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Apple iPhone 12 mini review: small but powerful


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Apple iPhone 12 mini review: small but powerful

The iPhone wasn't "small" because of the iPhone 8. Despite the fact that Apple had kept its flagship models squeezed relative to Android's big opposition, your simplest pick for a small phone definitely from Apple was to shop for the iPhone SE, or keep using an older version. Either way, you needed to choose between having new capabilities and competencies, and owning a phone that changed to the size you wanted.

A brief overview of the mini iPhone 12

I am very happy that Apple decided to make a mini iPhone 12 at a cost of seven hundred dollars, because there is no reason why those who need a small smartphone want to be treated like second-class citizens. You should be able to have a completely successful contemporary iPhone with a length that won't challenge your hand. And with some caveats expected, that's exactly what we have.

Mini iPhone 12 features, specifications and capabilities

Apple's fit between iPhone models isn't necessarily very interesting, but if you think about it, that's exactly what you need to look at. Although you don't forget the possibility that the Mini iPhone 12 could be much smaller and cheaper than the lower iPhone 12, there was enough potential for Apple to cut corners - just keep an eye on the iPhone SE. But it didn't. Outside of the battery and screen miniaturization doors, both of which are a virtual change, the iPhone 12 Mini is the same as the iPhone 12.

It starts to evolve with the layout, which explains well as it shrinks it down to this length. The rarity of curves and attention to sharp edges is matched with a small smartphone that looks to be as green as it is viable in the region, and Apple's hardware performance is amazing once again. The bright color options in the range match well with the flirty size, too - although I cherished the completely discreet look of my black smartphone, paired with a scarlet leather case.


It's not normal for a phone this long (and at a price) to have the rest of the highest-quality specs of the iPhone Mini 12. The controlled A14 Bionic chip is similarly effective for the rest of the iPhone 12 models, and as a result, the overall performance of the 12 Mini is amazing. You can get the right speakers, today 'ceramic shield' display glass, IP68 water resistance, first-class touches, face detection, and at the very bottom of the list. Even Apple can remind you that this is the smallest phone yet to have a full 5G implementation, with all Sub-6 and mmWave, as well as community-wide band support.

I went through all the details of this platform's skills in my full iPhone 12 review, and I recommend you check it out to get the full picture of what the iPhone 12 series has to offer. Next, you might see what makes the iPhone Mini 12 particularly suitable here.

The iPhone 12 Mini Apple is a delightful little phone

Not like high-end little cars, the iPhone Mini 12 is definitely small. And it's not just "small" because it's smaller than the iPhone 12, which has now grown to a 6.1-inch screen - it's pretty small in all honesty. It's shorter, narrower and lighter than the iPhone 8 (and contemporary iPhone SE), and one of the smallest modern smartphones with full features.

However, it might not help feeling nostalgic as you arrive at the iPhone 12 Mini from any other mobile phone. I wonder in the lower back to a time when you would have had a phone that got compact and yet considered a state of the art work. But after a day of using the 12 Mini, I didn't think of its length as a new aspect - I just used it, and loved it very much.

IPhone Mini 12 expects nothing of you. It's very mild, and your hand easily turns sideways for a comfortable hold. It really makes sense to achieve this all over or above the display along with your thumb. Oh my God, it's no longer more functional to fit a pocket, it doesn't even stretch the fabric. In various activities, I would have kept my iPhone Mini 12 in my coat pocket and overlooked it was there, starting again with a panic half an hour later after I was afraid I had left it somewhere.


There are some things that are liberating from owning a small mobile phone that is not overburdened to carry and use, but is more than capable of doing whatever you want during the day.

With a screen size of 5.4 inches, the 12 Mini provides enough screen space so that you now don't feel cramped. And iOS 14 on this smaller screen is also the same on a larger screen - you get an even grid of icons and equal buttons, but things are a little smaller. Every app works perfectly, and I never felt the urge to enter the settings, raise the font size, or enlarge the display. Basically, you just pass on an extra email when viewing your inbox, or a few other strains while reading an article in the browser. Its entirety is extremely fast just like on the iPhone 12, that I used to be able to run apps and multitask with hiccups. Much to my surprise, I had no collision of the thumb with - I skipped the writing, even though it is very slim, I genuinely enjoyed the swipe-up writing.

Size rating: iPhone 12 vs iPhone Mini 12 vs iPhone 12 pro max

I acknowledge that 12 Mini doesn't specifically offer immersive video viewing pleasure, nor does the screen give you an expanded viewfinder for capturing quick shots. But it is genuinely practical on both bills, and if you've been looking to use your phone to watch copious amounts of media, you've likely received a no-thought 12 Mini within the first area.

I realize the display is cited as the same as the iPhone 12, but I swear it doesn't look as pretty as a much larger mobile display. There were some situations where I used the 12 Mini outdoors in the sun where I pulled the center down to increase the brightness of the display better so it looked like it was already installed by one hundred%. Aside from those times, the display is great: great colors, good viewing angles, low reflectivity, and crisp text content.

IPhone Mini 12 battery life

When rubber meets the road, the iPhone Mini 12's best place is gas versatility. On a weekend trip to beautiful Mystic, Connecticut, I spent a lot of time outdoors with 100% screen brightness, taking loads of photos and counting on Google Maps even while maintaining regular messaging and social media apps. And the effects ... weren't great.

On Saturday, I took the smartphone off the charger at eight in the morning, and the battery was getting to 10% by nine in the evening. We also loved a night cup under the patio warmer lamp. That's with 4 hours of "display screen" time, which is respectable, but having little or no battery available does not instill confidence. Sunday offered more of the same, with the smartphone coming off the charger at 8 am. After more than three hours of "display" time, the battery was cranking at 40% using 1 AM. Once connected to use CarPlay to tap home.

Apple's quoted video playback estimates paint a more rosy picture than the truth. Obviously, when I use the iPhone Mini 12 as I do with a seasoned 12 or 12, I'm pushing the limits of making the battery last until the end of the day. On the lighter days, with time indoors and on wireless, I manage to work all day while saving 20% ​​to 30% - but that also doesn't bode well for late evenings or days when I want a hot spot or spend a lot of time commuting in Google Maps.

If you are going to be sticking to your phone constantly, this simply isn't the phone for you. But I don't think that can be a problem for a lot of people, because the philosophy of many who want a small phone may be in line with even the expectation that having a phone in their hands constantly is not a requirement. Know what you're up for, be prepared to offer a little bit of freight in a few conditions, and you'll be fine too.

The cameras in the iPhone 12 Mini

Probably the nice part about the iPhone Mini 12 is that Apple hasn't skimped on its cameras on this tiny body, and that's something you need not to forget if you think of the iPhone SE as a compact phone alternative. The most important 12MP and ultra-fast 12MP camera is an exceptional pair - that's the case at $ 999 for the 12 iPhone pro, and even more at this rate.

In the daytime, you get bright and colorful pixels with just enough pop and extra warmth to lead them to the sensation of a bigger cut alive. Sharpness and element are top notch, even in photos with mixed lighting fixtures that require a bit more processing. In low light, the pixels are top notch as long as you can hold your hand. The camera relies on long exposure for the night mode, but the consequences are first-rate. And if you keep the lighting fixture turned on, a selfie camera works, too.

I'm so familiar with the camera setup now that I tend to forget how it relates to the opponent; All people who choose this mobile phone can be active with the pictures that come out of it. The same goes for video, where you get crisp 4K images at 60 fps with great color grading and stabilization. Chances are, you'll choose not to shoot in fancy Dolby and HDR, given limited playback compatibility - and you might need to skip it just to keep going in the garage. My friend Michael Fischer reached his 128GB limit at noon on the first day after installing apps, taking video pics, and syncing iCloud photos to the phone. You should spend at least $ 50 more on the 128GB version, because the 64GB base will feel too cramped.

On unfamiliar occasions, I no longer own the digital camera with a 2X magnification of 12 veterans, but in any other case, this is the camera setup that perfectly matches this mobile phone. All the miscellaneous shopping for the acquired 12 Mini doesn't rule out marginal upgrades from that 0.33 camera and the promise of capturing uncooked photos with a pot software update.