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Gmail: How to Save Time in Gmail 2021 With 5 Gmail Productivity Tips


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Gmail: How to Save Time in  Gmail 2021 With 5 Gmail Productivity Tips

Learn how to save time in Gmail with 5 Gmail Productivity Tips. Are you using Gmail? Are you as productive as you could possibly be with?


Are you as productive as you can be in gmail? In this tutorial, I'm sharing 5 important gmail productivity features that will help save time in Gmail. Hello friends! My name is Fares and I welcome back to your website where I share technical advice, application reviews and many Google features. Lots of Google tips. Today, we're back in Gmail 2021, but this time we're focusing on Gmail productivity tips. Are you ready to save time in Gmail? Yeah? So let's go!


You have created at least 8 articles on Gmail Tips ... this article is # 9! But our focus today is how to save time in Gmail.

Gmail Productivity Top Tips and Tips

In this tutorial, I'm sharing some of the best things about Gmail 2021, including my top 5 Gmail Productivity Tips. You'll learn how to save time in Gmail by taking advantage of features like smart typing, send scheduling, forms, search operators, and more! Get ready to spend less time on Gmail!

So Tip # 1: Use the 'Smart Typing' and 'Quick Reply' feature.

Although these are technically two different things, I recommend using them side by side, so here's a 2-for-1 tip! Head over to the gear icon and select "See all settings". From there, scroll down and make sure that Smart Create and your Smart Response are both turned on. Another tip under the tip is to make sure to switch Personalization to because Gmail will automatically compose writing suggestions based on your writing style.

So you might be wondering what the difference is between Smart Typing and Smart Response. This is what it all looks like. With Smart Reply enabled, when you open an email, you'll have auto-generated responses at the bottom of the email here. Google simply expects what your response might be. So you click on one of those, it automatically opens the reply where you can add from there if you wish. Now, smart authoring differs in that it works while writing your email. So, again, Google expects what it's trying to say and will suggest it to finish your sentence as you write. To accept the suggestion, just click on the tab.

Now Tip # 2: Create, Save, and Use Gmail Templates!

I'm a huge fan of forms and this is a huge savings in Gmail if you constantly send the same email again. If you haven't used templates before, just refer to the Gmail setup section, this head the time to the advanced section, make sure templates are enabled, then click Save changes. Now is where it gets fun. Every time you write an email, you can save it as a template or insert a previously saved template. Suppose you create an email that you send all the time, like a job application or something like that, you can save it as a template by selecting the 3-dot menu icon with the recycle bin, hover over the templates, then choose Save as Template. Now when you go to type that same email next time, you can go back to your templates in the create window, and this time select the template you want to insert. Of course, you can make changes to any templates, so you can customize this from there, but the rest of the work has been done and saved for you. Gorgeous! If you find these tips valuable so far, remember to give this tutorial a comment to get more of Google's benefits.

Tip # 3 to save time in Gmail: Use Gmail's schedule send feature.

It's also easy to schedule an email in Gmail. Here's a great productivity tip if you know you'll be out of the office, but want to send a follow-up on a specific day. Awesome, you can even schedule holiday emails or birthday emails, and your options are endless. To schedule an email in Gmail, all you have to do is click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Send button in the Gmail compose window. There, the option to schedule the transmission comes up. Simply select this and choose the day and time you want the email to be sent. To confirm, just click on 'Schedule to Send'. It really is that easy.

Gmail Tip # 4: Use the asterisk to search for a contact, even if you can't remember their name.

Oh no name no problem! Head over to the Gmail search bar. Citations will be used for this research. Suppose you don't know the person's name, but you remember the company and the domain, you would place an asterisk in the place of the name followed by the company domain. Hit Enter and Gmail pulls all the emails from the company email. The asterisk in this case literally means anything. So Gmail looks nothing in this area. So now, you can easily find the one you had to follow along with. In this case, this asterisk is what is known as search factor spanning, which we'll touch on more in Tip # 5.

Gmail Productivity Tip # 5: Change the default inbox view.

This will be dedicated to whatever you find most productive. So click on the gear icon, and this time let's pay attention to the right-hand side of the Quick Settings panel, specifically the Inbox Type section. You'll notice under defau the option liter which is what you have there, you really have the option to customize this if you like, so you can decide which tabs to show you. But back to the quick settings, it probably works better when you have emails marked as task pinned to the top of your inbox, or maybe you just want to. Unread messages are at the top of your inbox, you can set all these views properly right there. You can star first at the top, but I think it could be very useful to help save time in Gmail is to setup multiple inbox. If you select the Personalization option there, you can actually select up to 5 custom sections that you want to display next to your inbox. Now, these sections use search operators, just as we saw in the search hack with an asterisk. So you can specify recipients or specific words in the subject line. And if you are wondering how to do Verify using different search operators, you can just click "learn more" and then in this window that pops up, click on search criteria, here is a list of all kinds of different search operators that you can use. I dive deeper into some quick Gmail settings, like how to customize the Gmail format file.

So I hope you learned how to save time in Gmail with my Gmail productivity tips. What did you think about these Gmail productivity tips? Let everyone know in the comments below. As always, thanks a lot for following, if you liked this explanation I want to know so give it a comment, share it, or leave this comment below. Thanks for watching and see you next time.