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Download Google Meet for Android and iPhone directly free


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Download Google Meet for Android and iPhone directly free

google meet - In this tutorial for beginners, learn how to use Google Meet in a video conference with up to 100 other participants. With Google Meet, you can talk, see, and share your screen with others, be it a browser, desktop, or just a window, to make collaboration easy and more effective. Google Meet is free for everyone to use at http://meet.google.com.

Wondering how to use Google Meet video conferencing? You might be thinking what is Google Meet? Is Google Meet free? Well, in this tutorial, I answer all of these questions and more, including highlighting my favorite Google Meet features like Google Meet and screen sharing. But there are a lot of cool features, you will have to watch them to learn them all. Find out why I think Google Meet is a great alternative to Zoom.

What is Google Meet?

Google Meet has been all the hype lately and you may be wondering what Google Meet is and does Google Meet for Free? Well, I am here to answer these questions and more.

Firstly, Google Meet is the video conferencing app, and this is the business-focused version of Google Hangouts, which you may be familiar with.

Second, while Google Meet used to be a paid service for business users only, it is now free for everyone! So let's dive right first into how to use Google Meet, and then I'll focus on some of the cool things that stand out from Google Meet - and why I think you should use this video conferencing tool over competitors.

Join the meeting on Google Meet

So there are several ways you can use Google Meet and start or join a meeting. But first, it's helpful to clarify that you don't have to download the Google Meet desktop app, like many other video conferencing services it requires. Google Meet works like Hangouts in that it is web-based.

Download Google Meet for Android and iPhone

In fact, if you are very new to the google ecosystem, you can just visit meet.google.com to start or join a meeting. This will work across multiple browsers as well, so think Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, and more. Now, you can download Google Meet if you prefer to have your video chats on mobile apps, go instead of desktop. Google Meet is available on Android / iOS. Download Google Meet for Android and iPhone through the link below.

How to use Google Meet

Besides opening a new tab and heading to meet.google.com, how you use Google Meet and in fact, starting a meeting will really depend on your Google account and frankly, your preferences. So let me explain some of the different options to you by clicking here.

Download google meet for android and iphone for free

Google Meet is now free for anyone to use, regardless of whether or not you have a Google Business account. So, if you want to start Google Meet directly from your personal Google account, here are your options. From your Gmail or Google Calendar, tap on the Google apps option at the top right next to your profile picture. Then select Google Meet. You will be taken immediately to meet.google.com where you can start a meeting.

You can also start a meeting this way from your business account as well, in case your shortcut isn't there. Now, another way to start Google Meet is straight from gcal calendar invite. Now, this works the same way for a personal google account or a business google account, but your features will differ slightly which I will explain through this lesson. This honestly is my favorite method because in this way you can organize specific time and date across different time zones with your team or friends and family, they will do make meeting ready in gcal from the moment you send the invitation. So, from your gcal, just click on your calendar at your preferred time.

You have the option to add video conferencing via Google Meet. So, I'm going to address this and add my guests. And now when I add my guests here comes a really cool feature. If you share gcals with your guests, you can check their availability directly from here as well. Now, you'll also notice that Google has automatically generated a unique one-time meeting ID Goodbye. If you clicked "More Options" you can add details here and useful attachments for the meeting. So, once you add your guests, you can either click on the option to join Google Meet - which will open your Meet.google.com browser, or you can click on save. Since this is a future meeting, I'll click Save and then in this next meeting up, I'll choose to send an invitation to the guests.

Now about the different features that I mentioned before. You might notice that your personal Google account allows 100 participants to join the meeting, and you get the unique meeting ID. However, if you have a business account, the features here will be much more powerful. You will add the meeting in the same way from your gcal, but you will be able to add up to 250 participants and you will also receive a phone call with a passcode as well. Therefore, if your team cannot join via video link, they can still connect to Google Meet. Well, this is a good overview of how to use Google Meet and how to start a meeting and join meeting.

Great Google Meet features during the meeting

Now, let's get into an actual Google Meet meeting, and discover some of the best features. First things first, two great features built in are Low Light Mode and Noise Canceling Mode. These are things you probably won't even think about but Google has done a great job using AI to adjust your settings automatically.

Next feature I want to highlight is how to change screen layout to google Meet grid view. So, on the lower right, you'll notice 3 vertical dots. This is your quick list. If you click on that and head to change layout view, you will have options for sidebar, light, or brick width. Tiled view is what everyone refers to as grid view. Or, you can select Automatic and let Google Meet choose the best view for your number of attendees.

Another great feature found in this menu section is the ability to adjust your own video settings. So from the menu, tap on Settings. Then click the video in the pop-up window. There, you can change the video resolution not only for your video, but for the video as well.

Another cool feature is the customization of Google Meet screen sharing. So at the bottom right of the screen, click "Apply Now". You actually have quite a few options. You can share your entire screen, but check out these other options. You can only share a specific window or even share a specific chrome tab.


This is a game changer. If you want to share a video for training purposes, instead of showing it all on your desktop, this is the right choice for you. Going to the accessibility feature, you can add captions to Google Meet. Just click on Turn captions on at the bottom of the screen. This is also useful if you can't turn the volume up during a meeting, but you need to know what is being said.

Another feature that I think is easy to use is at the bottom left of Google Meet, in the meeting details section. Remember when I showed you how to create Google Meet from your gcal invitation? Well, if you add an attachment in the invitation details, that's where you'll find it in your meeting - right in the meeting details in the attachments section. How stylish is this?

Now let's turn around a little bit, and see what feature we have there. On the top right, click the little people icon to bring up your sidebar. If you click on the dropdown arrow next to the participant's name, you have the option to mute the participant, and pin it to your screen, so that only your view is that one person or the host can remove the participant. This sidebar is also where you will be able to add anyone to the chat if you forget someone.

Now another great feature of Google Meet is the chat function. From the sidebar, click on the chat. This is where you or participants can write questions or send helpful links without being interrupted by the speaker. To exit the sidebar view, just click anywhere on your screen outside the sidebar.

All of these features are available on mobile apps as well, and options may only be placed in different places. This is how to use video conferencing via Google Meet, along with the best features of Google Meet.

Will you be using Google Meet? What are your favorite features?

Really, very cool Google Meet. We recommend that you download Google Meet and do your meetings and conferences, whether educational or commercial, in light of the conditions we are going through now, i.e. the epidemiological situation, may God protect us and you from this epidemic.