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rise of kingdoms free download for Android and iPhone


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rise of kingdoms free download for Android and iPhone

Download the game Rise of Kingdoms - Hello everyone, the wonderful rise of kings, from the depths of mystery to the tops of legend, you will be the author of the history of your civilization. Game Will you launch epic wars and conquer the whole world? Or to rise as a virtuous leader famous for your sagacity? Will you set out to explore the unknown as a pioneer? Or dedicate yourself to helping your people? rise of kingdoms download

Rise of Kingdoms explained

Welcome to the rise of kingdoms. We offer you a brief explanation of Rise of Kingdoms, where your civilization's journey begins here from the depths of mystery to the tops of legend. And the odds are, we're camping out.

rise of kingdoms download game rise of kingdoms in order to hunt and protect each other is a great danger, here our people and the destiny of civilization stand in your hands, welcome to the ruler as your advisor.

rise of kingdoms Explanation - Our people have been living nomads life for a long time, but since we discovered this new land everything suddenly seems full of hope and possibilities, you start now from this small city we will finally create your own civilization on this land and know the needs of your people It is the first step towards prosperity and development of your people. They cannot live without food. We need to build a farm first to ensure the food supply in the city.

Collecting food i.e. reliable food supply is the guarantee of the daily life of the citizens and the key to our future development, the barbarians are attacking your village which is not far from them, please do something to maintain and let us go out of the city and take a look at this village that may seem weak. Let's take all the food and burn this place. Shame we can't help them, without really the only thing we can do right now is this is easier than I imagined moving another village not far it's dangerous, here let's go back to a city the barbarians might return anytime we urgently need to train our forces, then We need to upgrade a wall to reinforce the defenses of the city, we have an army but is distinguished and the commander is the real key to victory. The bar will allow us to recruit talented people, and there is a golden box. Open this golden box and see who we might meet. I fight for my lost freedom and girls angry to search for barbarians. How Dare, my enemies must be punished and they will choke on their blood. Then it is time for you to aim the new goal to help our ally.

Features of the game Rise of Kingdoms

  •        Real-time battles

The joint clashes account crosses this link. Anyone can join or leave their area at any time. It is attacked in the annihilation of the child through the stabbing of the posterior parasite. Prevent sudden ban.

  •        Smooth world map

All of the realities within the game take place on one massive map populated by players and NPC characters. No isolated war systems or screens. The advantage of "infinite zoom" that is not preceded by that of the mobile device, allows you to zoom in between the visibility of the world and individual cities or outposts of barbarism. Distinctive signs of natural health such as streams and chains in adjacent areas and correction paths taken to enter adjacent areas.

  •        One of 10 distinct civilizations

Choose one of 11 historical civilizations (more to come!) And direct your civilization from a lone clan to a great power. Every civilization has its own architecture, distinct units, and special features.

  •        Reconnaissance and investigation

The world of Rise of Kingdoms (compared to the teeming fog). The full resurrection of that blessing. Check out lost temples, barbarian forts, enigmatic caves, and tribal villages, collect intelligence on your enemies, and prepare for the closing struggle!

  •        Unlimited group movements

The Mothers of the Covenant can appear, at any time, launch a plot in a hostile city, then turn back and the actions of the coalition forces. Send common groups to collect wood from a nearby forest and ask them to capture a limited number of barbarian clans on the way. Publishing groups of various organizations may also continue, you may continue to engage in various activities.

  •        Union approach

A group of common characters from the union with the profession of helping each other: the union's conversation with the translation profession, roles, roles, indicators, coordination indicators, writings, concord, drawings, drawings, and messages Liberation can expand its territory to gain resources, and seize paths and barbarian outposts to consolidate its position , And work to open the group's achievements.

  •        Conquer the kingdom

Fight next to your alliance to grip that power. Clash with 2 players and use superior tactics to emerge victorious in the online gamer's graphical war of wealth. Rise to the pinnacle and you and your civilization will be recorded in the history of your kingdom!

  •        RPG managers

Call the dozens of people who have registered, who will be your trustworthy count, from Julius Caesar and Sun Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kosonoki Massaché. Raise your rate by defeating the barbarians leading them to clashes, then boost their potential by using the Talent Tree like much higher-level BJ's skillful experiences.

rise of kingdoms download

rise of kingdoms Download Kingdoms Rise is a free game that you can download for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link from various download stores.

Should Rise of Kingdoms Download?

Yes, we really recommend Rise of Kingdoms to download the game Rise of Kingdoms, which is an interesting game and an interesting action and adventure game.