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business suite facebook: fast and easy way to post to Facebook and Instagram


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business suite facebook: fast and easy way to post to Facebook and Instagram

Facebook Business Suite - If you use both Facebook and Instagram to promote your business, you will need to check out our business suite facebook! 


Facebook Business Suite allows you to: 


  • Post to both Facebook and Instagram at the same time with the click of a button⁣⁣
  • Receive updates and notifications for both Facebook and Instagram in one central hub⁣⁣
  • Check your Facebook and Instagram messages in one single mailbox
  • Check Facebook and Instagram analytics in one dashboard

I'll also show you what it looks like so that you can decide if it is something to use and if it will help you in making posting easier on both platforms! ⁣⁣

What is Facebook Business Suite?

There was an easier way to manage Facebook and Instagram accounts. Suppose you have one of the central applications on your phone, you are in luck because Facebook only made our lives easier with the unveiling of Facebook business suite Facebook.

In this explanation I will review what is Facebook Business Suite we are. It shows you how to access Facebook business suite facebook both on laptop or desktop and also on your phone as well as highlighting some features within business suite facebook that you might really like.

Well, if you are currently running a Facebook business profile and an instagram business profile for you, maybe one of three things might be keeping everything separate meaning that you post on Facebook through the facebook app or the platform you are using, post on Instagram Through the Instagram app or platform and check your analyzes for each of them, one of these is separately in the respective apps or platforms or you can use Creator Studio on facebook, which means you post to Facebook using Studio, post to Instagram using Creator Studio and check From your analyzes for each.

Facebook Business Suite: Connect Instagram and Facebook accounts

On September 17, 2020 Facebook yet another option presented us to the Facebook business suite facebook. The Facebook business suite is designed to be the center so that they have the application that you can download on the phone as well as the desktop version that you want. With it, you can manage both your facebook business page and your instagram business profile from one central location only.

What does this mean by this? It means that by using the business suite facebook you will be able to receive all your updates and notifications or send messages or receive messages from both platforms or create ads for both platforms and check your thoughts in analytics, then also schedule all your posts for both facebook and instagram to go out in Only one tool for those outside like me who use Facebook Studio.

You may be wondering why the Facebook administration decided to add the business suite facebook tool

business suite facebook is easier to use, simply because if you use creator studio did you know that you still have to go into it separately scheduling the post on both platforms (facebook and instagram) this is a really easy way write one post then press send to both The two platforms at the same time.

How to access facebook business business suite of facebook

I show you how to access business suite facebook this way you can play around there and see if something you are likely to use, let's start by clicking on your computer so I can show you where to find it on the desktop version Okay, so sign Log into the Facebook business page and you will notice if you scroll down there you will notice there is a banner there with the button that says Go to the business suite facebook business suite. When you click on it, it simply goes to redirect you to the facebook business suite facebook page, and then it will ask you to confirm access.

Click confirm now if you notice look to the left side and first click on the activity notification that it has facebook and instagram activity notifications are very intertwined this is something different from the creator studio on facebook also pulls inbox from facebook and instagram as well as apparently direct message files , So you can separate the two and look at each one separately, or you can look at them together from the main page, you can also define how your post is displayed and you can also switch between Facebook and Instagram, also if you notice the analytics it seems that you have analyzes for both Facebook and Instagram as well as you can Also, access to more tools.

Use the features of business suite facebook to manage your marketing

Let's take a look at the directions so your facebook and instagram account shows you arrive from the same thing. The dashboard is nice and you can see all your audience and information for both of them under the bottom, and also you can access ideas and if I want to create a post then let's do that and you can start creating a post and choosing Just each of these instagram and facebook boxes.

business suite facebook is actually a direct result of covid19 was their way of jumping into work and trying to help companies get up and running as quickly as possible, the more tools and resources we provide the more competencies should be created in our daily life workflow and make it a little easier for us to post and get On our information and content for our audience, download the app or check the desktop version and just let me know do you think this extension is really good that Facebook has you see yourself using it basically daily and it will make your life a little easier in terms of posting on both platforms.