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 downloader music youtube mp3 royalty-free free YouTube videos

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Long Term YouTube Music Review, Top Features, Downsides of Using It On Other Streaming Services and If You Should Use It.

It's been over six months since I started using YouTube music as my default music service Now we've already reviewed on the channel how to use YouTube music as well as compare it to music streaming services like Spotify, so in this tutorial, I'll take you to what it was like to use the service you want. I face it in my criticisms, the most important thing that distinguishes it is some problems and downsides so we encountered it while using it, and then in the end I will give you my recommendation on whether or not you should downloader music youtube mp3 and use YouTube music.

downloader music youtube mp3 free youtube music

You can downloader music youtube mp3 your YouTube music on the surface, just drag your music files to any music.youtube.com desktop from a computer or you can click your profile picture on YouTube music and select downloader music youtube mp3 from the list of accepted music formats including In it FLAC M4A MP3 OGG and WMA, you can downloader music youtube mp3 to up to one hundred thousand songs to your YouTube music library and you can play the downloaded songs in background ad for free and offline even if you are not currently subscribed to YouTube Music premium youtube music premium.

Music availability - download youtube music

So let's dive right in first and talk about the music available. This service has a huge catalog of music thanks to its ability to benefit from music. Downloader music youtube mp3 youtube music is done directly on youtube, this is especially important if you want to listen to artists who are not in the mainstream or Depending on which country you are listening from you may find more local artists on youtube music than competing streaming services now i listen mostly mainstream music so i think taylor swift, ed sheeran, lady gaga, the weekend ben platt etc.

Music download feature

So for someone in my use case, I had no problems whatsoever in finding the music I want to listen to in the service, but suppose you have downloader music youtube mp3 youtube music or you have other music which you cannot find on youtube music Well, fortunately youtube music has a feature that allows that.

For me it is a must when it comes to youtube music now for a long time on the benefits of streaming music services With the amount of new music I listen to per month versus the old way of paying for every song, the live streaming service is achieving a lot.

YouTube Music Premium

Well with YouTube Music Premium, you will get ad-free experience and ability to listen to background music on your device and you can downloader music youtube mp3 on different devices. And also automatically downloader music youtube mp3 you listen so you are on your device on the go and it will also create auto-downloaded mixed tape which I use a lot when driving abroad in country with poor cellular reception.

Now for me the best part about the premium youtube music is that it has been included in the premium youtube subscription service on YouTube which gets rid of it The ads on youtube allow you to play youtube videos in the background on your devices and it allows you to download youtube videos for offline watching perfectly When you're traveling for that extra $ 2 a month at $ 11.99, you get the youtube music premium included with a YouTube Premium subscription which is one of the most underrated deals in technology at the moment and is a strong incentive that made me originally subscribe to YouTube music now.

YouTube Music Algorithm and Discovery

While YouTube Premium is a great deal, all YouTube music actually needs to be somewhat competitive for services like Spotify in order to keep subscribing and generally while it doesn't contain all that Spotify has it has enough to keep me subscribed mainly with its algorithms and auto-generated playlists. YouTube music algorithm is very good, I mainly use Siri and google assistant to control YouTube music and when I tell any of the assistants to play some specific music on YouTube music I find that YouTube music does a good job playing mix of music that I like to listen to.

Lately, listen to new songs and artists that match some of the things I already love and it's the mainstream way I've discovered new things to listen to on the service even when playing a new song that you've never heard before after that song ends.

YouTube music does a good job of mixing similar types of songs for playback in the next section, I think the user interface of YouTube Music is mostly well designed is easy to navigate and the thing that I really like are the quick selections sections scattered all over. When you select a quick pick, a playlist will start It is created automatically based on the song you want chosen which is something that I have used more and more over the past six months, it is just a great way to start playing music app and it is easy to select a song to enjoy an atmosphere that you might want to feel at a particular moment.

The UI when selecting a song to play is also very nice in particular I love what they did with the iPad app that highlights their work Album art has a large portion on the left hand side of the screen with music controls underneath and next section at the top right to make it easy to see what YouTube music plans to play next and it's very easy to drag the existing tracks to change their order if you don't want to play a song in Next playlist just swipe left to remove it and while the music is playing in the background if you find another track in YouTube music, you want to play it next then all you have to do is click on the three dots next to that song and select next play and you will play this next next song.

A great feature

The thing I really like about the YouTube Music UI is the thumb up and down feature, it's a UI element borrowed directly from YouTube and I think it's universal and a simple way to determine whether or not you like a particular song or you don't like it, it will be automatically when you give a great song done Adding it to your playlist and YouTube will notice that you like the song and it will try and play more songs like playlists is another area of ​​YouTube music which has improved significantly since I started using the service.

One of the things that I think gives Spotify an edge over YouTube music is in our original comparison video between the two, Spotify automatically created playlists for different listening modes based on various artists that you want to hear well, now YouTube music has applied the same concept called custom mixes and you've seen That's up to six or seven mixes in my library that are updated regularly based on my listening groups. Having these things for me at least made returning to Spotify less attractive, they are especially great if you have a certain mood of music wanting to listen to YouTube music which has also been added more playlists in other areas such as a playlist.

The most important charts in the Explore section of the app that shows you the current status of the songs as well as whether they are heading upwards or in playlists in the charts Easy to share with friends and family Just as easy as sharing a YouTube video or YouTube playlist, there are now 20 years in review The playlist for me highlights the songs I listened the most in the year.

Google Assistant and Siri integration

Another thing that I love about YouTube Music is how well it integrates with Google Assistant they work well with First Speakers Google and will soon have the same degree of integration with Siri on iPhone, allowing you to finally set it as the default music service through which Siri will be played. Although it is unclear if this would also apply to Apple's HomePod speakers.

Google Assistant and YouTube Music

And also the Google Assistant with its integration with YouTube Music is also smart enough to be able to recognize a song based on part of that song's lyrics ideally for scenarios where you don't know its name a song.


So here's a stage example, I'm Doing Good, I'm On Some New Songs From Taylor Swift Sure The song YouTube music is playing in josh's bedroom speakers, which is another great integration with Google Assistant even though YouTube Music isn't exclusive to YouTube music, it's When you play a song via YouTube music on a google assistant speaker and you want to give it a thumbs up as the app is good to do that all you have to do is tell the google assistant hello this song well i indicated you like this and now that song is presented excellent ok well.

So these are all the things I love about YouTube Music that has affected me while I've been using this service over the past six months.

The downsides of using YouTube Music.

But let's now take a look at some of the downsides of using YouTube Music, the downside.

  1. First for a certain part of the population unlike google play music that you cannot buy through YouTube music, it is now clear that the industry is moving from the paper song model and I personally have no interest in buying music again that does not mean that there is still Small audience accustomed to buy music through google play music that will be disappointed with YouTube Music lack of this feature.
  2. The next downside is even if you select the toggle on YouTube Music Settings not to allow music video versions of songs to play at times.
  3. The service will still only work This is a kind of annoyance beside the desktop app which is not a local app like Spotify but chrome app and this is kind of frustration with some features like sending music that you have to do Click the three dots at the top of the app to send and the experience is not Well polished mobile version of the app.
  4. You cannot control the speaker group size from the assistant screens.
  5. Another flaw I found is when I was cleaning my library and trying to remove a bunch of albums I no longer wanted it since my high school years, there is no way to delete the bulk uploads You have to go in and delete the albums one by one which depends on the size of your music catalog can To be boring.
  6. The final downside to its coverage is the usual playback quality. This is the problem especially for high-end music fans because the streaming quality of YouTube music is slightly lower than Spotify at 256kbps AAC which is much lower than the quality you can use.
  7. Stream with Amazon Music Without Borders or Tides and both have CD quality tracks
  8.  and above generally in blind tests, where they And by playing 10 tracks of YouTube and Amazon Music without limits in their HD format and mixing them all so I don't know which track I'm listening to is from which service I can't distinguish between YouTube music version of a track and Amazon music Unlimited version of the check in general, as if I were I guess completely wrong almost all times sometimes.

The YouTube music version looks better and I think this is the higher quality version and it is not as good as YouTube music sound, I am a little torn because it obviously depends on my blind YouTube music quality test is good for me and I don’t think many other people would do that that Be able to notice the difference even though I still like to watch YouTube music.

At the same time it matches what Amazon does and the title because I simply don't like the feeling that the music we all listen to technically is still worse than CD quality, so these are all insights into the downsides of using YouTube music.


Now let's talk about the recommendations I recommend using YouTube music, I think there is enough to satisfy all kinds of music listeners I was very happy with the design of the app, not much clutter the algorithms and auto-generated playlists are good and I think YouTube Premium is YouTube makes music really compelling, which is definitely one of the main reasons I stick with it.

YouTube music premium costs 9.99 per month in the US, and you can for $ 2 more per month. Get YouTube premium Both services offer special rates for students and families. Sure check YouTube as well as YouTube Music to find out more.