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Download battle prime game for Android and iPhone free | battle prime

 Download battle prime game for Android and iPhone free | battle prime

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battle prime

battle prime google play - TPS games are definitely no longer an alien concept for players around the world. Many games of this type have been published in the history of the global gaming industry. "Max Payne" and "Resident Evil 4" are two examples. , "... among them are well-known titles that were previously only available on the PC platform. However, there are not many games in this genre available for players to try on their mobile devices. However, if players want to sample this series of games on their devices. Portable, they can do it.Download battle prime game for Android free for battle prime google play.

Download battle prime game for Android and iPhone for free

Download battle prime. Next, as a game created by Blitz Team LLC, add the recently released Battle Prime. This is a publisher that maybe not very well known by players all over the world. However, in this game, this publisher will undoubtedly get a lot of attention from the players. Because this game will provide users with a great experience with beautiful graphics, which brings players vivid fights and allows them to experience the thrill of shooting in a way that is comparable to PC games. You can download battle prime free for Android OS via Google Play platform and also iOS via App Store platform.

Play the game Battle Prime

The gameplay in the game is close to that of other shooting games on the market today, where players control their characters to eliminate enemies. However, his goal will not be to eliminate all enemies or drop all bombs in order to win, the goal of this game is for players to occupy points on the map, which will be a completely new experience for them. When a player plays in this game, the only way to win is to defeat as many enemies as possible. Every game has a different theme. In the diagram there will be three separate positions labeled A, B and C. The player's goal will be to collect all these points in order to maximize his score; The more sites a player owns, the faster his score increases.

To take these positions in your hand, the player must first go to the designated area and then automatically take them. However, if there is an opponent standing in it, you must first kill the enemy before capturing it. As a result, players will not need to fight much; Simply being sneaky enough to occupy the specified position will be enough to win, on the other hand, fighting abilities will be necessary because the player will sometimes have to fight other enemies for his life. However, if players are killed, do not panic as they can be resurrected within a few seconds after death. As a result, players are free to fight without fear of capture.

Battle prime game features

Online: Players will be competing in a six-on-six match that will be tense and intense. The match is usually short in length, so players won't have to worry about running out of time to finish it. The duration of the game is determined by the team that completes the previous mission first, and each team will compete for the specified place. . The team that scores 1000 battle prime pick points will win the game

The unique feature of battle prime is that the player can choose from a variety of characters. - The character will have her own unique skills, and players will need to adapt their strategies to their characters. Use flash if player need to be able to run fast in order to wage guerrilla fight. If a player needs a lot of strength and agility,


Large Arsenal: There are a variety of weapons available in battle prime for players to use to eliminate all opponents on their way to glory. There will be a variety of weapons categorized into categories like assault rifle, sniper rifle, machine gun, etc. Players will be able to choose from a variety of advantages and disadvantages to balance the fight.


Graphics: Battle Prime has superior graphics quality, which is equivalent to games found on PC or console platforms, allowing players to have the best gaming experience possible. Players will not be able to feel disappointed by what this game has to do.

Should you download Battle Prime?

Yes, really, Battle Prime is a great game that is worth a try, and we recommend that you download it, as it is a free game and is available on the App Store and Google Play.