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Download transport it idle tycoon game for Android and iPhone free

 Download transport it idle tycoon game for Android and iPhone free

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transport it idle tycoon game

 transport it is a transport-related game where you have to complete missions all over the world. However, the transportation work in the game is not simple; It involves the transportation of goods in tons. The transportation industry is critical as it allows goods to be delivered all over the world. As players enter the game, they will be treated to a great look at how transportation works through a variety of scenarios. Download the transport it game for Android and iPhone for free.

Download transport tycoon game for Android and iPhone for free

Download the transport it game for Android and iPhone for free from here through the link below. Take command of your fledgling carrier, use your technical prowess and business acumen to keep freight and passengers moving - and money flowing!

31x and Origin8 Technologies teamed up with Chris Sawyer, the original designer and developer of TRANSPORT TYCOON and ROLLERCOASTER TYCOON, to produce the ultimate version of the classic simulation game.

A brief synopsis of the transport it game

transport it - Transport Tycoon contains everything that made the original PC game a classic, plus a plethora of genius new features including larger and more detailed environments, more realistic simulations, and a wide variety of land, sea and air vehicles. The modern touch screen design makes building and maintaining a transportation network easier than ever.

Play transport it

Creating a transportation company: To be able to enjoy the game, the player must first become the CEO of a transportation company. Initially, the player will be a small company with limited resources, such as a container for transporting goods. At this point, the player must operate manually, which entails bringing the boxes into the car and moving them away with his finger, the container truck will take the required item in a few seconds and come back when the container returns; The player will receive the money. If funds are raised, players can build a variety of new facilities to aid the job.


Buy a crane: Installing a crane is essential to quickly speed up the work that needs to be done. In the past, players had to load their own goods into a container to transport them and earn money. Players can devote a large amount of time to this task, and earning a lot of money can take a long time. So buy a crane to automate the job, players can earn more money because the speed of work has been increased. Meanwhile, players can make a lot of money and expand their business.


The empire of the company must be upgraded and expanded: when the player accumulates a large sum of money, he will have two options: update or extend the business model. Both of these allow players to make a lot of money, so they can do whatever they want. Players will increase the speed of the crane and the speed of the container to make more trips, and alternatively, many players who want to compensate for the lack of quality with the quantity will buy more containers to do several trips at the same time. Alternatively, players can increase their pace and extend their careers by doing both. Many players choose to act this way because it is the most successful.


Hiring workers: If you want to purchase anything like a crane or container, you will need someone to operate it. As a result, players will have to pay money to hire workers to work for them. There are many opportunities for players, and if you need to recruit anyone, you can do so, and you will have to spend a lot more money than the average individual. On the other hand, their work pace will be faster, and players will earn more money. Players can freely upgrade or expand their empires when they have a lot of capital, depending on their needs.

System requirements of transport it idle tycoon game

Transport Tycoon is a universal app that works on Android devices, iPhone 4 and later, iPod touch fourth generation and above, and iPad 2 and later, such as the iPad Mini. IOS 6.0 or higher recommended.

Should you download the transport it game?

Yes really, transport it game is a great game worth a try to enjoy immersive games, it is a free game for Android and iPhone with purchases inside it to enjoy other benefits.