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Download Google Drive for PC and Android free, with a direct link


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Download Google Drive for PC and Android free, with a direct link

Download Google Drive: In this tutorial I teach you how to download Google Drive. We also highlight the best features of Google Drive!

In this tutorial, I go deeper into Google Drive, how to upload google drive and shared some of my favorite Google Drive features. You'll learn how to use Google Drive, how much storage Google Drive provides for free, plus some of the best features of Google Drive. Is Google Drive better than Dropbox? Google Drive is great.

A brief overview about the Google Drive service

 Google Drive is a free cloud storage solution that features file storage, syncing, and sharing across devices. If you previously created or read a Google document, for example, you have previously used the Google Drive feature file.

So there are multiple ways to access Google Drive. For me, I can always access my drive from my Gmail or GCal, but you can even access it from your YouTube account.

Download google drive for Android or pc free

If you are very new to google drive and want to download google drive, or you haven't even set up google drive yet, you can do so by head over to drive.google.com. There, Google gave you a great overview of how to upload google drive and the advantages of Google Drive and you can access Drive directly from there.

You can download google drive if you want. Once you click "go to drive", you will be taken directly to Drive, and assuming you are already logged in to your Google account, a page will appear asking you to log into your Google account. You can also create an account from there, if you don't have a Google account yet. Once you log into your Google account, and open your Drive, your drive might look a little different in the main partition depending on whether or not you have created any files. But, the basic design with the options on the left will look the same regardless. If your Google Drive layout still looks different, you can adjust the layout format using the option on the top right there to switch to list view or grid view. It is a personal preference.

Now I want to point something out right away, you might notice your drive is showing 15GB of storage. It is the standard free storage provided by Google Drive. If you are interested in all the storage options for Google Drive, then 15GB Storage is a beautiful and powerful free cloud storage solution.

How to create a new file in Google Drive

Let's start with how to create a new file in Google Drive. What you need to do is click on "New" at the top left. There, you will have the option to create a new folder, upload a file or folder, you can create a google document, sheet or slide, and then you will have more options below that where you can create fillable forms and more. So, if you don't have anything in your command yet, the best place to start is to create a New Fold Think about how you want to organize all of your files there. For example, I have the YouTube Vids folder. This folder contains all my YouTube scripts and some other notes related to my YouTube channel. So go ahead and create your folder.

If you want to upload a file that already exists on your computer, go back to "New" and select Upload the file. After that, select the file you want to upload and it will be added to your drive. Basically any type of file can be uploaded, video file, pdf, image file, photoshop file, and on and on. In addition, you can upload multiple files simultaneously by pressing Select Control or Select Command on Mac. Just like you can upload a file, you can also upload an entire folder.

Now let's talk how to create a file from scratch in Google Drive. Let's use create google document as example, now you can click on google docs option, or you can hover over the arrow to the right and you will have the option to create document space or create document from template. Until the time limit. Let's take a moment to talk about the cool Google Drive feature. I think the templates are one of the best features of Google Drive. So, check this out. Let's click on the Template option. A new tab opens and you can scroll through loads of document templates such as resumes, letterheads, different types of project proposals, sales templates, legal templates, contractor agreements and more!

Go back to creating a file. We are using an example document, so let's create a new document. Once again, you will notice that a new tab opens automatically. Click the document title to rename it. Any changes you make to any file will be saved in Drive for you automatically. So, once you create a file, you'll need to organize everything into a drive. So at the top near your title, click on the small folder icon, and select the folder you want to move it to, so we'll select the test folder you created, and then click Move.

Now back in the drive tab, I can open my folder, there is the document that I created. Another feature that allows easy file recovery is the ability to star the file. This is right at the top near the file name as well. Once something is starred, it will be found in the starred section of Google Drive.

Now you don't always have to open the file to transfer it or put it in your favorites. From your drive, you can right-click the file, and take a look at all of these options available to you. You can share it or create a shareable link - I'll go over it in more detail in a bit file, show the file's location, move it or bookmark it, rename the file, copy the file, download it to your computer, delete it and more. There are many features available with just one click. Another thing you might notice is the different icons for different files. Here's a quick visual tip from Google that shows you, without opening the file, whether it's a document, spreadsheet, pdf file, or whatever.

How to share a file in Google Drive

How to do that and set the required sharing permissions. Remember how Google provides you with a visual hint of what you're looking at. Well, if you have a little icon with a person in it, that means it has been shared. Now, there are several ways to share a file. You can do this from the file itself when creating it, or you can do it from the main file Google Drive. So, as I showed you before, you can right-click on any file to share it, or if you click to select a file, at the top left of the drive, you'll have a few options. If you click on the person icon that has the plus icon, a sharing popup will appear where you can add email addresses of those you want to share with.

You can add multiple people if you want and to the right of the person you add you can set your sharing permissions here. You can allow them view-only access, the ability to comment, or the ability to edit the document as you can.

You can also write a small letter to your collaborators. When you are ready to share, just click Submit. If you don't want to add people directly, you can also create a shareable link. Only people with the link can view the file.

Back in your drive with the file selected, just click the link icon at the top right and in this popup window, you can copy the link and also set the link sharing permissions there as well.

Should you download google drive

Really, we recommend that you download google drive for Android and computer, it is free, and it is a service provided by Google to save your various files safely for retrieval at any time. Then download Google Drive to your computer and Android device.