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Download Ubisoft Connect store app for Android free


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Download Ubisoft Connect store app for Android free

Ubisoft connect is a free app that integrates Uplay store and Ubisoft membership even with the addition of go-play functionality. You can gain access to your saved games and content material from any device, by way of this new addition. The app also acts as a social platform for gamers, allowing you to chat and upload friends.

Uplay is no longer more! Ubisoft Connect is the new platform from Ubisoft that has been announced! Ubisoft Connect is a gamer service ecosystem for Ubisoft games across all platforms. Ubisoft Connect is a free service available on all devices.

Ubisoft Connect app brief overview

Ubisoft Connect is a gamer services ecosystem for Ubisoft games across all platforms. On Ubisoft Connect, you will be able to connect with players from all platforms, unlock unique rewards through our loyalty program, compare your stats with your friends, get personalized tips for improving yourself, and much more!

Ubisoft Connect is a free service available on all devices. You can access it on your computer, through the mobile app, or even directly from your games. All you have to do is log into your Ubisoft account!

Go to play the Ubisoft Connect app

Joining Ubisoft provides many new portability capabilities for your Uplay games. Keep Help allows you to switch saved statistics between tools and systems. This available feature makes playing on every console and PC less complicated than ever.

Download the Ubisoft Connect app with a direct link

The app is one of the fun bridges between gaming enthusiasts on all devices, from console and cell to computer. You can quickly download friends, ship messages from within the app, and consider their personal files. This easy access is available effortlessly regardless of the platform they're on.

Greater rewards via Ubisoft Connect app

Ubisoft Connect adds a lot of new bonuses to the many old games that you can actually customize, along with extraordinary social features. In the newly released titles, you can edit weapon skins, outfits, emotions, and various consumables. You can gain access to rewards within Uplay after settling your Ubisoft Connect account.

Statistics on Ubisoft Connect

As you use Ubisoft to join, it will sync stats with the Uplay utility, including information about the games you are playing. These details are in hand at any time and include playtime, development, and performance in various video games. You can have connectivity issues, but this problem is solvable by restarting the program.

User interface in an application on Ubisoft Connect

The Ubisoft Connect client interface can be easily navigated. The menu is quickly accessed on the left, while all the data you want remains in the center of the display. But, the app appears to be a useless addition despite its well-designed interface.

Download the Ubisoft Connect app for Android latest version

Ubisoft Join is a great addition to the Uplay player that is used by most of your video games. Uses the hassle-free navigation interface and adds heaps of new rewards to the many available titles. Moreover, the program has many exceptional social features and cross-play assistance.

Need to download the Ubisoft Connect app?

Yes. If you play any Ubisoft games with Uplay, this extension needs to be downloaded to manage titles.