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Best MacBook Pro 2021 Accessories | MacBook Pro


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Best MacBook Pro 2021 Accessories | MacBook Pro

Here are my picks for the best MacBook Pro Mac accessories of 2021! In this tutorial, I am sharing my shortlist of the best MacBook Pro Mac accessories of 2021. These are the 7 best MacBook Pro accessories you'll want. Are you looking for the best webcam for Mac? Maybe you want the best wireless headphones for MacBook Pro? Or maybe you really need the best mouse for editing. I cover all of this and more as I outline the best MacBook Pro Mac accessories for your setup.

Are you looking for the best Mac accessories? Of course you are! This guide covers the best MacBook Pro accessories in 2021! Hello friends! My name is Fares and I welcome back to your website where I share technical advice and application reviews.

Best MacBook Pro 2021 Accessories

In this tutorial, as you know, I highlight the best MacBook Pro accessories. Come on, let's go! There are a lot of necessities when it comes to MacBook Pro accessories - I'll cover webcams, mice, keyboards, external hard drives and more. As such, I have created tutorial chapters to take you to the accessories you want in your spare time.

First: the webcam in the MacBook Pro

Well let's talk about my favorite webcam first. This is actually my most recent MacBook Pro accessory and I wouldn't be happier with it. Let me introduce you to Logitech StreamCam. Am I a steamer? No! Does it matter? No! This is a great webcam, and I dare say, it just might be the best MacBook Pro webcam.

Logitech StreamCam features 1080p video at 60 fps, and is also equipped with intelligent auto focus and exposure, thanks to face tracking. It even comes with a tiny little tripod, if you want to prepare two of these bad boys for a live party or gaming experience. Additionally, StreamCam can also rotate and shoot full HD vertical video, which is shocking for real life, but perfect for Insta stories. It's quite versatile when it comes to installation options and most importantly for MacBook Pro users, it connects via USB-C. So to really show you just how amazing Logitech StreamCam is, perfect! Logitech StreamCam is roughly $ 170, depending on where you buy it. Well .

Second: MacBook Pro computer mouse

Let's move on to some of the options for the computer mouse. I have two recommendations for you here, depending on your use case. They are both Logitech as well. The first is this Logitech M325 wireless mini mouse. This mouse comes in a full range of color options and is ideal for travel due to its compact size. And honestly, if you have a small hand, this is a really great everyday mouse option.

It comes with a combined USB receiver for easy connection. I've had this for years and years and it's still going strong. But if you want more scrolling options or controlling multiple computers, you'll definitely want Logitech MX Master 2S. That's right. This mouse allows you to control up to three different computers. So, you can copy and paste something from one computer. The MX Master 2S will work on any surface, and it comes equipped with a micro-USB charging cable for fast recharging. It has a speed-adaptive scroll wheel, plus a thumb wheel for side to side scrolling. Additionally, you can either connect this mouse via the bundled receiver or via Bluetooth.

I also find this mouse to be very pleasant in human terms - it feels really nice in your hand, and it feels like it helps with my wrist problems. The M325 starts at around $ 18 and ranges by color. The MX Master 2S is now selling on Amazon for $ 60. That's under about $ 100 - so run, don't walk! So every computer mouse needs a true companion. And by that, I mean, a great keyboard.

Third: the MacBook Pro keyboard

I'll show you two different options here as well, depending on your preferences, but don't you know, these keyboards are Logitech too? At this point, you're probably thinking that I've gotten sponsored by Logitech and they've paid me millions of dollars to recommend all of their products! Well, he's joking at you - and I actually - because I'm not a Logitech sponsor. (Waa waa) Although I would really like to be. I want to start with the true MX Master 2S companion partner. This is the Logitech MX Keys Wireless Illuminated Keyboard. I've been looking forward to this keyboard for a while, in fact. Aesthetically, it matches well with the MX Master 2S graphite color, so if that's the case that's important to you, you can't go wrong here. In addition to that, it has smart hand close detection illumination and automatic backlighting, which is very handy. Just like its little sibling mouse, it comes with a rechargeable cable and can work through multiple computers simultaneously. We see? True companion!

Now you might be wondering why I don't own this keyboard yet, like why am I showing you but I don't? Well that's because I have the ultimate keyboard workroom on the Logitech K750 Wireless Solar Panel Keyboard. As the name suggests, this bad boy is a solar powered keyboard. And in case you were wondering - yes it does charge. I stick it in my window sill really once every few months, and it charges all over.

This keyboard also comes with a bundled receiver so that's the only way to connect it, so I can't justify buying a new keyboard. For a price point, Logitech Solar Keyboard is about half that of MX Keys. It is shown Currently on sale, too, for $ 53.

Fourth: the cooling computer stand for MacBook Pro

Let's now move on to a dual-purpose accessory, which is something I think everyone should do to invest in, and that's a good stand for a laptop. I have a Belkin Zero Stand, known as the Loft Stand I guess, but unfortunately, they don't stand that way anymore. But fear not, I found something similar to yours. This is Bestand Aluminum Cooling Computer Stand. It has all the important soft rubber, non-slip handles, plus a cable hole. Terraces are important for a number of reasons.

1. It supports your laptop close to your eye line, which is much better for your neck and posture.

2. It helps cool down your MacBook Pro. If any of you have a MacBook Pro, you know it can run very hot at times, so the mount also has a clutch to help with airflow.

 The Bestand is $ 37, and I'm telling you, if you don't have a laptop stand, get it understood! And if you have other recommendations for the best laptop stand for MacBook Pro, let's do that I know in the comments below.

Fifth: MacBook Pro ports

Now let's talk about the hub for the MacBook Pro ports. We'll raise some controversy here. Can't wait for the MacBook Pro 2021 as they are rumored to finally kill the USB-c ports. There, I said that! But until then, or if you're not upgrading MacBook Pro ports in the next two years, you will also need a good port hub. And frankly, extra ports are a must no matter what type of Mac you use. I have two recommendations for you here.

This is the Cateck Port Hub which has 3 USB 3.0 ports, plus an SD Card Reader and Micro SD Ports. I have this device for many years, but it connects via USB 3.0 so if you use an iMac that's cool and very economical at around $ 19. But, if you have a MacBook like me, you will also need to get a USB-C adapter to USB 3 cable in order to connect this device.

Amazon Basics has got one and everything works really well. This is a great MacBook USB C adapter. In fact, if you are using a MacBook Pro, you need an adapter. end of story. If you go this route, in two separate pieces, it will cost you about $ 28. So, if you have a MacBook and want a port hub that connects via one of the USB C ports, take a look at this Lention (or Lention), I'm not sure how to pronounce that, but it's true a great option that offers the same ports at $ 20. Here's why I prefer these outlet hubs that connect through a single port, because also they won't be using all your ports on one side. You might have seen some hubs that fit snugly against the side of your MacBook Pro, like this one for example, and although they look great, they use two USB C ports on one side.

Sixth: Storage for your MacBook Pro.

Let's now take a deep look at the storage solutions for your Mac. No matter what MacBook Pro you work with or what you do for a living, you must use external hard drives. Whether you use it for backup or purely external storage to save space on your MacBook Pro, it matters.

I have a lot of drives! But let's start with Western Digital. This is a 2 TB Western Digital My Passport external hard drive. It works great with Mac and is a setup sync. It's very compact for travel and I've paired it with 2 TB and 4 TB as well. But if you're looking for some beast-mode storage, Western Digital is still a staple in. This is an 8 TB Western Digital My Book Desktop External Hard Drive. I've hooked up to this one and it's 12 TB, so if you need a lot of storage - if you're editing video or something - these are great external drives.

Something to consider with external desktop drives is that they also require power. Lots of people seem to overlook it, and expect it to be just like portable devices. The second most used brand is Seagate. It's very similar in size with this Western Digital flash drive as well. Here's a comparison. WD is 2 TB in size, Seagate Blue is 4 TB and Seagate Black is 5 TB in size. There isn't much difference in size between them, considering the storage jump. However, those are pretty cool too and I've tied it up with 2 TB, 4 TB, and 5 TB options.

Prices range on all of these hard drives of course depending on storage, but I feel like between these two brands there are always tags for sale. He loves, always! Now the third brand of external drives I use for MacBook Pro is actually Samsung. But I use it very specifically.That's a 1 TB Samsung T5 portable solid state drive. It is small! I only use this for travel due to its extremely compact size. They also have a 2 TB version of this. Now the caveat of this SSD is that since it is Samsung's software, it can be wrong when setting up it's up to Mac. But, if you travel a lot for work, this is still a great option, starting at around $ 120. If you go with this drive, I also recommend this tough travel case. It is specially designed for T5 SSD, the Perfect Travel Companion for a whopping $ 7!

Seventh: wireless headphones for MacBook Pro operating system

Let's jump into this list with the best wireless headphones for MacBook Pro. You might notice I have some old-school wired Bose headphones here, but who wants the wires? I'm a big fan of Bose and as you can imagine, I've owned it for years and can't prepare myself to get rid of them - why fix what didn't break? However, the Bose wireless noise canceling headphones are epic. It holds a charge for about 20 hours and includes a really nice microphone system, which is very important when taking calls. I always recommend getting headphones with a built-in microphone system. It is non-negotiable. Plus, they also pair some Bose speakers, which is pretty cool. They come in 3 different color options, at $ 379, but bear in mind that they are most likely to go on sale on Prime Day and / or Black Friday! I definitely have my eyes set on them at the time.

Eighth: Apple AirPods Pro

And this explanation wouldn't be one of the best MacBook Pro accessories without mentioning the Apple AirPods Pro. The noise canceling option is great, plus the fact that it comes in three different tip sizes is key. Plus, the battery life is great - it lasts me a few days on just one charge. It is now for sale on amazon!

So, here are my picks for the best Mac accessories of 2021. Now I want to hear from you! What are your favorite Mac accessories ever and why? Let everyone know in the comments below! As usual, thank you for following. If you liked this guide, I want to know! Give him a share or leave that comment below!