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Seo youtube : How to Scrape YouTube search Results step by step


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Seo youtube : How to Scrape YouTube search Results step by step

Explanation today, we will understand more the impact of our attention to some details within the video on its entry to search engines, not only that I will share with you the secrets of Scrape YouTube search results, especially the selection of keywords that are considered the most important factors of prominence in search engines, and of course Scrape YouTube search results means obtaining More views, more interaction, and thus the private video is recommended for more followers, hoping you will benefit the most from this explanation of how to Scrape YouTube search results.


By 2021, the power of video is no longer one of its strengths and it is one of the best things you can do for your marketing strategy. YouTube is the most visited website in the world now, after only Google owns the platform.


And since YouTube is an emerging search engine, videos need the same optimization as traditional websites.


Moreover, increasing your videos will not only rank higher on YouTube, but it will increase your time to appear in Google search results and increase your traffic thus Scrape YouTube search results.


So if you want to learn more about SEO Marketing How to Scrape YouTube search Results to increase reach or get traffic and you are more interested in what you have to offer, read on.


What is SEO for Scrape YouTube search results?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an ever-evolving method for designing and ensuring that your website ranks high in search engine result pages (SERPs). Since the portal is constantly looking for your information, you need to optimize your website to get more visitors (Scrape YouTube search results), grow your business and increase your revenue.


Seo youtube is all about optimizing your streams, playlists, metadata, descriptions, and videos on your own. You can expand your videos to and from YouTube.


One of the most important things in improving SEO and Scrape YouTube search results is to use the power of video keywords in the form of keywords, tags and keywords.


How does YouTube search work? (Learn about search algorithm and its effect on SEO).

Google's role has helped make YouTube an effective video search player. Both industries share the same data.


One of the great benefits of uploading your videos to YouTube is getting ads from Google. There is no waiting period for your video to be crawled, and no need to install a new web card.


Even with this very close relationship between Google and YouTube, the growth of ideas needs to follow traditional SEO principles. Well-prepared information provides search engines with search requirements for and converting YouTube videos.


A video can't be spread or shared if its subject doesn't understand what it is. Since search engine robots cannot display the videos, they rely on keyword information to be able to correctly identify them.


The exact wording applies to the video. Lighting and posters are also key. But most YouTubers don't realize that tags and subheadings can have a positive impact on user performance, time tracking, and SEO for Scrape YouTube search results.


SEO YouTube # 1: Build your own keyword (keyword) measure

The smart feature isn't the hardest, the way you go when advertising your videos or videos.


a. Research keywords related to your topic (SEO is best).

Like anything else in SEO, video optimization with SEO starts with basic keyword research. In the process, you need to find the keywords that are most relevant to your topic and the keywords that your users will use to search for a topic, product or service similar to yours.


Google Planner is one of the best tools for this job. The manufacturer will give you a wide range of keywords and a percentage of competition depending on the levels of comparison they specify.


B. Identify topics of interest to be evaluated as the research grows

One way to grow your keyword list is with strong links and get an idea of ​​how you can grow your business using the YouTube feature. This method is great because it allows you to collect the words that people type on YouTube.

You can go to the videos you like and copy the words that have been added to them. Plus, with the help of YouTube feature, you can collect tons of ideas for future videos.


Google Trends is an excellent tool for analyzing search trends and comparing keywords based on their popularity. To get more information about YouTube, just switch from the web search option to YouTube search.


In addition to giving you an idea of ​​who is currently working in your niche, the developer shows you how the number of search queries changes over time and gives you a choice of word desires in a particular land. These codes are especially useful if you have a list of passwords and want to compare them in popularity.


C. Collect the keywords (keywords) for the video

I see you often see YouTube videos appearing between the final Google pages for specific keywords. In fact, about 20-40% of your YouTube traffic comes from paid searches, i.e. free.


This is why collecting and optimizing videos for such terms can increase their fight time for a place in Google's organic search results, and this is a great program to learn. You are in the YouTube SEO Directory.


The best way to collect these keywords is to enter your keywords into the Rack Tracker and see if the videos are on the end pages - so you can decide which keywords to start with.


Seo youtube # 2: Optimize your video's metadata

Like it or not, but since Google and YouTube use automated video recognition devices, YouTube can now recognize what's in your video while viewing the link, i.e. a search engine. The reason why video metadata is losing its power is not suggesting not to add it.


In fact, it is very important to us because it is what users think when deciding whether or not to click on a video. Moreover, it is a good idea to upload a video with improved metadata not about 48 hours after it has been broadcast, which is what YouTube's algorithm understands is a non-worthwhile video and therefore not Scrape YouTube search results.

So how to add metadata to your videos to please searchers and YouTube.


a. Add the keyword in the title of the video

I'm not surprised that the video's title is the first, sometimes the only thing researchers are looking at is looking at how relevant the video they're looking for. In order to accomplish this idea, you need a good name in the words you want to reach and summarize the knowledge of the video.


Attempt to gain attention but do not give false headlines contrary to the content of the video. It's also a good idea to watch the video titles of the contestants and leaderboards in the search results to get ideas.


Videos with keywords in their titles rank higher in YouTube and Scrape YouTube search results and also have a higher chance of appearing on Google Search.


B. Improve description of the video

The description is what stands directly under the YouTube search heading. While video descriptions can be up to 1000 characters, the first 100 characters (2-3 lines of text) are the most important as this is the number of words users will see before clicking "Show more". This is the main reason to get your first line keywords, CTAs, and links to your social media account.


C. Create a custom thumbnail par excellence

The small picture is the first thing that comes to researchers' mind, as information is seen instead of words. Often people stand to judge a book by the cover and decide whether or not to watch the video based on the quality, media value, and aesthetics of the little movie. So I don't insist on choosing from the mini YouTube videos - consider creating your own instead.

First, take a look at the thumbnail across all devices, to make sure it meets the following technical requirements:


  • The image is 1280 x 720 pixels
  • 16: 9 ratio
  • Image size must be less than 2MB
  • The image is in .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or .png format.


The thumbnail should be large enough for the searcher to click on your video. It's also a good idea to add a word to the small image to increase interest. This is one of the factors that helps Scrape YouTube search results.


D. Add Video Tags to your video

Tag optimization helps searchers find your videos - seen as "keywords" in the YouTube algorithm. The best way to get an idea of ​​the tags you add to your videos is to know what your competitors are using - just download TubeBuddy and the app will show you the exact tags along with the video validation.


And. Add hashtags to your video

Using hashtags is another way to increase the likelihood that your videos will be viewed by multiple search engines and then Scrape YouTube search results. All you have to do is add it to your video description and it will appear on the video title. Since hashtags have been added to the site, some of your old videos might not be ready with it - so be sure to follow along and edit.


The hashtags you add are important for showing what users will see after they type and click. It's also important to remember that YouTube limits 15 hashes per video, so don't use too much.


seo youtube. 3: Improve user interaction with the video

While time tracking and audience engagement has become at the top of the rankings, so optimizing time is one of the main goals of Seo youtube, and paying for YouTube videos by keeping people longer because the level of knowledge is better. Additionally, some metaphors like opinions are closely related to video search in YouTube search. So how do you increase watch time, user retention and share your videos.


a. Improve the watch time of your video

The good thing about improving watch time for videos is viewing watch time reports is that it can give you more insights about average watch time, viewership, and more. While retaining the audience. These metrics and analyzes will help you keep your audience engaged and identify weaknesses in your design.


If you find the video is not publicly available, you might think it is too long. If so, try cutting the ill-fitting circles and jumping straight to the point.


To increase your broadcast size, consider displaying other videos directly in a video or description. It's also a good idea to combine videos on the same topics into one playlist - they easily play every time someone watches a video from the series.


B - Encouraging communication and interaction with viewers

Due to tracking of time, Likes, Subscriptions and Comments are the most powerful YouTube rankings link. The first step in encouraging your audience to participate in your videos is identifying areas for improvement. And there is no better way to do this than with YouTube Analytics' help - it lets you determine which videos are engaging in subscribers and unsubscribers, and where the video is headed. Gorgeous.


To encourage your audience to express themselves, consider asking them the right questions at the end of the video. And of course, respond to them appropriately to revive the discussion and get the audience to listen.


Another method that is gaining popularity, especially among bloggers, is to run a contest that requires viewers to like, subscribe, and comment on the video. Of course, many people will refuse to subscribe after the contest ends, but the number of new subscribers can give the video a big boost and hence Scrape YouTube search results.


C. Improve your YouTube channel

One of the best ways to improve your YouTube channel and improve your access to your videos is to include cards. It could be 6 different types depending on what you want to promote: channel, link, survey, video, menu, and gift card.

End screens can be very useful if you want to direct scenes to your other videos and have more time to watch them. Add end screens in the last 5-20 seconds, post a video / playlist or stream, encourage viewers to subscribe and link to approved sites.


Since 85% of Facebook videos are uploaded unsupervised, adding text and annotations is more important than just the fancy stuff. In addition, it is a great opportunity to make your videos available to the deaf audience or those who speak another language and are considering applying vocabulary and definitions.


And last but not least, the way I want to draw your attention to the nature of the videos. In fact, the HD videos are appreciated by the viewers and so is YouTube - 68.2% of the videos on the YouTube front page are in HD. So be sure to switch to the HD video format if you haven't already.


Seo youtube # 4: Present and promote your videos

While searching for keywords, improving metadata and improving user retention takes a lot of work, they won't pay you well if you have a video in a way that is hard to see and watch. So how to advertise your videos and get more views and Scrape YouTube search results.


In fact, the first thing that we can think of is actually promoting your YouTube content is promoting it via social media, it's a great place to start an advertising program and promote your video. In 2018, 500 million people watched videos on Facebook every day. On Twitter.


However, social media is a very powerful video ad powerhouse. And if you want to know what kind of advertising videos are around, consider using social media tools like Awario, Kahi, or Brandwatch.


By sending Awario a message, you will be able to view and analyze your platform and gain information in the advertising policies of your competitors.


The video ads policy has shown success in embedding videos in blog posts. This is where you can find some connections and battles to see biological influences. Win-Win Video Experience + Watch.


The best places to post your videos are where people are searching for answers. So consider posting your videos to Q&A like Quora.


Easily select the question you think the video will cover and leave it at the end of the answer. However, I have to let you know that Quora is good at spam detection - so be careful and try to help the Quora community first.


Also consider adding your videos to columns or blogs on the topic in response to a question from someone in the comments.


Another way to revisit your videos for people who know or love them is by linking them to your newspaper. After all, these are your customers who pay or click on at least one link for your video.


If you want to let them know about future sales, you can include a video on how your product will be used and why it is better than your competitors' product for example.


If you apply the previous explanation completely correctly, it helps viewers find your videos, and this of course will increase the number of subscribers, and the videos will appear in the first search results and Scrape YouTube search results.