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Download latest version of Azur Lane computer game for free


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Download latest version of Azur Lane computer game for free

Azur Lane - Azur Lane is an entertainment game developed by Yostar Limited .. You can download it for free to your computer to play this amazing Android game on PC or Mac to enjoy higher games.

Azure Lane is one of the most friendly f2p mobile games I have ever played. I started playing Fate Go recently and it's definitely spoiling me for good Azur Lane chances and loads of summoning opportunities, easy character level facility, Bullins making easy character classification, ability to control your use of oil. It can play effectively all day long. Hope more mobile games take notes from Azur

Jr So I've been meaning to do a follow-up on Azur Lane for a while now. When you first played the game you might have played for what, just over an hour? Maybe less than that, because I felt the repetitive nature of the game at least early on didn't do much for me to do.

This time I spent several hours playing through it because I have more time to dedicate to the mobile channel these days, and I'll admit, it was a lot more addicting than I can remember.

A brief synopsis of Azur Lane

Azur Lane is the marine entertainment you've always wanted! As power conflicts with ideology, a new technology begins to evolve. The world is collapsing and it is your responsibility to create excellent strategies and lead an entire army with unique heavy artillery. Do you have what it takes? Download Azur Lane on PC and MAC with BlueStacks and experience all this excellent combination of RPG with 2D shooter, and tactical gameplay that should provide clean and intuitive gameplay. Build your own fleet with more than three hundred ships available, each with their own stats and features and be a part of the war with AI or hand-to-hand battles. However, you are no longer mistaken: breaking enemy fire would not be a smooth project to achieve. Choose from a series of anime style characters and warships from all over the world and build your own reputation in the Seven Seas. When you play Azur Lane with BlueStacks, turning off the stove is not a substitute. Weight the anchor on your appropriate hopes and dreams now! Lead your side to victory and dominate the entire ocean!

Most ships on Azur Lane come from the 1930s and 1940s, but there are a few outliers. Learn about the oldest ships from each of the factions.

Features of Azur Lane game

  • A unique mix of RPGs, 2D shooter and tactical genres combined into a beautifully designed animation game
  • Easy and intuitive gameplay, based on the 2D side-scroller concept, is the main feature of Azur Lane
  • Organize up to six ships in a naval convoy, break through enemy fire and defeat them!
  • Both artificial intelligence and manually controlled battles are available, choose whatever you like!
  • Build your own fleet. Azur Lane has a large collection of warships from all over the world.
  • More than 300 ships, each with their own unique stats and a lovely personality!
  • Live2D interaction technology is available for selected characters

Download Azur Lane game for computer with a direct link for free

Azure Lane is the ultimate marine frenzy and fighting game. This, by itself, should be reason enough to be able to play and download Azur Lane game on your computer. But, there is so much more to catch! Play Azur Lane on PC and Mac and raise your expectations on a higher floor, or should we say "Sea"? Ditch the small screen and try the fantastically designed anime game on the big screen

From your laptop. Forget clumsy controls, key-key gameplay and mouse agility in a much more powerful way.

Download the latest version Azur Lane computer game

Play Azur Lane on Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10 and get ready to take advantage of your experience in this incredibly complex and great strategy game. Download the latest version Azur Lane PC game from here and use massive style of apps and video games on Google Play. Just sign up with

Account, discover the app in the search field, download it and you are ready to move. It's that simple! Try the real freedom to play with us now!

Azur Lane "Halloween Chaos Rerun" event features lots of newer goodies and goodies

The Halloween party event kicks off at Azur Lane these days, bringing with it loads of paraphernalia and chocolates, all new and returning, giving players the opportunity to win various outfits, furniture, restraints and all the bragging rights that involve them. The developers at Yostar keep this 12-month Halloween event exceptionally and simple, reworking the remaining year's challenges, like re-dressing, while also moistening them with properly modern ones.

Halloween Chaos Rerun event

Those who were playing Azur Lane lower back in 2019 will likely remember the fact that the occasion first started in October of that year. The primary goal of Halloween Chaos is to defeat specific numbers of enemies so you can get varying rewards. The more enemies a participant can defeat at some point in the event's duration, the greater the rewards.

The enemies in question, at least for that event, were definitely enemy ships that players must spam and defeat during the 2019 event. The first bonus class was unlocked after defeating 100 ships, which was simple enough. However, the final praise tier was at 1,500 ships, which took some time to expire.

The protected rewards for reaching these levels protect the cash blocks, as well as many well-known T3 parts, which you have gained definitely do not need to be missed. However, a subtle bonus only happens to be a little more difficult to obtain, which is Memphis' mysterious night outfit. It would take a good chunk of defeating all 1,500 enemies, but the outfit is well worth the effort.