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Download Among Us game on Mac and PC for free


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Download Among Us game on Mac and PC for free

Download Among Us on your PC and Mac to travel deep into outer space to live in a space station. Life on the space station is busy. The entire crew has a specific set of missions and tasks to complete in order to end their day. Unfortunately, today is not like any other day. Among the regular and colorful crew members is a charlatan looking to kill the rest of the crew.

A brief synopsis of Among Us

There are a few games that the team participates in. You play as much with Among Us, in fact I say that playing as a team is closely related to the basic game design. This is true regardless of whether you are a crewmate or a charlatan, if you are the crewmate you need. Of course, cooperate with your team to make sure that you eliminate fraudsters, as well as complete the tasks and as a fraudster you have to make sure that you cooperate in this way can eliminate people at the appropriate times to deceive the city and make sure of that, you want to come out by winning in the game Among Us, most of your success or failure In this game it will stem directly from your interactions with other players.

Download Among Us game for the computer with a direct link

You can download Among Us on your computer for free through our website from the link below. But there are some things that you can do on your part to improve your chances of winning the game Among Us on the computer in blue sax, and this gives you an inherent advantage since then you will be able to play on a much larger scale more than one screen in your phone , While also controlling your character with your keyboard, allowing you to get it around and complete tasks faster and more efficiently. Moreover, you can also play Among Us on the computer for free, while you usually have to pay for the initial version and it may be Only five dollars, but this is five you have to keep in your pocket. You can download and install Among Us through the link below, however we will take a deeper dive into the things you can do and achieve by playing Among Us. In addition, we will provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for the general population, Among Us.

Features of Among Us game Among Us on the computer

  1.  Navigating easier with key mapping. One of the best features is the main mapping tool that gives you the ability to control all your mobile gaming preferences with the mouse and keyboard. This means that instead of hitting and tapping your phone screen to control the action.
  2.  Use your computer peripherals with much better success and accuracy. Simply put the key mapping tool, a feature that allows you to create custom control charts for any mobile game in its simplest form. You can navigate the map using the bowl of keys and interact with objects using other buttons but these The feature in Among Us game for the computer also allows you the freedom to place additional shortcuts and links on any part of the screen, which gives you greater control over the files of the game Among Us by using the keyboard only, because this means that in the game Among Us you have superior control in the game.
  3. You can also enjoy better browsing while browsing the menus to complete some of Among Us's game tasks, while you continue to play, grow, and learn about the different tasks that you need to complete each match.
  4.  You can add more shortcuts to a screen file that allows you to complete most tasks using the keyboard, saving you valuable time and achieving it much closer to victory.

Get around faster and easier with the AMONGS keymap tool

To access the key mapping tool you simply need to run the Among Us game and press Shift Control A in the screen. You can modify the existing links file or even add new files by dragging a preset file for functions on the far right panel on any part of the screen and linking them to a button On mouse and keyboard, we recommend taking a little time to familiarize yourself with the keyboard controls and after that you will have a much easier time wandering around the different maps and becoming a much better teammate or quack, because of that automating some repetitive tasks using the macro recorder now when it comes to the middle fries of the game Actual is more than fun and among Us does not come from completing the various duties you do, you are given as a fellow charlatan on the crew but from interactions with other players in the plot as you try to survive and find out who the killers are as a fellow crewmate. Itself a little on the simple if not a bit iterative side of swiping your keycard over consoles and filling up containers to refuel the engine and clean up garbage sprouts clearing biometrics. On med bay or power transfer to specific rooms, these things get really fast repetitive almost all tasks are relatively simple to complete.

Tips and tricks for winning the game Among Us

Often times just a click or two you'll always want to do it as quickly as possible in order to survive in Among Us, focus on knowing who the killer is after all you can't see what really is happening if you get stuck interacting with the console. Or the control panel, so I gave you some general elements and advice on how to play with the mouse and keyboard in the game Among Us, but here are more insightful advice on how to play a game directly and while the fun of the game is mostly on its journey, not so much from the destination there are a few One of the tips you can follow to improve your chances of success and tips and tricks for the crew members in a good way to orient yourself around the ship at least in the beginning is to follow the yellow arrow that points to the closest objective in this way, do not rely on your map like often and you can keep your eyes peeled for my killer s to the killer, my second advice to you as a crewmate would be to try to complete the visual missions and offer the other crew members to prove your innocence.

Among Us, since then, of course, the crooks cannot complete these tasks, as some of the missions include clearly visible asteroids, the progress of scanning primary shields and empty litter likewise, and be aware if the players are also trying to fake their completion of these tasks because it will be more, most likely indicates That they are a charlatan and if you spot this make sure to call an emergency meeting immediately and in the same context just make sure to note that if you see someone completing a visual task and they see that you complete one also stick to each other as much as possible both of you prove your innocence, and you can cooperate in Find a killer Advice for a rollercoaster we will do on the back from our last entry, but never try to fake it and complete a visual mission especially another point of view Staff because it is a dead gift Your true identity you want to be able to build trust with the crew and a good way to do it is by Fix your room sabotage by taking this route if you sabotage lights that you can waltz on fix over the electric room yourself this should buy you a little confidence from other crew members and make it easier to be targets a.

 Talking about the goals you want to avoid following up with his colleagues too much, they may suspect and call an emergency meeting to expel you from the game. If you act a little as you notice their actions, you will want to try to build a case file against them to transfer the blame with them instead of you, with this idea make sure that he is accused of closing doors or if hanging out in rooms without Doing that One thing to keep in mind is that this can work against you at a time if there are they witnesses to refute your claims regardless of whether you play it cool, you can still get away with a false accusation Someone claiming it was another mistake My big advice to you crooks is Attempting to sabotage the O2 or reactor rooms by doing so, it separates the crew and allows you to choose the ones you are in no rush to repair.These two rooms are important because you will automatically win if the crew doesn't fix them in time, ensuring at least one member will swing to fix them.

All that being said, this is just a few tips and tricks in Among Us that you can use and Among Us to win every match, and the last thing to remember is that the most important part is to always keep calm in the game Among Us both to prove your innocence As a fellow crewmate or blame others.

Download Among Us game on Mac and PC for : click here