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Download Elsa Speak app for Android and iPhone free to learn English


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Download Elsa Speak app for Android and iPhone free to learn English

I stumbled upon this app called Elsa Speak a while ago and I hope you find it useful, guys! I had to take an English language test (IELTS) so I started searching for an app that tells me what mistakes I made while speaking. It also helped me practice sentences and trying words that might be difficult to pronounce. The purpose of ELSA Speak is also to assist students who are learning English. Therefore, we recommend that you download the ELSA Speak app for Android to your mobile phone and learn English with ease and simplicity.

A brief summary of the Elsa Speak app

A short review of the ELSA Pronunciation app, available on both Android and iOS devices. This app contains some great free components and is also available in the Pro version for a monthly subscription. It uses artificial intelligence to recognize your pronunciation and guide you to improve a difficult accent.

Download the ELSA Speak app directly

ELSA Speak is free and available on various download platforms such as Google Play and Apple Store. And for a short time it helps people who do not speak English properly or have a completely different language, Accent improve their English accent so you can get this app from play store It is called Elsa Speak and it is an English accent trainer so once I open it you need an account to get all Features that work on this app.

 And for the purpose of a demonstration, you will go through the assessment and take the test, so what it asks for you is to read the sentence and click on the microphone to start recording, and a new culture everywhere I travel now I can speak English properly the voice I have can be heard now. It makes a big difference in accent. You will be able to speak English correctly and confidence of a native speaker by 91%. The difference may be due to making some mistakes. This app judges you based on American English pronunciation and accent there, I speak a native language 91% so once you complete the assessment, you get a lesson plan And you will have to complete the basic terminology and then as you progress through the lessons it becomes more difficult but yes it definitely helps you improve your accent I hope you present this app it's a really good experience I highly recommend it.

Should you download the ELSA Speak app?

Really yes, it recommends the use of ELSA Speak for all students and in general. The app is the best application for English language pronunciation and fluency in the world. Every student should use this app !! Everyone who is serious about learning English should download this application. See below for the app!

Do you need to take an IELTS test?

This app will teach you everything you need to get a higher score in the Speaking section of the exam! Lots of people have to take the IELTS test when immigrating or studying abroad. Even if your English is good, you may still score low on the conversation section if you are not prepared. If you are taking this test, this ELSA Speak app will help.