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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue for Android, the latest version for free


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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue for Android, the latest version for free

WhatsApp Plus Blue WhatsApp Plus is a chat utility tool, it is very similar to daily WhatsApp, but there are some differences. The pass provides an explanation for them first. Download Whatsapp Blue Plus with an instant hyperlink. It is a program developed in a few ways especially from the original WhatsApp because it has capabilities not present within the unique WhatsApp. In this newsletter, we can provide an explanation of some of the features in WhatsApp Plus, where you can discover the function of exchanging colors and themes you want. You can also use the Do Not Display Your Private Photo feature now. You can also use the feature to not show your final appearance in the application so that no one else can see your visuals, you can also hide your CV. WhatsApp Blue Plus provides you with the advantage of not displaying your reputation to everyone and only scattered besides the one you want. Example In case you need to download some photo as your reputation and need one or two people to see it then you definitely should do so because the app helps this feature. There are many differences between WhatsApp Plus - the original WhatsApp version, and these differences are functions, and the most important of these functions is that you can open a multiple account on WhatsApp Blue without the need to root your cell phone, unlike the original model. You cannot do multiple calculations for the second job. Is that you can see the statuses of your friends without them knowing and this is a great feature where you can cover the visual mark, which is the blue check mark, actually, you can get rid of it so that your friend does not do that. Download Whatsapp Gold from here.

The features and capabilities of Whatsapp Plus Blue

  • • You can, through Whatsapp Blue, trade the shape and color of the symbol, and this is a feature that you will not discover anymore in the unique WhatsApp.
  • • You can also hide the phrase writing or writing in Arabic, and you can also hide the recording is under development or recording in English.
  • • You can use WhatsApp Blue Plus in two domains, and this is a function that many customers need, because some users have a variety and want to create every other account for a diverse group owned by them, so WhatsApp Blue solved this problem.
  • • You can control WhatsApp settings from the complete set, which includes determining the resolution and the best shots that you send or ship to you, and you can also choose the dimensions of the video that you send, and its size may reach 50 MB, and you can also send audio clips in excess sizes up to 100 MB You can also put your own status on top of Accuracy, which is one of the most important capabilities of WhatsApp Plus Blue.
  • • You can also choose high resolution for your own photo.

Download the Whatsapp Blue Plus app, the WhatsApp Plus Blue app for Android

  • • WhatsApp Blue Plus correctly accepts any Android and iPhone gadgets.
  • • You can download Blue WhatsApp from our website with a direct link.
  • One of its primary capabilities is that it is lightweight, easy to use and completely streamlined.
  • You can also definitely write up to three hundred phrases.
  • • The utility can see messages sent to you without the sender knowing, and you can also see instances of your friends without their information.
  • • You can also get rid of blue boards because your friend no longer realizes that you have looked at the messages he sent you.
  • • You can convert the video to GIF format and vice versa, and you can also change your settings with the help of controlling it, including popularity, keeping in mind, and your personal byte. All you can actually do.

I hope this text has benefited many users.

Download Whatsapp Plus Blue APK

WhatsApp Plus Blue for Android is a modified WhatsApp application that allows the consumer a lot of advanced things that are not provided by the whatsapp launcher. This application is one of the most popular Plus programs and packages used in the Arab countries as opportunities applications.

It includes many functions and functions that distinguish it from WhatsApp, along with encrypting calls and messages, hiding notifications and hiding WhatsApp status, inside, users used to be affected by their appearance on the Internet, but with modifications, the consumer can hide internet access even if he uses the application , And you can also freeze your final look on the app, none of the contacts can tell if you are there or not,

Pictures and movies are not displayed or displayed inside the phone studio, you can retrieve all deleted messages and get them and the ability to check them again and the alternate person cannot understand if you have studied the messages sent to you from the track The modified Whatsapp Plus Blue carries a wide range of functions that you can Try it with ease, you only need to download the application from the specified places and after installing it on your cell-smartphone, you can start using it. Just subscribe using cell phone number, then you can use it easily and without any problems, almost check features of whatsapp plus blue apk, just keep reading.

You can have a number of necessary functions for Whatsapp Plus Blue app

  • • It's an app like whatsapp miles away and it's totally free so you can start using it as soon as you download it.
  • • You can manipulate the whole in WhatsApp Plus Blue, including the ability to cover appearances. Many users used to be influenced by their appearance on the Internet, but now with this version, you can permanently hide appearances at some point of use.
  • • There is also a super function, which is to adjust the colors of the entire application with many beautiful colors that you can choose. You can also switch the colors of fonts, backgrounds, and windows as well as trade the shadow of the program's icon itself.
  • Facility creators have offered even bigger features, for example sending 90 photos instantly instead of 30, and you can ship videos up to 30MB for 15MB.
  • • Show the status of the person with whom the incident occurred without the need to enter his non-public page, and you will find that the case appears without delay under the name with attendance records if he is online or not back.
  • • You can now write your personal status with more than 255 characters instead of the most effective one hundred and thirty characters, so that you can write anything you want without being restricted with the help of program restrictions.
  • • You can hide that you have seen the status of any of your contacts and no longer show the person you viewed.
  • • While recording audio to charge an audio message, the utility lets you manipulate whether or not you need the record's reputation to appear to the alternate man or woman.
  • Likewise, you can also hide the writing popularity of the person you are chatting with.
  • It is also possible to install more than 30 conversations within the main screen so that you can accept any of these conversations as soon as possible.
  • • You can set up messages by oldest and newest after viewing the person’s messages within the organization.
  • • You can also hide pictures and videos from the gallery with the ability to view them through the application by starting the verbal exchange of the individual and viewing the media that has been shared during the conversation.
  • • It is also possible to be asked to choose to store the contact as a zip report and to share the statement with each person.