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How to make a website and profit from it


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How to make a website and profit from it

The explanation reviews how a website works and profit from it without a programmer, this is the first introductory dialogue session to design a complete website, how to make a website and profit from it is summarized in four main stages: choosing the place to host the content of web pages, choosing the web domain name, choosing a suitable design For the site and finally, adding various social networking sites so that the owner of the site can communicate with his customers.

How a website works and profit from it - this explanation is of interest to every entrepreneur in the business district and a love that builds an electronic footprint for him, and to clarify the electronic footprint includes our electronic activities either through our website or through electronic communities such as social media, forums or blogs, and for our contribution in forming our electronic identity .

Steps how to make a website and profit from it

1. Digital footprint

Some people may ask why all this is the introduction, why not explain, and I all want to do, but build a website and profit from it and conclude, but the preparation process for creating a website is more important than the website itself. Why? When we want to go around something and know any information, where do we go on Google, of course, and if we ask someone about something, we will not know something about it, what do we say, what is it for us but Google? Well, imagine with me if you heard about a specific business or a certain person and who would you like to earn money from the Internet? Is it that I monitor your business and your online presence is happy to deal with you? This is the first homework for every person who wants to work on a website and profit from it.

2. The strategy

This is the most important item in a website business trip and profit from it .. Why do we want to build a website ?? This differs from one person to another .. Is it just to say that it is a website about us, or to promote our services, or to promote our products, or to communicate with our customers, and in the end everything mentioned is related to how a website works and profit from it. Think and write all these ideas where you need to write them important.

When we know what is the purpose of building the website, we will be able to determine the elements that are required to be present on the site in order for the website to succeed, we must think about some elements.

The most important things you should think about before building a website

The first element: How does this website seem to serve the business goals?

The second element: How does the website connect me to my clients?

The third element: How my clients are going to use my website and connect to me.

3. Technical skills

You don't have to be a computer programmer in order to build a website, we want to do everything for nothing without being programmed with the existing capabilities.

In a large part of modern technologies, they have developed in a way so that we can do everything for us. I would love to tell you that there are many options that help us to adopt your website, and from the many options can we choose from where to start? Who is better? We can build our site on our own, or we can use a company to adopt the site for us, and every option has a positive and a negative, each of us studies and puts it before it starts.

Now we have known the main items that we must review before we think about building our website, and do not forget that you must meet the answers to all the questions that are asked now before creating your website, which are:

• Do you have a website?

• The reasons for me to build a website?

• You have to define the goal of building your website !!!

This is the first part of this training course, which will help you how to make a website and profit from it on WordPress without a programmer. If you have an inquiry or suggestion, I am glad to receive it at the Commment Department.