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Download Raid Shadow Legends Free for PC


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Download Raid Shadow Legends Free for PC

RAID: Shadow Legends - Shadow Legends is an entertainment game developed by Plarium global Ltd. Join hundreds of heroes from 16 different factions as they battle a fantasy RPG with beautifully crafted graphics.

Shadow Legends Game Bring with you a legendary warrior of the powers of light and darkness to save Terreia's world. They train to fight together, sometimes giving themselves to heroes to craft weapons and create a powerful squad like no other.

Fight with your style in RAID: Shadow Legends!

raid shadow legends On your way to victory, you'll learn how to fight different bosses, kill dragons, and defeat enemies in the PvP arena. To build a legend, you can't just be a hero ... you have to lead your people.

A brief summary of the game Raid Shadow Legends

The Teleria sector is in danger, and there is only one way to save it: with the help of recruiting the most legendary warriors. Both light and dark. This time, things really can't be divided into aspects. Warriors must come together and unite in case they need to keep their homes. Teach your heroes to fight side by side, equip them with effective weapons and launch epic raids on your enemies. The simplest way is to cross your path and win when you stop. Play RAID: Shadow Legends on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and locate iconic characters from sixteen different factions to play with. He devised techniques that enable them to practice their relaxation session together and burden the warring parties in the area. Defeat dozens of powerful bosses or even kill dragons along the way. We're not trying to stand out as heroes, here, but to turn you into a legend! And to do that, you want much more than roughly the strengths of it. You want management! Can you have that during your adventure? Download RAID: Shadow Legends on PC with BlueStacks and prove it, or try to die!

Steps to download Raid Shadow Legends to your computer

  1.  Go to the site through the link at the bottom of the explanation.
  2. Click Download RAID Shadow Legends on your computer.
  3. Run the downloaded installer.
  4. Accept the Windows permissions to run the installer.
  5. Click "Install Now".
  6.  Log in to Google Play.
  7.  If the game installation does not launch automatically, click the RAID Shadow Legends icon on the BlueStacks desktop.
  8. Click the "Skip" button in the "Complete account setup" window.
  9. Click the "Install" button.
  10. Click "Open" and enjoy RAID Shadow Legends on your computer.

Deep tactical nature in Raid Shadow Legends

Who are the heroes who must be equipped with important "relics" equipment in order to pass the mission? It is up to you to decide. The more RPG fights you lead, the higher the hero rank. Unleash the powerful skills you learned along the way, plus epic AOE attacks and recovery skills. Only those heroes with the right fighting skills and abilities, who can build the best team, will be able to win.

Download the game Raid Shadow Legends for the computer with a direct link

If you want to download RAID Shadow Legends on PC, it is very easy. Click on the link below at the bottom of the explanation and follow the instructions or steps to download Raid Shadow Legends for PC. So you can easily play on your computer.

Download the latest version of Raid Shadow Legends game for PC

RAID Shadow Legends is a mobile game, but you can download and play it on your PC in a few minutes.

Download Raid Shadow on Windows 7, 8, and 10 and start counting on the extraordinary features that only the fastest and most powerful gaming engine can offer. In the end, you are trying to emerge as a legend, here now, not actually a hero. Because of this, all the important help, which includes your computers, with a larger display screen, a more stable internet connection, and a mouse and keyboard, will help you to fully manage your movements.

RAID: Shadow Legends Update 2.30 - Five new Heroes, new FAQs, and Bazaar additions

The year’s most feared patch is coming to RAID: Shadow Legends, bringing with it a host of new heroes, as well as other exciting additions. In this guide, we'll analyze the highlights of Update 2.30, and do a better examination of the new heroes that might be introduced with it.

Five new champions join the roster

This new substitution will upload 4 new Halloween-themed heroes to the roster, in an effort to introduce kits of DPS and helper talents into your squad. The heroes in the questions are:


This is a magic guide hero with abilities that block enemy slowdowns and prevent him from using his strongest moves. Moreover, he can without problems dissipate the amateur and significantly postpone turns of the warring parties. He can even live alive after being defeated with his negative talent. The Elegaius is actually a nuisance to the opposite crew, yet they can counter it effectively.

Little Miss Annie

Void attack hero cannot inflict decent damage, but also harms himself to ignore enemy attacks and wreak havoc on the battlefield. Its attacks can completely prevent the enemy from recovering, as well as provide beneficial effects for them if they manage to achieve the kill. One of all her negative talents allows her to instantly assault upon revival and get upset faster than usual. Finally, every attack you land has the risk of delaying the target turn and reducing Maximum Health Points, weakening them for the remainder of the war.

Narma the Returned

Every hero is no longer another magic guide focused on debuffing out of style, but also extending its duration on doomed targets. Specifically, it would be able to drastically reduce the enemy's attack, as well as poison them, after which the debuffs' periods would be extended by one core with a 40% risk in each initial attack. Its range is straightforward yet very effective.

Masked Fearmonger

Ultimately, the latest of the new Halloween-themed heroes is the spiritual assaulting hero gifted at dealing tons of harm to fearsome foes. His group also includes fear-inducing abilities with a particularly high hit rate, which are powerful attacks that ignore the defense, making this hero ideal for destroying sponge targets.