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youtube income | How to find out YouTube income?


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youtube income | How to find out YouTube income?

YouTube Income - Let's be honest, do you want to know how much YouTube income ?! In this tutorial, I take an uncensored look at my YouTube earnings.

 As the title says today, How to know YouTube income ?! Talking about how much money I make on YouTube with 25000 subscribers, this is the trend and I find these videos very exciting. So I thought I'd jump on the plane and show you guys how much money, like a younger YouTuber I can do.

First, YouTube's income is only a fraction of the annual income. Most of the money I make comes from online course sales. My YouTube earnings channel is just something I do on the side as an additional revenue stream. However, the more I use it, the more I fall in love with it as a platform, the more quickly I can grow on YouTube than any other social network. YouTube has a great income opportunity and shows a lot of hope. I know that the bigger I get, the more my income will be. So it's definitely a platform worth spending the energy on.

So when it comes to YouTube, there are two primary ways to earn money. One of them is through ad sense, which means every time an ad runs before my video, or what you see a small popup at the bottom of the screen, I get a few cents.

The other is care. Now the amount of sponsorship you earn can vary greatly, depending on how many subscribers you have, your involvement, how well you negotiate, etc., all of this goes to how much you are likely to get sponsor money. What I noticed is that I've been receiving emails and sponsorship requests since then I've had around 4000 subscribers. This is a real advantage in YouTube's income. If you create great content, sponsors will come to you, which can greatly increase the amount of money that you earn from YouTube. But what we will mainly talk about today is YouTube income from advertising sense, i.e. YouTube income.

A skillshare website and its huge benefit to your youtube income

But before we get started, I wanted to talk to you about skillshare website, who is the sponsor of this video. So as I just mentioned, sponsorship is a huge portion of youtube income. And the way it works is that the brand will contact you and ask for cooperation. In this case, a skillshare integration site asked me. That usually means 45 to 92, shout out for the brand at some point inside the video. So let's do that. Skillshare offers thousands of inspiring lessons for creative and curious people on the topics, including illustration, design, photography, video, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Personally, I love skillshare site because classes are actionable, short and full of value, no matter what you want to learn or how your schedule is, skillshare website has a class for you.

Since we talked exclusively about YouTube income today, I wanted to share with you classes a skillshare site that can really help you in your quest to get more views and more subscribers. It teaches you how to create a worthy follow-up channel, how to boost your credibility and why authenticity is such a big key to your potential success. Second is iPhone filmmaking by Caleb Babcock and Niles Gray, which is exactly what it sounds like a real step-by-step tutorial on how to use the phone.

We all have it in our pockets to create high-quality video content. And these two are just two of the many high-value classes you can find on the skillshare website. If you are interested in exploring your creativity make sure to click the link down below, they will get 2 months free skillshare site software This is how care is done in a few weeks from now.

Brands may come back for more or even buy a series of promotions if they love working with you. Unfortunately YouTube doesn't allow me to disclose the YouTube income I earn from all sponsorships, but it's now under $ 1,000 as I grow. I can increase my rates and start charging more and more. But what I can offer you is my advertising sense.

Imagine that I am now on a YouTube earnings site and this is a fact inside my YouTube studio dashboard. This is where I can see all the different information about my account, including how many subscribers watch time and YouTube income of course. So the first thing we're going to peek at is YouTube entered my channel. So what you can see on YouTube is that the number of current subscribers to my channel is actually 27,016. Um, as of today, which is May 29, 2020. You can also see my growth in the last 28 days, which is just over 2,500 subscribers. And I would say this has been pretty much steady over the past few months.

So again, I said earlier, you know, my channel grows very fast without doing so much. This is why I love YouTube. Certainly the other channels have put in a lot of effort in YouTube to see much slower growth. So I'm definitely excited about YouTube, its growth, and its ability to generate more YouTube income for me. So again, I'll just mention, you know, that I'm not the most stable uploader. I am definitely not a full time YouTuber by any means. In 2020, you average 1 video per month. I'm starting to pick that up now and I'm assuming my earnings will increase nonetheless. But the numbers that we'll be looking at on YouTube earnings today reflect someone who is largely inconsistent when uploading. However, I don't do much to grow my YouTube channel.

Obviously, he entered YouTube. In the last 28 days I've had an income of just under $ 1,200 USD. This is actually a 15% increase from last month. So if we dig deeper into this, we will move on to channel analyzes. Back in the YouTube earnings site, a lot of information provided by YouTube studio to you about YouTube income, about all of your content, but today we will focus only on YouTube income.

So, like I said, YouTube is a great source of revenue for even small accounts. So, you know, 25,000 might sound like a lot to you. However, in the grand scheme of things, I am a young YouTuber and have all the capabilities to get to exactly this stage. For me, it's actually better, my goal with YouTube earnings is for it to be just a side stream of YouTube income that helps me pay off things like a mortgage. So, uh, I can't really complain if the YouTube earnings site pays my home. This is the ongoing goal. Obviously making more would be great, and that's the plan. But now we're sitting here, say, on average, 1,000 dollars a month. We can now go to the more YouTube videos because you usually have a couple of them which perform better than other videos. This may be the source of most of your income.

 So we'll go ahead and take a look at YouTube income. The first thing I want to do is add a secondary metric, which is YouTube Earning Views. So I want to show the relationship between the number of views I get and the YouTube income I get makes me, because you may be surprised to find that even if your video contains a million views, this does not necessarily mean that you will make a million dollars. Um, so I want to add this scale here so we can have a look at that. So my best performing video on my YouTube earnings channel got over a million views, which is kind of crazy. YouTube has made about $ 3,400 since I posted it.

Then again, the most important thing we're going to look at today is the YouTube earnings CPM. And for this video, it's only $ 6 and 19 cents, which is actually pretty low. So again, all kinds of different variables go into how CPM is generated. So, like I said, even though this is my most popular video, it actually contains at least CPM.

OK. So if we go to the cost on the YouTube monetization site, you can see that it's 24 and 38 cents, so even though I have a fraction of the views on the YouTube monetization site, I made roughly the same money from that. Again, opinions are not necessarily worth money, when it comes to making money YouTube is a great future for making money, youtube income.