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Ways to earn money from youtube


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Ways to earn money from youtube

1. Earn money from watching YouTube ads

This is one of the best ways to earn money from youtube by sharing the videos in this column. All you have to do is become a YouTube partner and play commercials (or) videos in your broadcast. For many YouTubers, this has become an excellent resource.


Minimum entry requirements or simple YouTube monetization requirements:

       Your broadcast may have seen at least 4,000 hours of video viewing in the past 12 months before you applied to monetize your videos.

       You need 1,000 subscribers to your broadcast.

       You must be at least 18 years old before you can apply to join the YouTube Partner Program.

There is no set time to meet these requirements and when they are combined you can start monetizing your in-stream video ads. The less controversy your videos are about, the more YouTube advertisers will enjoy watching their ads on them.


YouTube usually pays 55% of its ad revenue to the publisher and saves 45%. On average, you can expect to earn between $ 1 and $ 2 per 1000 views of your videos.


Keep in mind that each business pays different fees, and depends on advertisers' requests. Here are some things to consider when choosing this budget method. YouTube High Income Earners Earn Money, Business, and Entertainment.


How to increase revenue with YouTube ads

Choose a high pay niche: For example, if you choose to create a YouTube Business broadcast, you can earn $ 15 per 1,000 views. Even if the number of ideas is small, it is a good idea to earn money and enjoy your status.

• Insert ads manually as possible: Do this if you have a problem. Basically, I start the language and run the ad in the middle of the language because the user wants to hear the rest of the language. For example, “What you'll see about affiliate marketing is… (Ad)… the rest of the word. I've seen this type of approach drive users enough to just quit the ad instead of clicking on a video.”

As much as possible, post video clips on the channel: YouTube is a digital game. People don't want to listen but it's 100% accurate. The more videos you post, the more likely you are to succeed.

2. Create a YouTube channel of a special nature and help from external sources

One of the ways some Youtube users make money from YouTube is by creating what I call a "private" stream.


When people think of a YouTube stream, they imagine themselves in front of a camera recording and editing videos so their eyes flow.


But the idea here is the same as what I'm doing with systems, an interesting kind of business. The point is, you create a stream full of videos on a specific topic and even though these videos have been reviewed on YouTube or you get a quote from an algorithm, you are making a lot of money. Worth a try because YouTube is the second largest search engine and it keeps growing every year.

I would say I went for this myself, but it's not true. I learned what business was all about through a guy named Matt Barr.

Here are some things to know:

Matt earns over $ 30K a month this way (shows evidence of making money from the course he bought)

He died young and it looks like he might be the son of your little girl or daughter. But ... don't be fooled by his age. He was very persistent and his path was steady.

In my opinion, Matt is a bit demanding with his selling practices, but I know he does for one simple reason, he's running smoothly.

If you can afford the method, its training is very good and full of value. This is what I searched to find out how to make money from YouTube using a YouTube consulting site.

I have encouraged many friends to do this with their branding and I can confidently say that 95% are committed to this technology and 5% either give it up or give it up.


Pay attention to this form when you start submitting the entire process. Although it may be scary, it is not difficult. Make the video you need in the following ways:


       Search for photos or pictures

       Create a haircut to create the look

       Text and speech

       Someone will post the video and add videos for SEO


In short, this is a reasonable professional estimate and I do not think it is satisfactory because the world does not think so. For anyone who thinks this might be a good idea, I suggest you take a look at their website to fully understand it.


3. Affiliate Marketing (Affiliate Marketing)

You can't always rely on ads to make money from YouTube. The good news is that there are other ways to increase your income to choose from - like sales.


Affiliate marketing is a great idea. The large retailers do not rely too much on their supply chain. They often find a reasonable price to pay for YouTube streams that have a strong fan base to advertise their products.


This is why affiliate marketing is a great way to increase your income in this column if you have already built a large number of followers. However, with fewer followers, you can be better off in this column - if you use a marketing strategy.


How do I make money !!!

To take full advantage of YouTube's profitable technology, subscribe to businesses or sites related to your niche to get links to products that your audience wants. You can recommend this product in your stream of posts and get a commission for each sale.


The right way to get sales is to link related products to your image description. The more deposits you make, the more money you will earn.


Here's a great example of Graham Stephen, a freelance YouTube creator, who makes money through Amazon affiliate links like cameras and audio recorders. He has a link below his video descriptions to take the viewer to this page.


You see, when someone clicks on an Amazon product and buys something, they get a small commission. But these little commissions are piling up. Her latest money-making video showed that she was making around $ 2000 a month using these little links in her videos.


But there is no need to get rid of physical products. If you go with a program like ShareaSale, there are many products and programs that can encourage you to earn extra money.


How to Increase Affiliate Marketing Profits on Youtube

       Sending sales and affiliate links to the description of the videos

       Add the first word with related links

       Check related links for videos

       Add YouTube Cards to your video to show related links

important note:

It is important to keep in mind that reporting is required if you want to invest earn money from youtube with affiliate marketing. You need to add negativity to your flow. This is just an official statement telling readers that you are in contact with the manufacturers of the products you talk about in your online experience.


You must explain to them that you will earn a commission if they click on your links and make certain purchases.


You will need to provide a disclaimer if you have other benefits, such as writing sponsored posts or creating sponsored videos to download free products. There are no fees.


If you are in the US, you can follow the FTC advice on how to make a clear rejection. For UK content writers, follow the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) guidelines.


The FTC (US) and ASA (UK) have two policies that let you know if you are American or British.


4. Review products or applications

There should be no restrictions on the sale of physical products. You can use it for any type of product that you want. For example, you can conduct product or software reviews in your stream of engagements for various industries in your niche and make money from viewing and marketing.


Check out YouTube and see how many people are reviewing your products or services. Here's an Instacart review, great delivery and customer service to help you save money and time.


This works well because it can be very effective for your followers - when it comes to the market, of course. You pay, your audience gets the right information and your branding gets back - everyone wins.


How to earn money from youtube with reviews on youtube

       Add a link in the pinned caption and description for the video

       Use YouTube Cards if needed to link to change

       Go back to your links and see how you can help people click on them (people want users to help).

5) Manufacture, creation and sale of training courses and courses

One of the best ways to earn money from youtube is to create and sell online consulting ideas. If you have the knowledge to share and it can give your followers a great value, they will be delighted to purchase your painting to learn more about how you can help them improve their lives.


You can study a variety of subjects, such as health and wellness courses or curricula, personal development, marketing and business.


There are a lot of people who are involved, for example with Meet Kevin, a well-known businessman who runs a 7-digit company. He uses many of his YouTube videos to entice viewers of his online training program to teach people how to invest and make money.


How does he do this?

He has added his course links in video descriptions with a strong call-to-action phrase to help viewers get through them so they buy his courses.



This is a great way to earn money from youtube, but to be successful in marketing you need to be able to create relevant, relevant and unique knowledge that will provide the most value to your clients.


How to earn money from youtube by increasing earnings with courses

• Include course links with your description of the video.

Watch a series of videos from time to time.

Use YouTube Cards sometimes to get people to buy your courses (but not much)

6. Use YouTube to build a brand.

YouTube is great for building your brand if you want to build fans, grow business, and increase business profits. As a two-part search engine, this platform provides some great opportunities to present your brand in public. You can use it as a tool to reach followers if you are active in another community, or linked to a site you are currently running.


The site is better than YouTube streaming because it is a platform that allows you to communicate with your audience in a deep and customized way, such as email etc.


Use YouTube to improve your brand.

After you capture a video and use the video software to edit and upload it to YouTube, copy your videos to your blog and delete them as a blog. I always allow subscribers of your YouTube broadcast to your site to advertise my full name.


This will help you grow your email list and bring in thousands of dollars that you can earn on the plane or for sale. Over 90% of customers claim to see new YouTube features every day, which is a great reason to start creating a name for yourself in this column.