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Secrets and Blades Game Pubg Mobile Computer

Secrets and Blades Game Pubg Mobile Computer

Secrets and Blades Game Pubg Mobile Computer

The most important secrets of the PUBG 2020 mobile game for computer and mobile in detail

PUBG is one of the most important games on the scene now, as the PUBG game has recently spread widely and well, and is considered one of the most used games by those interested in games of excitement and action, and it is suitable for all age groups, and the PUBG game is a map that contains a hundred people, then you By choosing where you want to land from the plane, collecting weapons and ammunition, and you can also collect clothes, helmets and a bulletproof shirt, to meet and fight with many players, but be careful that your goal throughout the match is to survive, they are alive, and your goal is not to get a large number Of the people you kill, like some people who play, think of the game, and to download PUBG just go to the link under the topic.

The goal of the PUBG Mobile game for computer and mobile 2020: -

Secrets of the game PUBG Mobile for the computer

In order to win this game, you must use a special strategy so that you can get tournaments and winnings, as many people compete in tournaments and the level, and among the strategies are not to face the enemies and hide in the middle of the circle, in one of the boats or in one of the houses that are not there . People or competitors, all you have to do is wait for the competing people to kill each other, but in this way you may not feel any kind of fun and excitement inside the game, the fun and excitement lies in facing the enemies and killing them and focusing during the game and always being careful not to harm you and focus on killing many Of people and kill the largest possible number

The 8 most important PUBG tips, secrets, and puzzles, and the best tricks used in the game

1.       One of the most important things that help you run faster is putting everything you carry behind your back and not carrying any weapons while running because it reduces your speed, so put rifles, machine guns and all killing tools behind your back and get ready. For running, but some people think that when you take off the shoes it helps to run faster, but this is not the truth, as your speed while wearing shoes is the same as your speed while you are without shoes, but the only thing that can benefit from taking off your shoes is to reduce the sound of your movement while running because when Wearing the shoe makes a louder sound than when it is not present, which helps the enemy to discover your place at all easily and is considered one. One of the most important secrets of the game PUBG .

2.     One of the important things that help you to hide are the trees inside the game, there are many short and dense trees that you can hide in, and it is easy for you to do this if you wear clothes with a color very close to the color of the tree, and you do not wear white clothes or any light color that reveals From your place, just hide and wait and do not move until an enemy approaches you, spotted her, threw weapons at her and killed her, and there are some big ones. Trees through which you can jump and hide at the top, by jumping on one of the houses near the school and directing yourself towards the tree that you want to hide at the top and then moving at high speed over the building and jumping over the tree and in this place it is impossible for any of the enemies to monitor your place and the second way is to ride The car and head to one of the trees and then jump over the walkway to stop it near the tree and jump again on the tree that you want to hide above, this is one of the most important things and dangerous tricks used in the game.
3.    One of the most important secrets of the game of PUBG for the computer and mobile phone "iPhone and Android" which is the eye on the screen through which you can see everyone around you and walk in your direction without stopping or changing your path, and you can take advantage of this eye in the event you are in an open place, so it is necessary to wait All places around you so that you will not be caught and fall as a victim, and you can also use it while descending from the plane to discover who landed with you in the same place, and all this can be done by pressing the eye on the screen and moving it in the direction you want to discover and see everything there are people and others .
4.     One of the tricks of the game PUBG is to use smoke bombs in emergency situations and when there is a whole team or any of the enemies who are difficult to control and kill them, these bombs will help you to block their vision from them. I do not see you, so you run in the opposite direction until you do not discover and kill you. Face them through your strategy to kill the enemies. You can also after the smoke bomb has thrown the test and throw the bomb which explodes on them to get rid of it.
5.     If you want to cross from one area to another and it is necessary to cross one of the bridges within the game, you must be very careful not to cross the bridge, because the runner may be waiting for you to chase you as a prey and kill you without realizing it, and to avoid this, cross by swimming through The river is below the bridge, or crossed by boat away from the bridge to avoid being discovered.
6.     The use of headphones is one of the most important tricks with which you can monitor potential people around you, when using headphones this helps you a lot in knowing the whereabouts of the enemies in a very large percentage, through which you can challenge the sounds of bullets near you, and if you are inside a house and want someone who faces you, people This will make it easier for you to know if he is climbing stairs or to locate him if he is wearing shoes.
7.    One of the most important tips in the game PUBG is to move a lot and be unstable in one place, so that no one who is chasing you is targeted to try to snipe you and achieve his goal and eliminate you, move quickly and do not stand in one place and use your own strategy in the face of enemies and light them and do not be a coward to achieve a large number Of the victims, so that you feel fun and excitement while playing.
8.    Do not walk in a straight line while you walk, walk left and right and jump while running, because you are not spotted and targeted by one of the players who are waiting for your stability in a straight line to shoot you, so walk on a zigzag line so that it is difficult to target you, stand and sit if you are still somewhere For a necessity such as saving your health, or walking sluggishly if you are walking or running towards a specific place.

The most important common questions about the most important secrets of the PUBG 2020 mobile game

The game is considered one of the action games category, where the user can enter into many adventures, and even battles, when practicing, this game has gained great popularity among mobile phone users, as well as computer users, due to the excitement and excitement factors that enjoy it despite many questions recently asked And we will try to answer them in the following lines:

1. What is PUBG and what does it include?

·       PUBG is considered one of the action games category, it is characterized by suspense and adventure, and the user feels when playing it that he does not want to stop playing it.
·       PUBG game contains many characters, in addition to different types of weapons, and the user faces many adventures that are unique to these specifications.
·       The game has many visual and sound effects that make the player more excited.
·       PUBG has won the admiration of many users in all countries of the world, with nearly five million users downloading the game.
·       The game contains a lot of languages, it supports the Hindi language, the Spanish language, the Turkish language, and the Japanese language to attract a lot of users.
·       PUBG is an easy and simple game that the user can control without any experience.

2. What distinguishes the game of PUBG from the rest of the games that can be downloaded on the computer and mobile?

·       The game is characterized by its average size, which is around 2.4 GB, which makes it light on different devices and easy to download.
·       The interface of the game is simple and attractive.
·       PUBG has 3D graphics, but it also does not have animation, which makes the user feel excited and excited after playing.
·       Peggy is the best action game in the world.
·       The game contains many locations and maps, many distinct weapons, and a lot of characters, and the game is characterized by graphics of a different nature and attraction.
·       The user can control the game in an easy and accessible way, when moving from one stage to another, due to the possibility of group play, which increases the spirit of participation.

3. What is the way to control PUBG via phone or computer?

·       If the user wants to run in the game at breakneck speed, he must first place the weapon on the ground away from the character in the game.
·       If the in-game user wants to put the fuel inside the car, he must first make sure that it is not running.
·       The user in the game can dive and swim.
·       Through the game, the user can use the chat option to communicate with other users within the game.
·       If during gameplay the user shoots at a target, and a red flag appears, that means there is a problem, an obstacle, or anything that is standing at a barrier.
·       The game contains a lot of weapons and the player can change the type and strength of the bullet and even the number of bullets.

4. What are the most important maps in PUBG?

·       Erangle map: This map is representative of Russia, and it is the original map of the game, there are a few buildings, and the user must move between them, use the car, and the fluctuations of the weather, as the player sometimes cannot see them. Things are clear, and thus change the playing systems, until the game level improves
·       Miramar map: a map of the state of Mexico and the state of the United States of America, called the map of the symbol in the country of Central America, and this map contains many buildings and residential areas, and contains many different terrains and terrain. Metal walls, this map is a great place to play.