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Top phone to play Call of Duty Mobile COD


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Top phone to play Call of Duty Mobile COD

This guide is about the best Call of Duty Mobile phone. Lots of people ask what is the best phone to play Call of Duty Mobile or other mobile games? Sony Xperia 1 II is the best phone for Call of Duty Mobile!

Welcome to a new explanation of the best mobile phone to play Call of Duty Mobile game, we have something very crazy today, today I show you the best phone now to run Call of duty mobile.

Best Phone for Call of Duty Mobile

 The best call of duty mobile phone which is of course the Xperia One Mark II so Xperia is actually the official smartphone for the 2020 Call of Duty Mobile World Championship. You might be wondering exactly why I think this is the best phone to play Call of Duty Mobile COD There is a lot of explanation and a lot of different features that this phone has that you will love, especially if you like games or if you want to become a content creator like I do call of duty mobile videos.

A brief overview of the Xperia One Mark II phone to run Call of Duty Mobile

 Well, let's go quickly to the Xperia one mark II, this phone looks absolutely amazing, it actually has a 4K OLED screen with a refresh rate of 90Hz, which in my opinion looks great and looks absolutely incredible this phone, I mean this explanation Alone won't do the justice you have to pick up on yourself, exactly how cool this phone looks when you guys play games or even just watch the streams or just watch whatever show you want.

 The Xperia one mark II actually has a 6.5-inch 21 x 9 cinema aspect ratio, and you might be wondering what this is like what that means well, it actually gives you more screen. Compared to other players on mobile devices, so you will actually be able to see your opponents before they actually see you in some circumstances, but as I said, it gives you an overall better experience playing Call of Duty Mobile simply because you can see the players before they can see them you command Totally unbelievable but that's not the only way this phone gives you a better experience, they actually have this thing called game optimizer and it kinda looks like a playstation console like a console controller but with a little rainbow beach ball the kind of thing on it, I don't know How would I describe it, but this basically gives you a bunch of different settings to help you perform better as a mobile gamer, whether you are a hardcore gamer like me, a regular gamer, or even someone aspiring to become another mobile content creator.

Maybe you want to start downloading and recording your videos while you play Call of Duty Mobile, you can do that with this phone, it's great that they have a bunch of different features and I'm going to go through them all quickly.

Features of Xperia One Mark II to run Call of Duty Mobile game

1. In-game recording system, where you can actually record your gameplay in the game so that you can record the front camera that will operate your mini camera, you will get a little bit like a webcam look feature on your phone while you play, which is very cool.

2. You can get your microphone and a voice changer. You can adjust the mix of different audio as well. Maybe you want your voice to be loud or you can hear everyone in the game, you can really do that or if you want your voice in the game loud, you can do that too.

3. You can record your game No matter what you play, you can record it and you can even see that those have a slightly similar icon so you can see what a webcam looks like, wave, wave to it so you can see it.

4. Everything is built into the phone, you don't have to have any third party like wires or hardware or you really want different parts that are really expensive. Record your gameplay, you can do it directly from your phone very easily, you need to record things or wherever you are, you can do it directly.

5. Also a screenshot feature which is cool, maybe you want to show your nukes that you just got to your friends and post them online, you can do that already so its really cool that recording the gameplay is very easy, its very easy Take screenshots.

6. They have some other competitive features on this phone that you will really like, so they have different types of focus settings, maybe you guys are in your next ranked match and you really need to focus in the game and so we can two, you can turn on or turn off all your notifications You can actually free up your RAM so like all your RAM it will focus on gameplay instead of other background like apps are running and it's so cool whenever I am playing a game, I always want my devices to focus entirely only on this app The only one I play.

7. Also game mode features, this is mostly regulated around battery performance and battery life. Personally, if you are also playing really hard, then I will use preferred performance as you will focus all the phone power mainly on mobile devices, but maybe you want to preserve battery life, You can really go ahead and whether the battery life is preferable which I think will save more phone power, it will not use everything on it, it will try to save the battery as much as possible, but if you want a more balanced system then you can click This next balanced feature looks a little strange, But honestly I think it's one of my all-time favorite features of this phone for some very good reason, which is of course the hs power control if you connect any device like a charger or try to get a battery from your phone you can do that, but if you guys switch power control Whatever happens, it will give you power for whatever item you guys use connected to your phone but it won't actually charge your phone so it saves battery more and it will actually help your phone not to overheat or overheat, it's a really cool feature .

8. There is also another very useful feature that I enjoy is actually the audio jack especially if you like Call of Duty mobile game on mobile phone like me, you want to enjoy a high quality audio experience. You can not go wrong with the headphone jack and its operation moreover, This will actually connect to a dual controller shock controller for the PS4, so maybe if you don't want to play the mobile code using the touch screen on the touchpad but still want to run code on the go, you can go ahead and still connect a dual shock controller to your sony xperia And you can still play mobile code very easily with the console.

 Generally speaking in order to actually become a content creator for mobile games, we strongly recommend that you go ahead and check out the sony xperia 1 mark ii, you will not go wrong with this thing, it is a beast whether you are trying to get the best performing smartphone to run Call of Duty Mobile game or possible for games or Even just a high-quality phone in general, you can't go wrong with this, I know I mostly covered some features to play Call of Duty in the phone, there are some crazy camera features for the phone, and I mean that Sony in general they have televisions and they have cameras they have PlayStation, imagine all those different types of products brought in in one phone, so if you like Sony products, you will absolutely love this phone.