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kalender googl : 5 tips for your kalender googl


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kalender googl : 5 tips for your kalender googl

Learn our kalender googl tips. Do you use kalender googl ? Are you as productive as you could possibly be with?


In this tutorial, I'm sharing some of the best things about your kalender googl, including our top 5 kalender googl tips. Some of these tips range from very important keyboard shortcuts to how to create an invisible calendar event in kalender googl . Time to save time.

The kalender googl is full of great features. But are you as productive as you can be with kalender googl ? In this tutorial, I'm sharing 5 kalender googl productivity calendar tips that will help save you time and simplify your kalender googl  experience.

Hello friends! My name is Fares and I welcome again as I share technical advice, app reviews and lots of Google advice.

Today, we're back to the kalender googl, but this time we're focusing on kalender googl tips for productivity. And there are some real gems here. So let's go!

kalender googl tips is full of great features

If you want more quality kalender googl , here are our tips:


Tip # 1: Create a new event quickly with the shortcut.

You know how much I love shortcuts to save time. From Chrome or Safari, simply type cal.new into the browser bar, and blamo, a new tab is launched with an empty calendar event. This will open a new event tab for any account you're logged into, by the way, so if you have multiple Google accounts, keep that in mind. Now you might think your browser bar shortcut looks familiar, and you'd be right.

Now at kalender googl tip # 2: add invisible events

This is especially useful if you share your calendar with others, but want to create an event visible only to you. From your kalender googl , click to create your event. Once you name it what you want, head over to the Visibility section - it's the one with the name of your calendar. Click that, set your availability for free, then set your default visibility to post. Setting event availability to "Free" ensures that a certain time period is still publicly displayed as available. Only you see the 15-minute stretch, or whatever you want to do in private.

kalender googl tip # 3: Change the default event reminder time and notification type.

You can easily change this by heading to your settings. Head over to the gear icon and select "Settings". From there, select your calendar under the "Settings my calendars" option. Scroll down, and under Event notifications, click "Add notification". If you haven't done so yet, you can set the default time and notification type. So if you prefer receiving an email, you can choose it there, along with any number of minutes, hours, days, or weeks. By the way, any changes you make there will be saved automatically for you.

kalender googl tip # 4: Receive a Daily Agenda email.

I've talked about this before and I'm using it, but it's worth noting again, especially if you have a lot going on and want a quick preview of your day. To do that, we will come back to the settings section of kalender googl and again, you want to select your calendar from the left side. Then scroll down or select Event notifications only. There, among the other notifications, where it says "Daily Agenda", make sure that is set to the email. Now you'll get an email first thing in the morning, I think it's 5 AM, with the schedule for that day. Here's an example of one of these emails.

kalender googl tip # 5: Search Google Calendar events.

If you have a terrible memory like me and need to bring up an earlier event quickly or even find someone you know soon, this little tip is money. From your kalender googl , click on the search icon at the top right. The search bar appears at the top, that's definitely cool and all, but if you click to the right of the search bar, you'll see all kinds of advanced search options. So, you can search all active calendars, or select a specific calendar to search in. You can add keywords from the event title, other participants, venue, or even approximate date charts, so if you know it happened in 2020 but can't remember when you can add that there. Then press "Search" and kalender googl will fetch any and all events that match this search criteria.

So if you notice anything else cool in your kalender googl while reviewing your kalender googl let everyone know in the comments below. As always, thank you so much for following, and if you liked this explanation I want to know and give it a share or leave this comment below.