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How to use Google Classroom for Android and iPhone


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How to use Google Classroom for Android and iPhone

Google Classroom! In this lesson, I'll show you how to use Google Classroom to create virtual classrooms from scratch, as the Google Classroom app allows teachers and students to create and attend classes by default.

Download Google Classroom for Android and iPhone

Download Google Classroom! The Classroom app is available on desktop, iOS and Android devices. Where you can download Classroom from various download platforms for free without paying any money.

How to use Classroom app

Are you ready to start using Google Classroom for teaching online? Maybe you are looking for a place to share work or assign work. Google Classroom is ideal for sharing and receiving files from students, with G Suite and G Suite for Education. All you need to know about Google Classroom in this tutorial!

The classroom is linked to a Google account, so any changes to either device will be saved and used on the desktop versions of Google Classroom or the Google Classroom app.

A brief overview of Google Classroom or Classroom app

I made it easy to give you all a tutorial on how to get started with Google Classroom along with giving you all the tips and ways to use it, along with teaching you if you have not done so before.

I heard about the Google Classroom program, it is a file service that allows you to share files and create great assignments and assignments to communicate with your students in an paperless way, and the good news in Google Classroom is completely free.

Classroom application is an application for mobile devices on iPhone and Android and it is also available on desktop devices using a computer, but our focus in this explanation will be on how to use Google Classroom on Android and iPhone, so I will show you from the teacher's perspective how to create multiple classrooms and how Create assignments, how to create tests, and everything you need to know about the Google classroom app.

How to use Google Classroom for Android and iPhone

Let's jump to the phone and search for the Google classroom app in the format of your iOS iPhone or Android device, and Google Classroom has already got a lot better rating in Android, because Google has Android and they have the Google classroom app, but it works fine. On the iPhone it is pretty much identical on both platforms as far as its functionality is concerned.

Steps to use the Classroom app for Android and iPhone

1. We press open on Classroom app.

2. Then you have to press start.

3. Then it will take me to this. Select an account. Now you have to choose a Google account. Therefore, if you do not have a Google account, meaning that you do not have Gmail, you must first create your own Gmail account.

4. Suppose you then enter the Classroom program or application. Now if you are a teacher or a student what you want to do is click on the plus sign, and if you are a student you will click Join the Class and you will be asked for the class code that should have been provided. Your teacher for you.

5. As a teacher, just create a class from scratch. He will tell you that your school has to sign up for a G Suite account here for education before you can use it, so if you did and your school really did this the only thing you need to put in is the class name.

6. So let's say that I can write the geography in the name of the class and I can keep the rest blank and you can always go back to this page and put additional information. It has well-known words like science or mathematics and it chooses a background for you, so it has chosen a wallpaper file for you in this case.

 And this app is basically the same as the Google classroom website where you have three main sections. You have a stream in the bottom chapter in the center and the people at the bottom. It's basically a Facebook wall file like a social media wall. You can go ahead and share any of this information with your class, until You can say hello to the class and post it on your head and you will see the plane icon if you click on it you will post it to the stream etc.

7. Then students will be able to what I said here when they joined this class and you can always click on the three points and edit the post, and before doing that make sure that all students can see it or if you are other students each student will have a mark under it and so on .. You will edit it And only show it to specific students and if you have multiple classes they will also appear so you can be sure it only has the things in common on that wall.

8. Then you have the action icon in the classroom, and this is where most things are and when you press the plus sign you can add tasks and you can add material questions or you can reuse previous posts that you have, and you can also click on the topic and rest.

That was all about how to use Google Classroom! Create virtual classrooms from scratch, Google Classroom allows teachers and students to create and attend classes by default.

Download Google Classroom for Android: Click here

To download Google Classroom for the computer: Click here