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download songs for iphone free 2021

 download songs for iphone free

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Do you want a way to download free songs for iphone to your Apple Music library on iPhone, iPad or computer? You may have run out of data, or you may not want to use your data to listen to music.


In this article, I explain to you how to download songs for iphone free to your Apple Music library so that you can listen to them offline.


1. Download the documents application for download songs for iphone

2. Download the application in the link below

3. Search and download the free songs of your choice.

4. Transfer to iTunes Music Library.

5. Sync with the device to use it in the Apple Music app.

 How to download songs for iphone

Hi all so I want to show you another way so that you can download free music files from YouTube to your iPhone music device from Apple so that you don't have to use your data every time you want to use the music This is a method so you can save music to your device Your iPhone can listen to it offline just fine and it's totally free, it only takes two steps.

Songs for iphone program

Hello everyone, I want to show you how you can download songs for iphone to your Apple music library so that you can listen to them offline, and you don't have to know your data usage every time you want to listen to music well, it's just two steps you will need To some things so you will need to download this application called Documents just fine, so you will go to your application store and then you will write documents there and this is the application here called the Download Documents app.


Once you download it, open the application. Once you open it for the first time in the application, it will look like this. All you have will show you the files that will contain two different selections at the bottom here. So you will select the Safari icon here and move it to the left. Safari will open in the application fine so here is what you will do. Would you choose the search bar here at the top, here you have a very nice collection of music to choose from. You have almost every song available and the popular songs that are posted.


Now also you can if you want to search for a specific song or artist file just choose here click on the search bar and you can search for the name of the song or artist and then press go, then select this song here only for the purpose, so always try and select a link Download and this file will appear for you here, you are here all you have to do is click on download there, and it will ask you if you want to rename a file so I want to keep this name and here is where it says Save to you gonna select iTunes files.


So make sure that select the element files then press ok then after a few seconds you will do finish the download fine once you want to check your downloads once done go ahead and select this bottom arrow down there you go i did so i will choose it and here you go this song is the first and Select it, so I went back to the My Documents home page here so we can go to the iTunes files if you want select the song so that the song is correct and it looks like it is in fact the whole album has been downloaded so it is completely downloaded the album is not one song and if you want to play any of The songs you can listen to, select them and it will play until the last thing the good about this is that you don't necessarily transfer that music to your Apple Music Library, you can keep it there in your documents so you can just keep it there and open a file Documents go to iTunes files and there will be everything.

Download songs for iphone

Now you can also download songs for iPhone from free YouTube to your Apple Music library on your iPhone, iPad or computer by selecting the video or music that you want to download from YouTube and then copy the link and paste it into the search tool in the application, and after that, choose the way to download the songs For iPhone from YouTube, whether you want to download mp3 only or download the video with music.

Youtube mp3 songs download

Now let's go the music you download and turn off the data settings so that we can test it as much as possible. You see no more data. Let's go back to the documents and let's try and play as you can see the song playing well. Select another there you go to see this is another song that you downloaded as I said you can play music directly from here documents app but if you want to get it to your Apple Music Library well.

How to transfer music to Apple Music Library

I'm going to show you how to do it now. Transfer it from here from Docs to Apple Music once we get it downloaded here so what we will need is just connect your phone with a cable to the computer so let's do that now, connect one end of the cable to the iPhone and another to the computer to proceed And open iTunes once you connect the phone to the phone select the device Go to share files and then here you are, we will select the documents application and select these songs that you want to transfer and save them somewhere on your computer, I will save it in the desktop for the purpose of the video there we go as you see they are Saved to the desktop.


So now we're on our way to go back on iTunes to the library Music library on items and we'll do that drag the files to iTunes and you can see here they are going back to the phone as you can see there is no music currently Phone library so we will do we will choose music there select op until we drown the library itunes for iphone music library so after all the songs in your library are finished there the items will be on your phone Also in the Apple Music app.


So you can go there and go back to your Apple music and as you can watch all these songs there, now they are now in iTunes document files but you also have here in your Apple the music so you can listen to it offline online, I don't remember the data until we can play Any song we want.


So I hope that explanation was helpful on how to download songs for iphone free to your Apple Music app on your iPhone for offline listening Well that's it for now and I'll see you and all right.