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Make Money With YouTube: How Many Views To Profit From YouTube?


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Make Money With YouTube: How Many Views To Profit From YouTube?

Are you looking for ways to make money through YouTube? You may have participated in a YouTube visual business before, but you want to improve the game and make steady income. Maybe the first question you asked was "How many impressions did you get on YouTube?"


But there is only one problem - there is no hard and fast answer to this question. There is no "number of ideas to make money from $ 100 on YouTube ..." method that lets you enter how many times a video has been viewed and see how much money is available.


Do you want to become famous on YouTube, connect with people every day, and quit your day job to earn a living from making advertising money. How to make money through YouTube?


Is it really difficult to make money on YouTube?

You can become very popular and popular on YouTube with millions of fans. But if your audience can't reach tens of millions each month, you probably won't quit your day job.


This means millions of visitors every 10 days and that is not difficult. But most Arab users give up and sell the broadcast before reaching this level.


This fact is the result of an in-depth study conducted by Matthias Barthel, a professor at the University of Upplinburg in Germany. Bärtl and his team are working hard to capture a sample of YouTube streams and count how many viewers (and thus how much ad revenue) each can generate.


The platform does not provide its own way to calculate ad revenue, which may be different for similar reasons, such as the land the audience sees. So the plans are close. But they were angry enough to convince all-minded people who had hoped for a job on YouTube Star to take YouTube as a job or start looking for another project.


In this article, we will discuss different ways to monetize and make money with YouTube from broadcasting on YouTube, from ads to ads. We'll cover more ideas you'll find on YouTube.


If you find you have a passion and can keep going until you get 100,000 views per day, we recommend YouTube. It can take your inner life.


How many views to earn from YouTube? How to calculate profit from YouTube

Earning money and living with a YouTube experience might be a dream for many, but the first thing to do is get a real look. On current business standards, you can generate about $ 1,000 for every half a million views on YouTube.


So if your video is not getting millions of views in a short period of time, you may need to look to other ways to convert YouTube traffic into money.


However, this is one of the best options if you want to make money with YouTube. Here are some suggestions for other YouTubers


Calculate profit from YouTube from watching ads?

If you don't have a specific sport, how do you calculate how much information you need? Without a specific number, it is best to start by joining the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and see the difference between press ads through ad and view (watch).


1. Linking the YouTube channel to the Adsense account

If you have a YouTube account of over 1,000 and 4,000 subscribers who watched hours over the past year, you can join the YouTube Affiliate Program and wait for YouTube approval.


When you join the YouTube Affiliate Program, you can run ads for your videos.


When you turn on ads, you start to see ads appear in your broadcasts and you'll see how much money you make. It is difficult to determine exactly how much money you will earn from advertising on your videos because it is related to the Google AdSense advertising system.


2. Google Adsense Marketing

Simply put, Adsense allows advertisers to "request" the right to run an ad on your videos. You must allow ads to appear before your video can appear on the AdSense system.


If there are enough customers, AdSense determines the winner based on the prices the advertiser is willing to pay and the nature of their ads. You can find more details on this AdSense Help page.


The actual amount that each ad receives depends largely on the three factors mentioned above: the number of advertisers that request your videos, the quality of their ads, and the number of comments and clicks that ads receive when they appear on your videos.


These are the main reasons. There are a number of other factors that can help you more your bottom line, depending on where you live or the market in the world.


YouTube is served by many smaller Adsense advertisers. There is a small "Selling Partners" advertising program that attracts YPP members. You can sell and publish your videos to advertisers. However, this is a small program and only available for experienced users.


3. Views and clicks

Previously, ads were sold using pay-per-view (CPM) ads. Today, most advertisers, like Adsense, have ignored this comparison. Click-to-click (CPC) ads are required for a viewer to click on the ad for the YouTuber to earn money.


Although watching videos is more likely to click ads on that video, it is very difficult to determine the exact percentage.

Ultimately, some YouTube creators rely on thousands or even millions of views to generate the ad revenue they need to support themselves. Others reduce their dependence on advertising through diversification, with affiliate links and merchandise shelves gaining more.


Make money with YouTube, you must have unique and high-quality video content.