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Download DEAD TARGET for Android and iPhone direct link for free

 Download DEAD TARGET for Android and iPhone direct link for free

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DEAD TARGET is an offline Zombie shooting game for mobile devices and it's totally free. A fierce war is raging. Do you dare to join him? In the year 2040, zombies spread across the world, sparking a deadly war. Your job is to collect weapons so you can fight to save yourself, because today could be your last day alive. Download the zombie game DEAD TARGET for Android and iPhone for free. And enjoy immersive games.

Free download DEAD TARGET game for Android and iPhone

You can download Android MOD for free DEAD TARGET: Zombie Apk all is available free for Android MOD download for free.

A brief synopsis of the DEAD TARGET game

Dead Target is a simple game with a high level of addiction to players; The game's modern automatic rifle system makes shooting easier. He was able to kill zombies as long as you pointed the gun at them. Protect the exits as fast as you can, shoot all zombies trying to attack you and save yourself, and get lost among the sniper soldiers fighting alongside you.


Zombies are raging everywhere in near future, and your life is in danger, so you must carry your gun and kill them. You might be the last person to see the sun today, so you must fight to survive ASAP. We no longer have the option to stand, carry the gun and shoot all the zombies that appear in front of us if we want to live the fever. That's a name and you'll be able to do everything from killing zombies with a host of weapons to entering the era of legendary fighting and a plethora of attractions.


Players can quickly plunge into this wild battle thanks to the meticulous design and unique graphics of this 3D platform game. The names of the zombies are described in great detail as vicious villains. To face increasingly violent zombies, it will be helpful if you upgrade your guns regularly; Sniper rifles or rifles are used to kill zombies.


The control system is well-designed and versatile, allowing players to be easily manipulated in combat. This is a space-less survival adventure for the slow and the coward. To kill horrific zombies, use rifles such as pistols, shotguns, sniper rifles, grenades, or even daggers. Since this is an offline game, the difficulty can be greatly reduced, but later rounds are still difficult, so players shouldn't be that way. Fast judgment. Do you want to be well sheltered from snow? When you see the target reach the firing range, hold your hands on the trigger, depress, and then shoot continuously.


The number of sinister zombie attackers continues to rise; They are hunting outside the border area, and we must effectively destroy them before they infiltrate and kill humans. Don't forget to participate in the Battle Pass events to win more weapons. Guns with unique features and high destructive ability will be very useful to you. They can be called survival products because without weapons life would be more difficult. In this crazy zombie apocalypse, you have to make it. To get weapons, you must participate in more difficult events. Many different types of weapons, as well as weapon skins, are available for purchase. It appears only a few times on the map, but it will be the most important weapon in the zombie killing arsenal.

Download the zombie game Dead Target for Android and iPhone with ease

Dead Targe offline game with free multiplayer system. The high-quality offline games are also free of charge, which encourages players to become more enthusiastic; For example, you can download Dead Target Zombies for Android and iPhone with ease, to access Dead Target and then shoot all the zombies whenever you want. After downloading Dead Target on your tablet, you can play it anytime and anywhere you want, even if you don't have internet access. We give players access to a huge and varied arsenal of weapons, including over 50 powerful rifles capable of killing any Someone stands in your way.


In the sniper game mode, you can also experience the most beautiful emotions by defeating enemies with ease from hundreds of meters away. The player can feel more real thanks to the history of 3D graphics. When shooting at the enemy, I get very excited. Several different sound effects were properly installed for each gun, demonstrating the professionalism in game programming. Also, don't forget to customize the gun with different customizations, change character shapes, and change characters costumes to easily hide survival battle.

Should you download Dead Target?

Yes really, Dead Target is a great game, worth a try, and a free offline game that you can download right now to your computer. When they encounter incredibly crowded zombies, they experience the most spunky and claustrophobic moment together. We hope this version of the game will satisfy these players and make your free time more enjoyable. Please send us your feedback if you have any suggestions or ratings for the game.