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Google Drive: How to share Google Drive files and folders for easy


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Google Drive: How to share Google Drive files and folders for easy

In this tutorial, you will learn how to share Google Drive files and folders. Plus, learn about important sharing permissions in Google Drive. Want to create display-only links? You definitely can! I show you how to do that and more in this tutorial. Control Google Drive sharing permissions!

 Hello friends! My name is Faris and I welcome back to your website where I share technical advice and application reviews. Today I'll show you how to share Google Drive files and folders, as well as how to set sharing permissions in Google Drive.

How to share Google Drive files and folders

Sharing Google Drive files and folders is easy. Let's start with how to share a folder in Google Drive. Need to share Google Drive files and folders with specific people? Wondering what kind of sharing permissions you can set in Google Drive? I wonder no more! In today's tutorial, I'll show you how to become a Principal Participant in Google Drive Files and Folders.

How to share a folder in Google Drive.

And be sure to stick to the important sharing permissions, too. Here we are in Google Drive, and I have some folders there now, to give you an example of how I use Google Drive, let's say the company you're communicating with might want to share my media collection with them. It's not necessarily something that I would like to keep on my website, but it is definitely something that I would like to easily share with a link. So you don't even have to open that entire folder if you don't want to.

You can simply right-click on the folder there to open your sharing options. You can now select "Share" and this will allow you to manually add individual users or email addresses to grant access to this folder. However, you might not want to constantly add people to a folder to give them access. Maybe you only want to create a link once, and share that link when it's convenient for you. Well, you can do that too. Same thing here, right-click on the folder, and this time, select "Get Link". From the popup that will appear, all you have to do is select "Copy Link" and your link to this folder is now copied and you can share it with anyone at any time.

If you are already in the folder, you can share from there as well by clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the folder name, and selecting sharing options. There's a big reason that sharing a link to a Google Drive folder is so effective, but you'll have to keep watching to find out what it is.

How to share a single file with someone in Google Drive

Now suppose you only want to share one file with someone, not an entire folder. The exact same options are available to you. From your open file, click on File, then Share. In this window that pops up, you have the option to add individual email addresses or create a shareable link file. Of course, if you are not in the file, you can right-click on the preview of the file and select either "Share" or "Get link."

Google Drive sharing options

Now, those sharing options are cool and all, but you really need to understand them sharing permissions when sharing folders and files in Google Drive. Let's review these important options. So the sharing permissions are the same no matter how you share a folder or file, so it doesn't matter whether you add email addresses manually or share a link. So if you are adding individual people to your file or folder you will notice File Correct, there is a little drop down arrow. You might not want someone to have full editor controls, for example, so you might want to set the post to viewer, where it can only view the document, or you can designate that person as a commenter. This way they can view the file or folder and leave comments on anything if needed.

Permissions in Google Drive

The exact same permissions are available when sharing a link. So far, my settings are set to restricted. You will need to change this if you want to be able to easily share a link with anyone. So use the toggle button there to set "Anyone with a link can see". Now you'll notice just like before, we have the same switch to the right, where we can set link permissions. If you share a link, you probably should keep it at the Viewer permission level.

That way, if you shared the link with one person and that person wanted to share it with a colleague's files, they could just pass the link on and that person would provide the same permissions. In this case, the permissions are related to the link itself, not to the individual person. So, using a shared link as an example, this is what it looks like on the end of the receiver. I've been working in Chrome so let's open Firefox there and paste the shared link in the browser bar. And voila, you will see the folder that you have shared, and as the permissions suggest, you can view any of these files and documents inside the folder, but you cannot modify anything.

If you are new to sharing and collaborating with people, you will definitely want to check click here which is about my other explanations, because I am showing you all the great features of collaboration within google drive such as viewing comments and interest in them and the ability to see the full version history of your file. And if you liked this explanation, start by sharing it and add a comment.

Now, remember when I told you there was a big plus for sharing a link to a folder? Well here's why. Once the link is created, you are done. Which - that the link will always remain the same no matter what you add or remove from the folder. So you can always be sure that your media collection or any Something you share is always up-to-date by adding new files and documents as necessary and make sure that everyone who has access to this folder via this link will always display the latest version. Bear in mind now, you don't always have to share the long, ugly, giant URL. You can use free link shorteners like bit.ly to shorten shareable link. Or, you can add it as a hyperlinked text in your email to the customer or the person you are to share it with.

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Well, this is how to share Google Drive files and folders and how to set sharing permissions in Google Drive. Now I want to hear from you. What do you love about sharing files in Google Drive? Let everyone know in the comments below. As always, thank you guys so much for following. If you liked this explanation, I want to know. Give him a share or leave that comment below. Hence, here, and here to other Google Drive features. Thanks for watching and see you next time!