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Download mafia city game for Android and iPhone free

 Download mafia city game for Android and iPhone free

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Download mafia city game

mafia city is the most famous strategy hand game in the world. You can recruit a variety of unique players to help you conquer territories and grow your own club in this game, as well as fight with other players to make a difference in the area! You can download the mafia city game for Android and iPhone for free from here through the link below. You can also download the mafia city game for PC and Mac.

Download the mafia city game for Android and iPhone for free

Download the mafia city game for Android and iPhone for free and enjoy immersive games. It is available for the Google Play operating system and the App Store for free with purchases inside it to enjoy other benefits.

The word "mafia" denotes the infamous gangs that originated in Italy and have grown in popularity in recent years. The mafia is now active not only in Italy, but also in many other countries around the world, including the United States. Mafia films were also produced and were even fashionable all over the world. Among them, the Godfather is without a doubt the most famous. This is a popular movie directed by Francis Ford Coppola and released in 1972 and was a huge commercial success, grossing $ 286 million. This sparked a new wave of interest in the gaming industry. In this great strategy game Mafia City game, you must compete to become the godfather.

A brief synopsis of the mafia city game

YottaGames created Mafia City and is a fan of the Mafia genre. The game revolves around underworld operations in a variety of cities, as the name suggests. The game is a Tactical RPG with a lot of action. When it comes to the game, players will know what it feels like to be the captain of a big gang and use their gang to make money. Begin the process of making your gang the leader of the city and gradually conquer the underworld.

mafia city play

Mafia City is a strategy game that requires players to think critically in order to make the best choices for their gang. To be able to make the right decisions, the boss of the mafia will need to make the right decisions. Any decision you make will have an impact on the rest of your gang, so if you don't want to fail in a battle with other gangs, be careful with all of your decisions. When you first start Mafia City, you will only be the ruler of a small town, but your goal is to take over all the cities. To do this, the player must complete all leveling tasks. You will earn a reward after completing the missions, and the EXP will be used to boost your gang. Any moderator should have a certain amount of celebrity. The more famous you are, the more kids will join you, making the gang stronger. Also, when starting the Mafia City game for the first time, you must be wary of the police, who will monitor your actions on a regular basis. If the player causes a lot of trouble, the cops will pursue him, but then you will not have to think about it, if the gang becomes strong, the police will not be able to intervene, and they will have to respect you ..

Features of the game Mafia City

Play Mafia City that includes both tactical and action elements. There are hundreds of interesting features waiting for you to discover.

Base building - the game Mafia City

One of the most important aspects of Mafia City is foundation, as it will have a huge impact on the gang's success. This is the location where players must build first before expanding the stadium to the surrounding lands, and players will have to build and upgrade facilities to make it more profitable. These not only build forces capable of attacking other gangs, but also forces capable of defending the organization. Each facility serves a specific purpose in assisting the gang. For example, biker camp is where your soldiers will be trained. To be able to fight other gangs, the driver is the main force. "Counterfeiter" is where players can earn money and use it to expand their armies. The player must upgrade his facilities in order to get more power.

Conflicts with other gangs in Mafia City

To expand their territory, the player must compete with other gangs for their territory. However, the player must first make sure that there is sufficient strength, otherwise the other gangs will kill you. When you win, the player can occupy other gangs' territories, which increases their prestige. If the player occupies the land of different gangs, other gangs can target the player's base. So provide the strength to prevent other gangs from attacking your base.

Illustrations in the game Mafia City

Mafia City uses 2D graphics to give players a mafia-like environment to immerse themselves in. The effects of Mafia City have been meticulously refined in order to provide the best possible experience for the player. If you like mafia theme then mafia city is a game that you will not be able to put down.

Should you download the mafia city game

Yes, really, Mafia City is a great game that is worth a try, and you can download it for Android and iPhone for free.