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Download Clubhouse app for iPhone and Android 2021 for free

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Download Clubhouse app for iPhone and Android 2021 for free

What is all about the clubhouse app? Are you interested in learning more about the best social media app? Here's the complete tutorial.


In this tutorial, I'll tell you exactly what the clubhouse app is and why you should be in it. Find out why I think the clubhouse app is the best social media app for making connections, building leads and finalizing sales.


This tutorial provides a comprehensive tutorial on how to get started with the Clubhouse app, plus includes premium user tips you want to know. You will learn how to navigate the clubhouse app, how to create your own user profile, how to find people, clubs and interests, how to start a room in the clubhouse app, how to schedule an event, and much more.

The clubhouse app has been popular lately but what is the clubhouse app and should you try this app, you must be curious about how to get started with the clubhouse app Maybe you want to know how to use the clubhouse app, I will tell you all that and more and why I think the clubhouse app is the best social media app we have ever had.

Hello friends, I am immortal and welcome back to your site where I share technical advice and applications, when it comes to the club we will dive deep into the clubhouse app including a complete tutorial for you so let's have a lot to do, let's go Because we have so much to cover some of the structures it might be useful so I have a whole bunch of chapters listed below if you want to skip to any of those specific sections so let's find out. What is the clubhouse app, why you might want to be in it, how to use it, and what are some of the best features and best practices that you learned along the way

What is the clubhouse app?

What is the clubhouse app in short, it is a live audio app but I like to say it feels like you took a live conference and a podcast that you threw them in a bowl together, you can mix it all and throw it in the app, it's cool you can go into the rooms and listen to other users They talk about a variety of topics and when I say diversity I mean diversity as in literally anything and everything but you can also take the stage and interact with speakers plus it's a great way to meet and connect with people from all over the world.

A brief summary of the clubhouse app

This is one of the reasons why I think that the clubhouse app is one of the best social networking applications in the world when I say social networks I do not mean social networks as is the case in the traditional sense of Twitter and Facebook, I mean the actual connection to the actual networks as you do in a live event Except that it's in the app and it's with all of the like-minded people in your field so you're in your room there and listening to great speakers asking some questions and answers and then like all good things, the room has to end with one of the craziest things about this app is that once you The room ends, it's over, there's no recording of this of course it's very strategic on the part of the club to create quite a stir among users because if you're not in that room when this nice guy speaks so badly you've missed it, it's over.

The last thing you need to know about the clubhouse app is that it is still in beta so it is currently only invited and only available for ipad and iphone devices now we will talk a little later invite the hack I own for you and don’t worry if you are using android system, it will come soon now You know what the clubhouse app is, so let's dive into how to use the clubhouse, consider this a complete club tutorial.

There are actually very few important things that you want to know when it comes to how to use the clubhouse app, you know things like terminology and app layout the algorithm actually works so you can get the most out of the clubhouse app.

The main interface of the clubhouse app

Now the main screen of the clubhouse app is what is known as the entrance Now everyone's corridor will look a little different It depends on your interests, your clubs and the people you follow, and I'll get into that a little later, but this is really a quick snapshot of how the algorithm works for you Notice that the entrance is there It is a place where you can start your own room at the bottom but we are not quite ready for that but first we want to understand what the room is and what there is a room in the club is exactly like what you would find if you were in a conference and you physically stepped into a room to listen to the speaker, there might be one person on Theater There can be multiple people on stage and the exact same can be said about a club.

Rooms in the clubhouse app

When you enter a room in the club there will be a person or person on the stage and this simply means that they will appear in the upper part of your room here at the top of your screen there is under the people on the stage the users section that the speakers follow and then under these rooms, everyone's rooms are the cornerstone In the club and this is why think how much money you would spend to go to a conference and hear the best people in which your industry speaks and this is literally a club everything is here at your fingertips for free I have been part of the best YouTubers in the industry as they willingly and lovingly answered my questions for free. .

Features of the Clubhouse app

Anywhere else in the world will you communicate with the best minds in your field and you have to choose their minds I remember for free anywhere else in the world there are no clubs where you find yourself in a room you do not like, you can click the option to leave quietly here at the bottom and then kinda The crab is walking your way out of the room.

But let's say you like what is being discussed in the room and you want to tell your friend to take us to that room right away, you can do that also there at the bottom if you click on the plus icon that will allow you to test a follower's connection in the room you're in until This person receives a notification that you want to join the room now. There is also this hand icon at the bottom of the room and this is the button that you want click if you want to ask a question or chat with people on the stage, the room moderator will notify you of your desire to go up to the stage and they can bring you if they want to That and I'll share a little more in moderation later on in some other helpful things the rooms is that if you get promoted to the stage it will automatically unmute the microphone you will want to click on the microphone button in the lower right to mute you instantly when you walk up to the stage also since it's not an experience A great user just for everyone to talk to everyone.

Another great feature for rooms in the Clubhouse app is that you can easily learn more about anyone in the room by simply clicking on their small icon. A snapshot of their CV will appear for you. You can quickly swipe up in their CV or click View full profile to see how many followers they have. And the number of people who follow either side of your following is very important and I will touch on that later, but this is really possible. Try or break your club experience, but first going back to the walk you will notice a little bell and then whether you are following the person or not then there are some little stars, now. The bell icon is really important because you will be notified when the person you are following takes a stage or scheduled an event and sometimes this can be confusing if the person you are following is like taking the stage all the time, you might get a lot of notifications, so this is where you want to set those specific notifications For everyone now these little stars are there to the right of the profile this will show you recommendations, so if you like this person and the industry you can just click on those little stars, and you will now get a quick overview of them. Similar people who you can follow now below all that you will be able to read it a little more about the person as well as some links to their Twitter and Instagram accounts and I interrupted this message to give you another important advice to you guys, there is no dms app inside the clubhouse app .

So you have to communicate with people outside the app via their Twitter or Instagram account, so it is important to have that when you guys are building your own bots, you add Twitter and Insta accounts to get the most out of this networking app, so at the bottom of the profile User, you might see some clubs that this person is a member of which literally takes us to the clubs in the club.

There is a lot to know about the clubs but mainly the clubs create their own content and you can get members and followers from certain clubs now if you click on one of the clubs just use at the bottom of the profile there you will see all the club members with the first person who registered being the founder of the club. Now you can go all day clubs because there is a lot and it covers I mean pretty much anything you can dream about you can follow the clubs you are interested in and you can become members of the clubs and also apply for your own clubs.

How does the clubhouse app algorithm work?

Let's get into that because this is really going to happen. Make the user experience the best it can be in the club if you understand the algorithm The most important thing to remember as a player in the club is that you are in control of a special experience on the clubhouse app but here is why this is so critical The importance of knowing bats is that the whole club algorithm depends on the people you follow The topics you are interested in in the clubs you follow and you are a member of all these references to what you are interested in and what you think you want to know it is really important to understand that if you are only following people from In order to follow them, you will probably start hanging out in all these rooms that you will not be a reflection of the things that you like and you will probably not care about these things that people like we talk about in these rooms, so you may continue to receive notifications for rooms that you do not want interested and even worse, You might end up in a room I don't know cooking frog legs for example and wonder what a mistake you made in your life to end up in this moment at this time now a room you can't control.

Let this ensure that you tailor your experience the way you want it. The easiest way to do this is to use the Explore feature. If you click on the magnifying glass icon, you will be taken to the Explore page. Currently, you can search for people and clubs only there but there are people below the search bar that you may know or the app thinks. People may be interested in them based on what's important Algorithm Now underneath basically another search guide for people and clubs If you are interested in moving the sport, you will now be able to break it down by topic and for some reason they don't have hockey like what it's about I'll pick basketball as an example and now you'll see all the people People interested in this topic as well as all the clubs you may want to follow related to that topic This will be crucial to informing the club how to coordinate the packed lobby with your actual interests. But you can customize your interests further by clicking on the settings gear in the upper right of your profile. Now there is the second option from the top that you will go to to get everything you said to the club club that you are interested in. If you click on interest there you can continue to improve those interests because they are They change over time.

Well now as we promised to talk about starting a room and scheduling events that we remember from the lobby, you can click there to start a room and you will have some options there. If you do, you can add a topic to your room from there where you can add a description of your room which by the way you can modify this description before you start. A room but not after you start the room now below that you can start an open room, which means that it is a public room so that anyone on the application can find and join it, you can start a social room, which means that it is only a room for people within your social network such as those who follow you, Hence you have this option to start a closed room which is a completely private room between you and whoever you add to the room starting with a closed room can be a really great way to learn how to coordinate a room without pressuring it to be public.

Here's everything you need to know about room coordination automatically when you start a room, you are the supervisor of that same thing applies to scheduling an event I will talk about next I like to have a joint adjustment or one or two people to manage a room with this to be really helpful if you need To hold back, say come back to life because the club can be a fun time in the best way but that way they will be able to stay in the room if you have to leave another important tip Make sure you make someone you trust a supervisor with you the last thing you want is for someone to take over On your room you believe it or not has happened because all mediators have the same complete control in the room. Mediators are given a small green asterisk next to their name as a moderator. You can make everyone else in the room a moderator and you can bring everyone else to the platform to chat and you can mute People when they get to the stage if they don't silence themselves and the other essential element of being a moderator is the ability to get the person back into the audience, so if you want to clear the way for others to come onto the stage this is now very easy to turn on or off the hand lift function In a room now.

If you don't want to start a room quickly, you have the option to schedule an event now. Basically, don't get cluttered. Rooms and events are the same thing from your hallway. Click the calendar icon at the top here. All upcoming events are specially designed for you via the algorithm, these are the events that Started during the past hour or coming If you are scrolling and don't see anything of interest, you can use the toggle button at the top to see it all upcoming events If you come across an event you are interested in, you can also join what's happening in progress or you can tap the event and set the bell notification Or you can share it outside of the app but to actually schedule your own event you will click on the small calendar icon with the plus icon in the top right corner.

Now there you will enter the name of the event and this is where you can add your co-host or your guests as well, you will choose the appropriate date and time for you if you are a member of a club and you want the room to be under the umbrella of the club, you can add it there as well and the title is no less important than the description of this event, You have 200 characters to describe what you will be chatting about in your room, emojis with important tips are very popular in the club. Once you click "post", your room is now scheduled and back to the events tab, you can switch up to view your events to quickly return to your room Scheduled now.

 It is also important to find who is currently active on the app at the same time you know or you know you might be familiar with such who is calling now and you can do that here as well, so you can either click from this portal this small grid with the green dot at the bottom right or You can swipe left to access all the clubs and active users available to chat now Not only will you be able to see the callers there but you will also see the room that this user has there which you can do Click on any of these profiles and go directly to that room that this person is in Completely.

 So I know I've been sprinkling some advice in there and there along the way but now we've come to a part where I want to share more advice with you, let's call it Powerful User Tips These are the things I learned from my time on the app and I think you might find you very helpful too, so we are We are going to delve more into bots and how they play a really important role in the search function within the club and we will also talk about some of the followers and notification tips used by the user.

The importance of the clubhouse app

The clubhouse app is very important for two reasons:

Firstly, it is really important that the first three lines of your CV are the most attractive ideas like a newspaper headline you really want to get access to meat and potatoes for what you do in the industry you work in is critical in these first three lines because if you remember from here at any time I was in a room that you can click on the user's profile and see a quick snapshot of this user that snapshot is only those three lines you want to link and sync the line to display your full profile connected to you on the app and hopefully this connection is outside the app and within the first three lines of In fact, I would like to I argue that this first line here is the most important because if someone is looking for you or your field in the exploration section of the app only the first line of your resume is shown and it talks about someone booing Th about you or your field of work on the application.

The second reason why your resume is so important is that you want to use related keywords in your CV in this way if someone is searching for, let's say here technology YouTube or something like that any user who has that on his CV has now appeared in this search for that You want to be found in the industry you work in and putting these keywords on your CV will help you to do so and you will be able to easily find like-minded people in your field.

Also, it is important to follow people and some clubs that you are only interested in. This is how you will refer to the algorithm to rank your interests, regardless of whether or not someone is following you in reality, the club will notify you and can block you due to following tempting follow the behavior of the type, so no Doing that plus it will not give you the best results in the algorithm.

Another thing to keep in mind is to set notifications properly now I have shown you how to do this a little bit to turn on notifications for each individual user but you might want to set it for them for the app as a whole and I highly recommend you do that or you might be overwhelmed with notifications, there can be thousands of rooms in any A time and nobody have time for that from your profile, click on the gear icon in the upper right of this first section at the top there is your notifications section where you can and should set your notification as rare or rare.

God bless you, now I want to hear from you, do you find this explanation useful and do you want an invitation to the clubhouse app, tell me that in the comments below as always, thank you guys very much for following, and if you like this explanation, I want to I know it's a share or leave that comment below, thanks a lot for following, we'll see you next time