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iphone 12 apple | Review iPhone 12


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iphone 12 apple | Review iPhone 12

Apple launched the iPhone 12 apple later than usual, but it proved worth the wait. The new device brings a new design, better processor, better camera and more.

There should be more than 12 apple iphone models. In fact, there are four: iPhone 12, Mini iPhone 12, Pro iPhone 12, and Pro Max iPhone 12. Each model has its own unique functions and characteristics. Not sure how many dimensions differ between all models? Be sure to read our size comparison article. Here, you need to get acquainted with the new phones.

When Apple released the iPhone 12, these four models were now widely available. You can get it from your carrier, or you can unlock it from Apple, Amazon, Best Buy, and other retailers. In fact, in the months after the iPhone 12 apple went on sale, Counterpoint Research stated that it was the best-selling 5G mobile and did so two weeks before it went on sale.

Starting at $ 699, the Mini iPhone 12 Mini is a compact and affordable option. IPhone 12 starts at $ 799, with higher storage options coming in at $ 949. We recommend that you choose a storage space of at least 128 GB.

IPhone 12 Pro starts at $ 999 and can give you 128GB of storage, and higher storage options cost up to $ 1,299. Finally, the Pro Max iPhone 12 starts at $ 1,099.


If you'd like potential results in a transaction, here's a summary of the different ways to buy. Or, if you are not sure whether you should buy the iPhone 12 or Pro iPhone 12, see our comparison.


Review of the iphone 12 apple series

Now that the iPhone 12 apple models have been discontinued for a while, we have the opportunity to keep their pace. The base starts with the iPhone 12, which is similar to the iPhone 12 Pro, and is the first choice due to its size and price. IPhone 12 is great value for money and provides a great experience for anyone who doesn't want to ride. The 12 Pro is equipped with a stainless steel frame, more storage space for some advanced functions, and many additional camera functions, which makes it more sophisticated.


After that, you have the Mini and Pro Max, you can book. The 12 Mini is small and suitable for anyone, but the iPhone 12 has a whole host of features and a complete camera experience. The 12 Pro Max is actually pretty big, with excellent performance and extremely long battery life - and the main camera above the 12 Pro in low-light conditions.


Should you upgrade to iphone 12 apple?

The iphone 12 apple is clearly the best iPhone ever so if you are buying a new iPhone in the market, the iPhone 12 series is likely to be on the way. However, not everyone should buy it. For example, if you already own an iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 might not be an upgraded product.


We compared iphone 12 apple with many other phones. Choose from the latest iPhone models? Compare iPhone 12, iPhone 11, Pro iPhone 12, and Pro iPhone 11. Or, if you are one of the few people who still make a decision between iOS and Android, it's worth reading on the Pro iPhone 12, Galaxy S20, and Pro Max iPhone 12 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Or look at the latest models, like the iPhone 12 and Galaxy S21.


The iphone 12 apple currently ranks among the best smartphones we can buy, but there are many good options.


IPhone 12 iPhone screen and design

The title for 2020 is that after three generations of iPhone X designs were developed, Apple has finally made a fundamental change to the overall design of the device. The latest design is back on iPhone 5 and is compatible with the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air.


The sides are now flat, the matte surface on the 12 iphone apple and the matte surface on the iPhone 12 Pro. Front and back glass have sharp edges as well. Although the top still houses a front camera and Face ID technology, the borders around the entire screen are still small. The design was supplemented with several new colors, most notably the navy blue.


IPhone 12 and 12 Mini contain black, blue, green, white, and red, while iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max contain black, blue, gold and white.


Screen size appears as the second most attractive part of the iPhone12 series. IPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro now offer a 6.1-inch screen, which is higher than 5.8 inches, but the frame is smaller, so the size is not very large. The new product in the series is the iPhone 12 Mini (yes, that's the real name), which has a 5.4-inch screen that puts it above the iPhone SE in Apple's lineup. For those users who want a bigger screen, the iPhone 12 Pro Max screen size is 6.7 inches.

In terms of screens, durability is greatly improved: glass protects ceramics. Apple Corps teamed up with Corning glass to manufacture a new glass case for the iPhone 12 called Ceramic Shield, which is currently the largest on the market. Apple says its performance is down more than 4 times, which means it is more likely to withstand a normal downturn that hasn't decreased or decreased. We have to wait and see how this changes in the face of other long-term trends. Early disposal tests seem to show that porcelain shield is truly powerful and promising.

Even on the Pro model, not all displays have a refresh rate of 120Hz, nor do they have a refresh rate that Apple calls "ProMotion" technology. Although the screen is good, it is still disappointing in a year when almost all Android phones have a recovery rate of at least 90Hz - I think this affects the screen.


All four iPhone 12 models offer 5G connectivity, which is Apple's first product, but it is available on most Android phones for more than $ 500. Apple chose to install the more popular Sub-6 5G radio and a device rarely used by mmWave 5G on its phones for better connectivity, especially in the US where Verizon only uses mmWave, while AT&T and T-Mobile mainly rely on Sub-6 Add slow mmWave.


iPhone 12 apple camera

The iPhone 12 has only two cameras, the main lens and the ultra-wide lens, but compared to the iPhone 11, Apple has upgraded the main lens. The main lens has a new 7-lens f / 1.6 aperture for improved photo capture - Apple says the format has increased by 27% in low light.


Now that Apple has enabled night mode on all cameras, you can then use the large rear cameras and the front camera to shoot small light. This means that there is a small chance the flash will change or explode. All four iPhone 12 models have developed OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) for the main camera, which is turned off 5 times the sample rate, giving the best shine time - up to two seconds without loss of intensity.


For iPhone 12 Pro, the camera has reached a new level. You first see three sensors and then add a 52mm "phone lens" that provides 2x optical zoom to the main camera. Larger cameras like the iPhone 12 have also been developed, with a new f / 1.6 aperture and 7-directional aperture to capture clear photos.


Apple has done a lot with the iPhone 12 Pro Max, advancing the main camera and the phone camera. The main sensor includes a new DSLR-like OIS system called sensor shift, making the sensor itself instead of a lens. Compared to the 12 Pro, this new sensor system does not improve performance. The phone's lens is 65mm long, 2.5 times the size of the main device, which directs you to the subject and reduces zoom requirements.


With the new A14 Bionic app, Apple Deep Fusion will be able to provide the first camera processing function on all four cameras, including the selfie camera, to provide the best color computing capabilities to solve photos, lights and complex settings. Usually, you can tweak all of your photos with the best photo editing technology from Apple. Not only that, but in iOS 14.3, Apple finally introduced support for ProRAW photo capturing, a scheme designed to convert RAW photos to iPhone.