and English.

 Disadvantages of Truecaller TrueCaller

 Although Truecaller has many features, there are flaws in the program, most notably:

  •  The numbers that receive a call from a specific number can know the name of the caller through the phones of the users of the program, because among the features of the program when installing is allowing access to contacts, messages and others. Anyone you call and your number not registered should know your name and identity if they also have the software.
  •  This does not mean that the program is not useful, but in exchange for the advantage of avoiding negative events, the user is forced to lose a little of his privacy and show his identity.

Most frequently asked questions about a photo explanation of how to change the name in Truecaller

The Truecaller application is considered one of the best applications used to reveal the name of the caller, as this application has gained great popularity among mobile phone users, despite the spread of many questions about this application in the recent period, and we will answer some of them in the following lines:

1. How do I use the Truecaller app?

·       The program obtains large numbers of data through the program’s users, and these numbers are increasing every day in order to know who is calling them, especially with the large number of unknown numbers.
·       The program begins by restricting this data inside users' phones, through a set of permissions that it obtains before entering this data.
·       The program enters the list of names registered on the phone, then takes a copy of it in several ways:
1.       The first method: Save the number with the name registered in most cell phones.
2.     The second method: is to save the number with the name that was registered with trusted users of the program, and the choice of these people depends on a method that has not been revealed yet.
3.    The third method: registering the number with the name that the owner of the number registered on social media platforms, as one of the specializations of the program also is to access these files and search for the names of the owners of the numbers.
4.     Fourth method: is to save the number based on the data entered on the person's account inside the Truecaller app. By entering the application and creating an account on it, the application takes a copy of it, as it is the most appropriate and reliable method.

2. Is showing identity through Truecaller a breach of privacy?

·       Although the app requested permission after the permissions, it was considered a breach of privacy due to showing the person's unregistered numbers, because this program shows their identity instantly.
·       However, this does not mean that the program is unimportant because in exchange for showing the identity of people it also prevents negative reactions, and this is worth compromising some privacy.

3. Does Truecaller accurately identify the name of a non-registered caller number?

·       Unfortunately, this is not done accurately, because the display name is the name that was registered on the user's phone or the name that the user registered himself
·       One number can be registered with more than one name, and its appearance is linked to the first name, and then it was registered or entered.
·       Besides that the application allows the user to modify the name, this name is not specified precisely.

4. Can I decide who can track my status on Truecaller?

·       In fact, a user can do this by entering the Truecaller settings, and by going to the option that can see my Truecaller profile they can set it by enabling or disabling,
·       Enable this feature through which the rest of the users will be able to see the user's status. If he is busy, this means that he is making a call, and even if he installs the phone in silent mode, other users will also be able to know that, but when you press the word cancel, this will prevent this with this user, the rest of the users can see his status no matter what.

5. Is it safe to download the Truecaller mobile app?

·       In fact, this app is safe to use and does not cause any malware or viruses to install on the device.
·       Besides, it does not affect the performance and quality of the device at all.