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Download DataEye application to manage data on your Android phones


Download DataEye application for android

Download DataEye application to manage data on your Android phones

Download DataEye App - There are now many apps in the market that allow you to have complete control over your data on mobile data (g / 4g / 5g3) and wifi networks. One of the apps I cover in this tutorial is called Data Eye which allows you to manage data on your Android phones in a very efficient way. You have the option to disable background data and even select individual apps to access data networks. The app is available for download on the Play Store.

A brief overview of the DataEye application

You can manage data usage on your mobile devices using an app called DataEye. DataEye is available on Android devices and you can download it using the Play Store. Once the app is installed and opened, you will have two tabs called Usage and the other called Control so there is a data saving mode under use and we'll discuss that a little bit about how it works but Looking at the data used since November 1 and if you click on it you can actually see usage in a little more detail in the last 24 hours and what apps have been used so you can see that you've done a lot of browsing Chrome and all of your use was on your Wi-Fi network. You and none of them were on mobile data, you can also see what happened in the past hour and you can go to the last 12 days and see what usage you have and it also shows you blocking requests and how much data you were able to save with going back.

Download the DataEye application for Android with a direct link

Download the DataEye app for Android with a direct link from here, as the DataEye app gives you more control over which apps should be using data services, so if you click on the control, DataEye now tells you this is only backup from Google and Google Playstore is allowed access to Network while other system apps and other apps do not have any access and it also tells you what services recently tried to connect to the data and were blocked at any time and date Now if you want to give them access, all you have to do is choose and in this case Facebook services will be able to access The data is now so you can receive it messages or any other type of update as well, and in case you don't want to just disable it again and it will be blocked if you try to access the data again Now if you looked in the previous usage tab, you might notice that says data used Since the 1st of November and in some cases you may have to assume that the billing period is with a different time period, and you can actually go to the application settings to set it accordingly.

DataEye application features

Billing You can only set it to 15 and data usage will be tracked based on that period of time, now you can also enable data Auto start option which will enable DataEye once you turn on the phone file, you can also enable DataEye to manage your Wi-Fi traffic even in the current state because You have unlimited internet, I set it to disable but if you are on a network with a limited data cap, you can enable it with current control settings that only have Google Playstore and Backup Transfer has access to data services and that might be a bit limiting because a regular user He may want to surf the Internet, so let's in this case say if you use the Chrome browser, you will need to enable it and let's say I want your WhatsApp to be also available when I use data that I can enable, and that's it so that only these four services can access When I use it, data services and other services will be blocked, and that's it. In the event that you are looking to improve data usage, you can always refer to the statistics and see that in detail, and finally One of the advantages of the application is that it is free as you can download the DataEye application for Android for free with ease and simplicity.