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how to get subscribe on youtube free


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how to get subscribe on youtube free

how to get subscribe on youtube This took me from 400 subscribers to over 1000 subscribers in less than a week.

In today's tutorial, I'm going to share with you my top eight tips for how to get subscribe on youtube, i.e. getting more views and gaining more subscribers on YouTube.

So views and subscribers who don't want more? Although I have owned my YouTube account since 2016, I didn't really start using it due to study until last year, but that in itself doesn't mean much because I only managed to succeed in posting about 14 videos for the whole of 2019. The Little Effort Over 16,000 videos my new subscribers have reached to the current total of 21,000 and have also received over 1.3 million views in that single year.

Now that I said that, I had one video that went viral and that's 850,000 of those views completed. But that is exactly what today's explanation is about. I'm going to share with you exactly how I managed to increase my YouTube subscribers and views by strategically building and promoting my content.

So with any social platform, there are algorithms that control the performance of your post, but there is also a great deal of strategy that can be implemented to improve your chances of success. In my personal experience, I find YouTube one of the easiest social platforms to grow. And I don't think your subscriber account has any real role in your ability to generate opinions. This makes it a one-sided platform, giving absolute beginners an equal opportunity to take it off and grow quickly. So let's stop chatting and start getting into tips, and start with how to increase your subscribers and views on YouTube.

Tips to how to get subscribe on youtube

 First tip, create custom content.

There are no exceptions 100%, and you need to research potential topics and create content based on the users they're looking for and not what you think will do well, at least initially. So, I mean, I don't insult anyone who thinks they'll start blogging and become the next David Dobrik in a matter of months. It just doesn't work like that at first. You need to limit what is being searched for on YouTube and compare that to the amount of searched, there is a competition. Also, choose a video topic that is regularly searched for but is not very competitive.

So to define these variables, I use two tools which are vidiq youtube and Keyword Everywhere.

What is vidiq youtube tool

vidiq youtube is a YouTube tool that you can integrate with your accounts. When you log into YouTube, through vidiq youtube you have seen all kinds of interesting stats including competition video, keywords suggested, hourly watch stats, and even tag rankings.

What are the keywords

Keywords is a keyword tool that works pretty much everywhere. Google, YouTube, Amazon, Yahoo, etc. If there is a search bar, keywords everywhere can tell you exactly how many searches for something happen each month. So I have links below for each of these two tools so go ahead and install them if you want follow along.

So, start by opening YouTube and find a topic that you think you can confidently create a video. With both tools installed that enables you to increase the number of YouTube subscribers and views, you will immediately see a bunch of added information starting with this terms your monthly search volume. I like targeting any keyword with more than 1500 searches, depending on your account size and ability to organically receive views you can increase that number, but for most beginners in 1500 is a good starting point. The next thing I want to look at is the competition for this search term. We want to choose a term that drives both search volume and competition in the green. Now there's no hard and fast rule here, but any search term that puts the competition in green and has a search volume of 1500 per month or more, that's something worth keeping in mind. The idea is that you will generate more views if you build on demand over time as you grow and develop a loyal following, you can start expanding into more topics and relying less on search volume. If you want to know my complete keyword research strategy for not only YouTube but online content.

Second tip, use as many relevant tags as possible.

When you upload a new video, you will notice a place to add tags to your video. These work similarly to hashtags on Instagram, they categorize your content and help the algorithm determine which search terms your video should be ranked for. Scripts are used less by many YouTube creators, so here is your chance to prove this strategy and get a great deal on your YouTube subscribers and views.

So how do we choose the right flags?

Well it's a process similar to the first tip. You'll use keywords everywhere to find terms that contain over 1,500 searches per month related to your topic. For example, if we were creating content about the keyword, how to make money online, you want to use that as a tag in itself and add additional relevant tags like how to start an online business from home and legitimate ways to make money online. To find these tags I would like to go to Google, type in my main search term and see what keywords everywhere generate. On the right hand side. They often provide you with a list of similar keywords in order of search volume, so I'll do that a few times with some different search terms to put together a list of tags and then go ahead and add them to my video. Depending on the length of the tags, you can usually fit anywhere from 10 to 15.It is best to use as many as possible because each tag will increase your reach and ultimately your views.

Third tip: how to get subscribe on youtube, use strategy and grab attention headlines.

This goes hand in hand with the final tip. If you've defined your search term, you'll be targeting Jim Sharp. This term should also be reviewed in your title. Doing so will tell the algorithm what your video is about so we can appropriately display it within the relevant search terms, but that's not all you need to do. If you want to increase subscribers and views on YouTube, you need to make sure that your title is clickable. This is often done by placing it in all caps. Add a question or make a shocking statement.

So this title pulls out that pain point and urges you to watch until you feel comfortable this idea. Find out what your competitors are doing, search for any YouTube video topic and see what are the highest-ranked video titles. Never copy but get inspired.

Fourth tip: how to get subscribe on youtube is to get to the heart of the matter immediately.

If your headline attracted someone to click, but you spend the first five minutes talking about something totally irrelevant, the user will be disappointed and start skipping through your video or stop watching altogether. When this happens, the algorithm is notified that your video is not drawing attention from viewers and this tells them that it should not be of good quality or it should not really be related to the search terms you were targeting. For this reason, your video will move more and more down the ranking and will also be shared with fewer and fewer people making your video watch as much of your video as possible. It's called retention and it's one of the most important factors YouTube's algorithm takes into consideration.

So instead of pulling out a video to increase its length, trim all the fluff and unattached content to it and get straight to the point. Your audience will love it, and so will YouTube. Next, I'm going to share four ways to increase subscribers to your channel, but I want to talk first about our sponsor for the day, which is skillshare.

What is a skillshare website?

Skillshare offers thousands of inspiring lessons for creative and curious people on topics including illustration, design, photography, video, entrepreneurship, marketing, and more. Personally, I love the skillshare app because the classes are doable, short and full of value. No matter what you want to learn or how busy your schedule is. Skillshare website has a category for you.

I wanted to share with you skillshare chapters that can really help you in your quest to get more YouTube subscribers and views. The first is Sorela Moore's YouTube success. In this 45-minute chapter, I teach you how to create a worthy channel, how to boost your credibility, and why credibility is a big key to your potential success. Second, iPhone movie making by Caleb Babcock and Nile Gray, which is exactly what it sounds like, a real step-by-step tutorial on how to use the phone we all have in our pockets to create high-quality video content, and these two are just two of many very high-value content categories. Which you can find at skillshare website.

Now let's talk about increasing YouTube subscribers. Here's a tip on how to get more subscribers for your channel, but technically a tip for five of the entire video.

So the fifth tip, promote your YouTube channel on other platforms.

If you post regularly on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, then you need to be related to your YouTube content and encourage people to subscribe. If your audience doesn't know you posted a new video, they can't, watch it and two, subscribe. So don't be shy and promote regularly, even if it's out of date content. Another way to round this up is to give people something for their subscription. I did it myself with great results. As many of you know, in order to qualify for monetization on YouTube, you need 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time to help me exceed this subscription limit, I hosted a free gift and the only entry condition was to subscribe to my channel. This took me from 400 subscribers to over 1000 subscribers in less than a week. If you want more details on how to host a highly successful giveaway, check out this idea and remember that this idea works both ways.

Use Instagram to create your YouTube and vice versa. Your audience will always be a little different on each platform, so cross-promotion is worth it and an easy way to increase your subscribers.

Tip # 6 how to get subscribe on youtube, ask people to subscribe.

There's a reason all big YouTubers do this in the first few minutes of their videos. Really asking questions reminds the viewer that they have the option to subscribe and if they do, they will see more content like what they're currently viewing.

Now, the key is to pre-ask in the video when you still have your viewers' full attention or at a strategic moment, such as after sharing a piece of valuable information. Kind of like what I used to do. So this is your reminder. "If you enjoy this video and want to see more from me, please click on this subscribe button below."

Tip number seven to increase the number of subscribers and views on YouTube, collaborate with others.

This is something that you see a lot of big YouTubers do as well, and it's with good reason. When you collaborate with another person by creating videos together and sharing them on the respective channels, each person is likely to get more traffic from the other person's audience to make this business a success, you want to collaborate with someone who has the same style and posts the same target market. If your channels are very different, you likely won't see the growth you want. So choose wisely. Now, this might not be possible for everyone if you don't have friends within the global YouTube. I know I don't have much, but if you have, this is a must. If you do not have any close contacts, you can try to reach YouTube and others with similar audience and style to yours if they are local, this is ideal.

However, a distance collaboration can work by photographing your part and sharing it with the partner's file and vice versa. You can then combine the content to create a club that would achieve a similar result without having to travel.

Finally, the eighth tip to increase your YouTube subscribers and views is to create high-quality videos.

Unfortunately, no one will subscribe to your channel if they don't like a saw. Now I'm not saying you have to go out and spend thousands on photography gear. All you need is to make sure you get a good voice for Chris' video and that you deliver real value in the form of education or entertainment by putting every effort into creating a video that looks good and delivers value is exactly what will earn you a subscription. Again, you don't have to buy the best stuff, but I would suggest investing what you can in your production. Here are some of the things I use in my videos. Canon 60 Mark Yeti Blue Microphone, 28mm lens camera and two softboxes. If you are interested in any of this equipment I have linked it below. So don't focus on the length of the video, but rather on the quality - a four-minute video getting to that point provides value and is well executed, and more subscribers are likely to gain from an average 20-minute video in which the viewer skips trying to find something of value.

 That's it, guys. My eight tips to increase the number of subscribers and views on YouTube. I really hope you learned something new. So thanks again for watching.