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How to customize app icons on iPhone for iOS 14


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How to customize app icons on iPhone for iOS 14

With the iOS 14 update on your iPhone you can easily update the app icons on your home screen to do this, you will need two things beforehand first, you will need the shortcut app which usually downloads automatically to your iPhone but if you delete it you can easily download it once Others in the App Store Second, you will need the image icon file that you want to use for your application and make sure that is saved to your camera roll on your phone, and you can easily find the icon of various images to use just by searching on Google.

So once everything is ready for you you can start customizing your app today. We will customize the app Slack by replacing the app icon with a black and white extension for the image, so to do that follow the following steps:

1. We will go in our application shortcuts and once you want to start creating a new shortcut to do this, you can click the plus sign in the upper right corner.

2. Then select Add Action from the options at the top of the screen selection file and then open the application under the Applications section.

3. You can then select the "Choose" button. Select the application you want to open with the shortcut so we will find our Slack application.

4. Then, once you select your application, you will want to change the information associated with the shortcut, which you can do by selecting the three dots in the top right corner for more options, and you can change the name of the shortcut.

5. We'll just make it slack again but you can make it whatever you want and then you'll want to select Add to home screen by just clicking on it.

6. You can again change the name and then change the icon image. You can select the general icon distinct on the left side of the name and from there you can choose to take a new image. Choose a file from your phone or if you save the image to the camera album as we do, you can only choose Choose Image then From the camera roll select the image you want to use so we have a black and white slack.

7. After that, you can adjust the way you want it to appear by zoom in or out as you like.

8. Once you have it to your liking just click "Choose" in the bottom right corner.

9. Once all your details are complete you can click Add in the upper right corner. Now if we go back to our main screen you can see that our shortcut was created with the new image.

 We have the Slack app and if we select the shortcut it automatically opens our Slack app now we have two Slack icons if you want to hide the original all you have to do is hold down the icon on your home screen and if you click on edit home screen and select the app again you can choose to move it To your application the library that hides the application from your home screen, but does not remove them together so again if we select our shortcut the application automatically opens our Slack application without the original display on the screen and you can continue to do this with all of your applications either to create a file book on your home screen Or use the custom images you prefer and this is how to customize the iphone ios 14 app icons.